How Do You Tell If Your Dog Respects You? (25 Signs)

Are you wondering whether your dog respects you?

After all, what difference does it make if your dog respects you or not? It actually makes a huge difference. Living with a dog that respects you is a lot easier and peaceful rather than living with a dog that doesn’t.

How do you think you can actually find out whether your dog respects you? A dog’s behavior towards you or in your presence will let you know whether he/she respects you. Dogs that respect their masters are mostly obedient and know their boundaries well. To such dogs, what their masters command is the final decision in everything.

Dog training is from which dogs learn to respect their masters. Living with dogs that don’t respect their masters would be a bit frustrating. Such dogs will easily turn up aggression and destructive behavior. However, the well-trained and well-socialized dogs are mostly respectful to their masters.

Here we present 25 signs that imply your dog respects you.

25 Signs That Shows A Dog’s Respect For Its Master

The 25 signs mentioned below will let you know whether your dog respects you. If you don’t see any of these signs in your dog, the dog might have a dominant characteristic that will soon spoil the relationship between you.

1. Walk beside you or following you, and not leading you

You can easily understand whether a dog respects their master just by watching out how they walk together. Is the master following the dog or the dog following the master?

Yes, that may be the simplest thing. But, it does convey a message. If your dog tries to pull the leash and lead the walk, it might not be really respecting you. Such dogs usually have dominant behavior.

The dog would be respecting you if it is walking beside you and doesn’t try to pull the leash.

2. Seek your approval before indulging in a toy or prey

If your dog asks for your permission before indulging in prey or toy, it is pretty sure that it does respect you.

You might have seen dogs taking dead animals got from the outdoors to their masters to seek permission.

3. Stay calm and hears what you speak when you try to communicate

Do your dogs eagerly listen to you when you talk to them? If yes, your dog respects and loves you.

However, if a dog tries to walk away while you are communicating with it, it shows disrespect for your dog. This act actually shows the rudeness of your dog.

4. Obedient to your commands

How your dog reacts to your commands? It is a good parameter by which you can understand whether your dog respects you.

If your dog blindly acts according to your commands, it must have huge respect for you.

The dogs that don’t execute your commands show its disrespect. Such dogs don’t actually enjoy your authority over them.

5. Don’t sit on the master’s seat

If your dog jumps onto your seat when it is vacant, it shows your dog’s disrespect for you. The dog might not be actually enjoying the hierarchy of your relationship.

However, dogs with respect for their master will not try to get into their master’s seat.

6. Always stay close to you

A dog that respects you will always stay close to you for the protection you offer to it. Such dogs would sit and stand close to you, especially when people are around.

7. Priority to your well being

Imagine you and your dog is in a public place. And there is only one seat left. Will your dog allow you to choose your seat? Or will the dog jump on to the seat?

In such a situation, dogs that respect you will definitely allow you to choose your seat.

The same can happen in your house as well. If your dog moves away from a seat to let you sit, that shows the dog’s respect for you.

8. Always follow you

Dogs are pack animals. And they are accustomed to following the leader of the pack. So, if your dog follows you, it shows that it allows your dominance and give you the respect they would give for their pack leader.

Therefore, your dog has immense respect for you if it follows you everywhere blindly.

9. Don’t come and sit on you

Your dog sitting next to you is respect. But, your dogs sitting on you without any reason is disrespectful. So, the dog is respecting you if it doesn’t try to sit on top of you.

You should be watchful if your dog is trying to authorize their dominance for you. Your dog doesn’t urinate inside the house

10. Lets you enter through the doors first

It is actually a simple thing. However, evaluate who passes the doors first while you are with your dog. If it is your dog, your dog is trying to be dominant and doesn’t have much respect for you.

Your dog has respect for you if it allows you to pass through the doors first.

11. Don’t wake you up

If your dog wakes you up so many times, that shows its disrespect for you.

Dogs with have respect for you won’t try to wake you up from any place, no matter how bored they are.

12. Allows you to welcome the visitors first

When a visitor comes to your home, does your dog run to welcome them before you? If yes, the dog is trying to establish its dominance over you in the house. It shows the lack of respect for its better.

Therefore, it is better not to encourage this behavior of your dog.

13. Eat at a scheduled time

If your dog is eating food on your decision, it probably has respect for you. most masters schedule a time for when and how much their dog eats.

If you are in charge of the food for your dog, they would definitely have respect for you.

14. Don’t poop and urinate in the house

Dogs often urinate in the house if they do not like their master’s dominance in the house. And to threaten their masters and to show them respect, they urinate inside the house.

Therefore, dogs urinating inside the house are seen as most disrespectful to their masters. However, before confirming it as a threat, you should make sure that it isn’t a health issue.

15. Wait for its food until the master has eaten his meal

Most dogs jump on to their masters while their masters are having a meal. That shows your dog’s disrespect for you.

Dogs that respect their masters, would wait for their share of meal patiently. And obviously, allows you to enjoy your meal without interrupting.

16. Don’t indulge in your food

Your dog doesn’t respect you if it has a habit of indulging in the food on your plate. Dogs with immense respect for their masters never does this. Such dogs never do a thing against your will or command.

17. Don’t ask for a treat

You should not give a treat to your dog for doing nothing. That will earn disrespect for you.

So, if your dog expects a treat for doing nothing, it is somehow not respecting you.

18. Happy and relaxed when its master is nearby

If your dog respects you, it will be happy and relaxed when you are around.

Meanwhile, if your dog is aggressive or threatening around you, it isn’t showing any respect to you.

19. Stay patiently while grooming

Most dogs aren’t comfortable while grooming and don’t let their masters groom them properly. However, dogs with respect for their masters stay patiently and let their masters groom.

20. Cannot look into your eyes for long

Dogs with immense respect for you can’t stare at your eyes for long. Usually, dogs stare for a long time when they have some problem with that particular person.

Therefore, if the dog can’t keep eye contact with you for a long time, it implies that they respect you.

21. Don’t nibble on your leg

Dogs that don’t respect you usually nibble on your leg when you leave the room.

Dogs that try to nibble your leg when you leave a room are actually trying to establish their dominance in the house. Such dogs usually have the least respect for their masters.

22. Don’t challenge your authority

Some dogs don’t like the authority of their masters. They show no respect to their masters and would act disobediently every time their master commands something to do.

23. Obey the rules in your house

Don’t we all have some rules in the house for our pets? Does your dog knows what they are limit to and obeys those rules?

If your dogs have got some respect for you, they will obey the rules in your house.

24. Quiet and calm even during strange situations

Your dog will stay calm and relaxed whenever you are around if it has got some respect for you. They won’t bark much and interrupt your daily life.

Some dogs will panic and act strangely or aggressively around you if they have lost respect for you.

25. Being well with other pets

If your dog respects you, it will not make problems with other pets in your house. Your dog will stay calm and behave well at other pets for the respect it has for you.


Although the obedience of your dog is mostly dependent on the training they receive, the dog’s love and respect for their master also have a role in the dogs being obedient.

It is definitely not easy to live with a dog that hasn’t respect for you. In a long run, the dog with no respect for you might become very aggressive and dominant even with the family members.

So, don’t avoid the small signs of disrespect from your dog’s side. Take them to a trainer and seek is advice for building a better relationship with your doggie.

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