Dogs Sweat

Do Dogs Sweat? How Dogs Keep Cool In Hot Weather?

Humans lose moisture while sweating and require plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated. If we talk about dogs, they do not sweat like humans and only produce it on those areas that are not covered with furs, such as nose and paw pads.

Yes, dogs do sweat. During the process of their sweating, moisture in the mouth is lost hence they require adequate water for drinking in the hot weather. You should keep a keen eye on your dog, as he might get dehydrated due to heavy panting. You should immediately restrict the physical activity of your dog as overheating can be hazardous. In some cases, it can even prove due to the failure of certain organs.

This blog will shed light on whether dogs sweat and what measures should be taken to keep them cool in hot weather.

Do dogs sweat?

Yes, they do sweat but in an entirely different manner than humans. They have two kinds of sweat glands, Merocrine and Apocrine.

The function of merocrine sweat glands is same as that of human sweat glands. These glands are placed in the paw pads of your dog and sweating through it enables your dog to cool down. It is for this reason only you can easily view the wet footprints of your dog in hot weather on the ground.

On the other hand, apocrine glands are the opposite of merocrine. These glands are placed throughout the body of your dog and make him sweat. But this kind of sweat from the apocrine glands is not able to make your dog cool. It comprises aroma pheromones that assist him in identifying other dogs.

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Do dogs sometimes sweat excessively?

It is not clear whether dogs sweat too much. However, sometimes when they are undergoing any stress, they do sweat a lot through their paws. Such kind of excessive sweating subsides once the stress has been reduced to a great extent. You should consult a veterinarian doctor if your dog is producing moisture in extremity to rule out the root cause behind it and get him relieved from the stress and anxiety.

Does fur contribute to making dogs hot?

The function of dogs’ fur is to provide warmth in winters and coolness in summers. Dogs, with the light color fur and skin pigment, have the risk of getting sunburned. Therefore, it is recommended not to leave your dog in the sunlight for a longer period.

Control the body temperature of your dog

It is very essential to keep your dog cool in the hot weather. You should provide plenty of fresh and clean drinking water to your dog if he is spending most of the time outdoors. Also, make sure that he should not come directly in the contact of sunlight and remains under shade as much as possible.

You should also maintain the temperature inside your home which should be cool for your dog. It is also very dangerous to leave your pet alone in the car during summers as the temperature varies rapidly and reaches a drastic level.

You should take out your dog for exercise either early in the morning hours or in the late evening during summers. Avoid taking him when it is very warm outside.

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Other than the tips stated above, here are some more resourceful tips that will help you in regulating the body temperature of your dog to keep him stay cool, comfortable, and healthy.

Offering cold water to your dog

When the question of cooling down your dog comes in, the cold water plays a prominent role. It regulates the body temperature of your dog instantly. Moreover, your dog will love to have cold water in extremely hot weather. You can also add ice cubes in the water bowl of your dog as it gets warm up quickly in the hot climate. You should check the bowl of your dog regularly to see if it requires to be refilled and avoid exposing it directly in the sunlight.

Providing your dog, a cool area to relax

You should provide a cool area for your dog to relax in the hot weather. The body temperature of your dog automatically gets regulated when he lies down on the cool area which in turn, helps him transfer his body heat to the cold surface. You should also turn on the A/C for your pet to keep him cool during the rising temperature.

Creating a breeze

You can simply put a window or a table fan which will create a cool breeze for your dog.  This way you can make the warm season more bearable for your furry pal.

Trying mist

The water is wasted a lot when you use a garden hose to shower your dog. Undoubtedly, it cools your dog straightaway but a spray bottle would also serve the intended purpose. You can spray the exact areas of your dog to regulate his body temperature. You do not even have to clean the water if you are sticking with the choice of mist.

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Using a damp towel

You can use either a hand or a bath towel, make it wet, and put it in the freezer for some time. This is a great option of giving your four-limbed friend quick relief from the hot weather.

Wrap Up

If you are a responsible owner, then you should keep your pet cool in the warm weather to prevent him from becoming an overheated dog by considering the above-mentioned tips. Your pet will show gratitude towards you for all your efforts in providing him comfort to its optimum.

If your pet is showing signs of lethargies or having bright red gums, then do not wait and take him immediately to the vet for examination as he might be suffering from a heatstroke. Some dog breeds, such as Bulldogs and Pugs, are specifically prone to heatstroke.

Dogs face a lot of difficulties in making themselves cool, hence as an ideal pet parent, you should take your furry pal out of the heat as soon as possible!

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