Dogs Love Doing in Home Alone

10 Things Dogs Love Doing When They’re Home Alone

Dogs are quite curious about the things around them. Though these furry pals relish being with their owners; they also adore the time when they are home alone. Most of the pet owners that are working professionals often leave their pets alone in the home.

Generally, dogs tend to roam around the house when they are all alone. Also, these adorable pooches are curious and like to explore all the nearby things. Besides this, pet dogs would take a power nap, play with the toys, and guard the home as well. Above all, your adorable pet will wait for you to arrive home.

Well, you must be thinking that what a pet dog could do when left alone in the house. In this blog, we have listed the 10 things that dogs love to do when they are home alone!

1. Taking a Power Nap

Most of the dogs are energetic and do not like to stay in one place for longer. Also, they are quite active throughout the day and hence get tried.

When these furry pals are alone at home, they prefer to take a power nap. As soon as their owners are back home, they bounce back in full swing.

To enhance the sleeping pattern of your pet, you can even play dog-calming music. By listening to such soothing music, your pet would feel invigorated.

2. Exploring all the Nearby Stuff

There is no denying the fact that dogs are one the noisy living beings. These pooches have zeal in them to explore whatever is lying near them.

From electronic gadgets to home accessories, dogs like to discover everything around them. That is why a pet owner should always keep the home well-organized to ensure the safety of the pet.

3. Guard the Home

Every dog considers himself as the protector of the home. In the absence of their owners, dogs leave no stone unturned to guard the home. They tend to bark or howl on noticing any unusual activity.

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Guard the Home

Also, they keep a check on the nearby happenings to prevent any sort of trespassing in the house.

4. Roaming in the Backyard

Dogs are playful pals and are always in search of an opportunity to step outdoors. When the owner is not at home, a dog is more likely to visit the backyard and roam.

This is because a backyard would provide more space for your furry pal to walk around. Dogs relish staying in the open-air environment. You need to make the necessary safety arrangements if you are leaving your pet out in the backyard.

You can even place a dog house in your backyard so that your furry pal can stay in it when he is home alone. Also, spending time in the backyard rejuvenates your dog, keeping him busy for long hours.

If most of the time, your pet remains inside the house, then entering into the backyard would be a treat for him. In your absence, your beloved pet would wander in the backyard under the lap of nature’s beauty.

5. Messing Things in the House

Every dog’s favorite activity is to create a mess out of the things around him. If you are leaving your dog alone, it is quite obvious for him to play around with the nearby stuff.

Your dog might tear the cushions, books, and newspapers. In the absence of the owner, a dog generally loves to have fun by messing with the home stuff.

Also, things such as the socks, outfits, or any other belonging of the owner are of interest to the dog. When dogs feel lonely, they look for their owner’s smell in their clothes.

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So if you have left your pet alone at home, he would make things messier by searching for your smell.

6. Walking around the Kitchen

You must have seen that dogs crave kitchen scraps. No matter how delicious dog food tastes, these pooches still yearn for human food.

In your absence, your pet would enter the kitchen to explore all the visible foodstuffs. It happens when the dog is hungry.

Moreover, if you are leaving your home for prolonged hours, keep a bowl of food and water around your pet.

If your pet will remain fuller for long, he would not enter the kitchen searching for food.

Also, refrain from keeping the food items outside so that your pet is not able to access and eat them.

7. Playing with Toys

Dogs love to play with their toys and it is their much-loved pastime also. Besides this, it also helps them to remain busy, thereby helping in mental enrichment.

For this, you can get balls, puzzle games, and other toys that are suitable for them. Having plentiful toys at home would help to brighten up your pet’s mood in your absence.

When dogs are alone, they tend to feel gloomy. To keep their boredom away, you can even get calcium bones for them. It would not only help in keeping them busy for longer, but it would also strengthen their jaws.

Also, if your dog is in the teething stage, giving him a calcium bone will meet all his teething cravings. You can even opt for chew toys for your beloved pet.

8. Watching Cartoon Series

It is advisable to leave the television on and put on a cartoon channel to entertain the dog in your absence. Like kids, these pooches also like to watch cartoons.

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Watching Cartoon

So if you are leaving your home for a shorter span, then switch on the television so that your pet does not feel lonely.

It would also keep your pet distracted from the other disturbing noises. Although dogs like to watch cartoons, you should not leave the television on for long hours.

9. Rolling on the Floor

Rolling on the floor is a sign that your pet wants to play. Dogs tend to jump and roll on the floor when they are playful.

This can also happen when they are alone in the house. Besides this, dogs often roll on the carpets either to whiff a scent or to relieve an itch.

The tail of a dog consists of scent glands. With the help of such glands, dogs mark their spot on a particular surface.

Here you should ensure to train your dog for pee and poop. Otherwise, your furry pal might pee or poop on the floor or carpet only.

10. Waiting in Anticipation

No matter how many comforts you are giving to your dog, he would always wait for your arrival. The moment you come back home, you would find your pet waiting for you in anticipation.

On seeing their owners, dogs tend to wag their tails and run towards them to seek love and attention.

Wrap Up

Dogs always cherish the company of their owners. These furry pals would do the above-mentioned things to stay busy when they are alone at home.

Though dogs can stay alone for a while at home; you should not leave them for long hours. It can cause separation anxiety, insecurity, and depression in pets. To stay happy, all your dog would need is your love, care, and attention.

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