Why Does My Dog Dig At Me? [8 Possible Reasons!]

We all love dogs. They are our best companions and they stick by us in the moments of happiness and sorrow alike. They are no less than your very dear children or best friends. You can spend time with them, train or teach them tricks, take care of their needs and well-being just like you do for your own kids.

As a reward for learning new things, you can treat them so that they are more encouraged. Dogs seek the attention of their masters all the time. Sometimes they dig at you by scratching and pawing. You might feel this gesture to be annoying, but there are certain reasons behind this behavior of your four-legged kids. 

The reason behind their digging or pawing is they simply try to seek your attention. They constantly try to communicate with you or draw your focus on them. In other words, they need you to pay heed to them with love. They can’t speak their minds out like us humans; hence it is the only way for them to connect with their owners. 

Listed below are the possible reasons: 

Your dog is trying to communicate with you:

All creatures have their specific ways of communication. For us, humans, we speak, yell, or write messages. Your pup can’t do these. They are a different species. That is why they climb up on you and dig at you. 

If they are trying to seek immediate attention or trying to show you something, they will paw at you. It is just their way of verbalizing. 

They act like toddlers going around and between your legs and calling you from time to time so that you focus on them. There is nothing to worry about in this case. Just take care of them with some love.   

Your pup is bored: 

Dogs are jovial creatures. They always need something or the other to do or chew on. They can also be bored due to a lack of mental stimulation or physical exercise. 

Young pups require a high amount of mental stimulation. This is their learning phase, as well. If you are keeping your dog alone for long intervals or not playing with them nor letting them play, they might feel sad and get bored. 

Some breeds require a lot of physical exercise due to their genetic makeup. Breeds like German Shepherd and Siberian Husky require an ample amount of workouts every day. If they are not going outdoors, they might act differently and nag you time after time. 

Your little buddy wants some instant love:

Your furry mates always want your love and affection. When you are spending some quality time with them, they might dig at you out of fondness.

This may also mean that they like how you are treating them and want more of such actions, for example, giving a head scratch. 

We all love to see our dogs jumping on us, seeking love and affection. Showing them affection after they paw at us also builds up a habit of receiving affection from you. This is one of the most endearing reasons why they use their paws to communicate.

Your dog requires something to eat or drink:

Your dog knows its meal-time. When the time gets closer to that, they will remind you by jumping, pawing at you, and sometimes by barking too. They cannot verbally let you know that they are hungry. Hence, they have to find unique ways to make you know that the feeding time has come. 

Pups generally gently paw at your leg when they are ready to eat. It is just a friendly nudge from their side. Some extremely well-behaved pups can even point towards their feeding bowls by pawing at you. This gesture is really fun to watch. 

Your pup is trying to show support:

Our lives are not a bed of roses. Some days go exceptionally well. Some days are exceptionally bad. Bad days give us anxiety, tension, and so on. Having a pup as a pet really helps you in your downtime. 

They understand that you are sad as you don’t interact with them much. They try to support you by coming right away to you or pawing at you. They sit beside you and try to console you. This caring gesture helps the majority of people to shrug off the anxiety or stress that they are dealing with. 

Your friend wants to play:

Pups are always playful. They will always try to initiate some kind of a game. They dig at you, wag their tails and jump up and down with excitement to grab your attention to initiate something new. 

Your pup has lost its toy: 

If you have a dog, you must have bought different chew toys for them. They love to play with toys. In due course of time, these toys get lost or hidden by sliding under your sofa or bed. To resolve this problem, they will come to you and dig at you. If you help your pup to find the lost toy, they will jump in excitement and exhibit appreciation. 

Your dog feels unsafe:

Dogs have this amazing power of sense if a particular place is safe or not. They have incredible listening and smelling senses as well. 

So, if they are sensing something odd, they will try to communicate that with you by constantly grabbing your attention. They will dig at you, jump on your lap, try to point you to the insecure area or object, and make you aware.

If they are giving you such signs, you must try following their gestures and investigate the situation. 

Tips to stop your dog from digging at you

Petting a dog is almost similar to petting a child of your own, as also mentioned in the beginning. You need to understand what your little friend is trying to communicate. It gets tough sometimes as your pup has only one way to communicate with you. For this, you might misunderstand their needs. It takes some time to get used to their various communication methods, especially if you are a new dog owner. Just relax and go with your instincts and learn a little more about your friend each day. 

Dogs grow up very fast and develop muscle strength as well. Hence when they dig at you at a later stage, you might get hurt unintentionally from their nails. The best remedy for this is to regularly trim your dog’s nails. Even if you get scratched, you won’t get hurt that much if their nails are all well-groomed. Also, you need to train your dog not to paw at your face.

Some dog owners don’t like to get pawed by their dogs. If you are one of them, then you can train your pup by giving strong stop commands every time they dig at you. This gets imprinted in their instincts after some time. 

Pawing or Digging is an instinct of dogs. It can become annoying sometimes, but remember; these creatures can’t talk like us to express their state of mind. Hence, training them properly and understanding their needs is the only way to have a great relationship with your pals. 

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