Can Beagles Be Left Alone All Day?

Can Beagles Be Left Alone All Day?

If you’re a dog owner who works full-time or is away from home for extended periods of time, it can be tough to find someone to watch your furry friend.

But what about if you have a Beagle? Can Beagles be left alone all day? In this blog post, we’ll try to find the actual answer.

They are known for their high energy and intelligence, but they also have a surprising calmness to them.

Beagles can be left alone for short periods of time without much trouble. In fact, some Beagle owners even leave their pups home on full workdays!

Is it safe to leave them home alone for an extended period of time?

Not all dogs are able to be left alone for long periods of time. Oftentimes, those who can’t are stimulated too easily by the sights and sounds around them, and they end up getting into trouble while their owners aren’t home.

Beagles tend to do better when left alone than some other dogs would. This is likely because Beagles are so in tune with their owners that they find it difficult to entertain themselves when they’re away.

Beagles and Separation Anxiety

Like some other dog breeds, Beagles are susceptible to developing separation anxiety if they’re left alone for too long. Some of the signs are:

Drooling – Drooling is one of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety, as a Beagle will drool heavily when they’re anxious.

This is because Beagles are very excitable dogs and their saliva production increases whenever they get overly excited and worked up about something.

Barking, growling, howling, and Whining – Beagles are known for being very vocal dogs, so you can expect to hear a lot of barking whenever your furry friend is left alone.

The sound that they make usually indicates how anxious they feel; if the dog starts venting out loud (i.e., whining or howling), then it means that they’re feeling very stressed while you’re away.

Digging – If your Beagle is left alone, they’ll get bored and restless after a while, which will make them dig holes or chew on things to keep themselves occupied.

This will cause damage to your furniture, floors, and fabrics in the house; you may also notice torn upholstery or carpet fibers whenever you come back from work.

Be sure to speak with your vet if you notice any of these behaviors. You can also try treating separation anxiety by leaving several chew toys around the house (dog-safe ones, please!).

A Beagle will usually be content with playing and chewing on these items while you’re away at work or running errands in town for the day.

Trying to escape – Another thing to watch out for is Beagles trying to escape when left home alone.

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They are always energetic dogs, and if they can’t keep themselves entertained with toys or exercise equipment, then they’ll find their own ways of getting rid of excess energy.

And the most common way that Beagles do this is by digging under doors or escaping through dog-proofed windows. If this happens, then you must call your local animal shelter as soon as possible to get them back home.

Pacing – Another behavior that Beagles are prone to be pacing back and forth if they’re left alone for too long.

You may see them moving from room to room, going from the kitchen to the living room sofa then up to the bedroom and all across the house again, etc.

This is one of the Beagles’ natural behaviors when they get anxious or nervous, and they will keep doing it unconsciously until their anxiety goes away.

Be sure to make an effort to bond with your Beagle as much as possible before going to work each day (giving affection, playing games, etc.).

This way you establish a healthy relationship with him/her so that he/she knows that you’ll always be there for him when he comes home.

Destructiveness and Chewing –  If you leave a Beagle alone in the house for too long, he or she may end up chewing on furniture, houses plants, or electrical cords to keep themselves occupied.

This causes much damage to your household properties and belongings; if this happens often, then it’s best that you get a crate from a pet store so that you can safely contain your Beagle in one designated area as you while out for the day.

Crates offer a safe haven to your dog and he/she is left alone at home. It can also be used when the destination where your Beagle will lie down and rest after you’re not around, so make sure that it’s big enough for him/her to move around, lie down, and stretch out a little.

Beagles are very good with crates so training them should not be a problem at all. Just make sure that they get the hang of it right away so that crate training will only take one day for you to complete.

Beagle in alone

Do they bark when left alone?

Separation anxiety is a common issue among Beagles. When you leave your dog home alone, he may bark and howl or even urinate in the house out of fear that something bad will happen to him while there’s no one around for protection.

If this sounds like what’s happening at your place, try giving him some exercise before leaving take him on a nice 30-minute walk, play fetch with him inside the house, or let him run around in your backyard for a bit.

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Once he’s tired out from all of that activity, then you can leave him home alone without the fear of causing excessive barking and destructive behavior.

What should I do if my Beagle gets lonely while I’m gone?

If your Beagle is lonely when you’re away, here are a few ways to diminish the risk that they’ll get into trouble:

Get another pet – If you have someone who can come over and check in with your Beagle often, then an animal friend is really all they need. Cats are great for this because there’s no worry of them getting into trouble or needing any type of walking. But if you’re not a cat person, this option isn’t for you!

Have enough food and water – Beagles are hungry dogs, and their hunger can be a big motivational tool for them to get into trouble. If you keep food out and readily available for your Beagle all day, then they might be less likely to eat something they shouldn’t.

Be sure to leave your Beagle with plenty of toys and chew bones – Dogs can become very bored when they have nothing else to do. So, make sure that your pup has toys and other things to keep them busy when you’re gone for the day.

Talk to your neighbors – If you let your neighbors know that you’re planning on leaving your Beagle alone for long periods of time, then they’ll feel more at ease. Make sure that they know how long it’s going to be before you return so that this will make them more comfortable with the idea.

Always give them an activity – Boredom usually happens when dogs aren’t stimulated enough. So, make sure that there’s always something for them to do! Make sure they have chew bones and toys around the house so that they’re never without something to occupy them.

Be aware of their day-to-day schedule – If your Beagle is used to going on a walk in the morning and another in the afternoon, then they may not have much to do while you’re gone. Make sure that you’re giving them enough stimulation throughout the day, and be sure to do things with them during the day.

Be aware of what’s going on outside – Beagles are very interested in their environment, so they may try to get out when you’re away if they see something interesting. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your windows are closed, or keep shades pulled down if it’s a sunny day so that your Beagle can’t see anything outside.

Complete obedience training – Beagles are smart dogs, and if you establish yourself as the leader early on in their life, then they’re less likely to develop separation anxiety. By going through obedience training with your pooch, you’re showing them that they have to do what you say, and that makes it more likely that they’ll listen to you when you tell them to stay put while you’re gone.

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Create a routine – Some dogs can get anxious if their day-to-day schedule is disrupted, so it’s important to keep things consistent with your dog. Establish a routine for meals, grooming, playtime, and exercise, and stick to it as much as possible. This will help your Beagle know what to expect throughout the day.

Should I wear a collar and leash to my beagle?

Yes, Because you never know when your Beagle will see something interesting that they want to check out! Your pooch might also have a burst of energy and run off if they aren’t on a leash.

This is especially true for Beagles because they’re so energetic. And they can dig into your cloth, furniture or chew on your shoes when you’re gone. You also don’t want them to get lost out in the neighborhood!

How much water should a Beagle drink when left alone at home?

Beagles are very thirsty creatures, so they should always have access to plenty of freshwaters.

In general, puppies require a little bit more than an adult Beagle; this is around 1-2 cups per day for the first few months and then gradually increases as their bodies mature.

Is it ok for my Beagle to sleep in my bed if I’m not there with her?

Beagles are very people-oriented dogs, so they want to stick close to their people as much as possible.

If you can’t be with your Beagle during the day (like when you go to work), then it’s best if you let her sleep in your bed while you’re gone.

That way, they know that you will always be coming back to her. And It gives him/her much comfort while you’re away.


Beagles are very social dogs, and their health and happiness are directly related to how much attention they receive from you.

You have to actively engage with your pooch every day in order to create a strong bond between the two of you. When you’re gone for work or out on errands during the day, be sure to make your Beagle comfortable while you’re away.

If you start from a young age, then it’ll be much easier for both of you to adjust and adapt to each other, leading to less stress on both ends.

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