Why are Beagles So Bad? [Unveiled The Truth!]

Beagles are a dog breed that can be seen in most homes. They are really friendly, and of course, really cute. But there are some things about them that you should maybe know. In this article, I will tell you why Beagles are so bad.

Beagles are smart, cunning animals that love to play. But due to their mischievousness and stubborn nature, they often end up being naughty if not properly trained or socialized at a young age.

Being a Hound

Beagles are scent hounds. They have a strong sense of smell that makes them excellent trackers and hunters. This means they can detect and chase any animal even if there’s no sight or sound of it.

When it comes to hunting, Beagles don’t mince words just like a Pitbull. They will chase down the prey until it’s caught.

Beagles are also packed hunters. They will organize a small or big group and go on the hunt to chase down whatever animal gets caught by the lead Beagle.

Hunting is still seen in some people with Beagles today because they’re so good at it. They’re often used as hunting dogs for rabbits, foxes, and others.

Poor Socialization

Beagles are not the type of dogs that will get along with everyone. They love their owners so much that they’re absolutely blind to anyone else around them.

If you don’t teach them how to socialize at a young age, they would become very territorial and aggressive towards other people and animals. This may end badly if you ever take your Beagle outside of the home.

They can be a bit overwhelmed by too many stimuli and would start barking at everyone or everything they see. This is due to poor socialization in them at a young age.

Socializing means exposing your dog to as many situations, people, animals, places, etc., that it can face when you’re not around.

Misdirected Aggression

If you don’t train your Beagle to be friendly with other dogs, it would definitely end up being aggressive towards them.

This is a natural instinct in most dogs, and it’s no different when it comes to Beagles. Just like Pitbulls and Wolfdogs, they might end up biting other dogs.

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Beagles are very jealous creatures. If you have an abusive relationship with any pets in the household, it would only make your Beagle hate and be suspicious of them.

It may end up chasing and hurting another pet if they get too close to each other. This is a serious problem because these chasing and hurting instances would only happen when you’re not around.

Being a Flirt

This is another reason why Beagles are so naughty. They will flirt with other dogs, strangers, animals of any kind, even cats!

This makes them more suspicious and aggressive towards other pets in the house. It may also end up being hurtful if you don’t stop this behavior.


Beagles are very easy to forget things. They’re just like humans, they will easily pick up their old habits if it’s not properly trained out of them.

They would sometimes go unnoticed in some activities that can lead to disaster. This is usually the case when they’re left unsupervised for a long time.

Being Stubborn

Beagles have a stubborn nature that makes them difficult to train, especially if you’re not patient enough with them.

They would often do the opposite of what you want it to do just because they think they know better. So it’s up to your patience and commitment when you’re trying to train a Beagle.

They are not good lap dogs without proper training

If you don’t socialize and train your Beagle at a young age and give it proper attention, it will make it distant from you and other people in the house.

It will only want to be left on its own undisturbed. This can lead to more bad behavior and even depression that may lead to aggression.

Excessive Barking

If you don’t put an end to excessive barking, it will only get worse with time. This can also become a serious problem if neighbors start complaining about the noise your Beagle is making.

It would only make it harder for you to train them if they’re being punished every time they do something wrong.

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Not a Good Guard Dog

Beagles aren’t the type of dogs that would bark and alert you if someone is trying to invade your home, especially while you’re sleeping or inside the house.

They will remain silent until it’s too late for you to react and fight back against whoever’s trying to attack you or anyone else in the house.


Beagles are very, very bad when it comes to biting people and other animals.

They don’t bite all the time, but they bite hard enough for blood to be drawn. It’s not just simple bites that break the skin; their bites can leave scars on whoever’s bitten.

Intelligence Being a problem

The only thing worse than having an aggressive beagle is having no control over it at all!

They are very intelligent dogs, and if you don’t keep them busy with things to do, they’ll find their own ways of entertaining themselves that may not always be safe for you or your other pets.

Out of Control Activity

Your Beagle could be hyped up and mischievous at any given time, no matter what it’s doing.

It may take advantage of its intelligence by finding ways to make mischief in the house when you’re not able to supervise them. This is why they shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.


The worst thing about Beagles is their puppyhood. It’s a very turbulent stage where it needs the most attention and care as any dog would.

But if you’re not able to properly do this because of your time constraint, they won’t know how to control their behavior and will end up developing some bad habits that can only get worse in the future.

Easily Distracted

Another big reason why Beagles are so naughty is that it’s very easy for them to get distracted, especially when they’re doing something fun that gets their attention more than anything else.

You’ll always have a hard time concentrating on what you want it to do if it’s having fun and is distracted by something else.

Insufficient Execercie

If you don’t give your Beagle a sufficient amount of exercise, it will only make them more hyperactive.

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They’ll be even harder to control and may go out of their way to have fun by causing mischief whenever they can.

Little Bond with the owner

Beagles won’t have a bond with the owner unless you spend quality time training them.

If they’re not given proper attention, their behavior will be very bad and they’ll act indifferently towards you just because they don’t know how to express any appreciation for your efforts of giving it what it needs.

Separation Anxiety

If you leave your Beagle for long periods of time, they will develop some kind of anxiety and feeling of loss.

They won’t be able to focus on their work or do anything productive with the rest of their day because they’re already missing you and/or other pets in the house.

They won’t be able to do anything but lay around, whine and keep looking for you.


Beagles are notorious chewers, and you’ll have to stay on your toes at all times to keep them from destroying everything you own.

They are also easily distracted when they’re chewing something, so if there’s something else that interests them more than the thing they’re chewing, it will get harder for you to stop them.

Steal food from your plate

Beagles are also very bad when it comes to stealing food. They will literally steal and gobble up your food from your bowl if you aren’t keeping an eye on them while eating.

Other times, they’ll sneak under the table or chair and steal whatever you’re eating straight from your plate even if you’re watching closely!

Final Verdict

If you train your beagles in the early stage and give them enough attention, they’ll be good pets. But if you don’t take the time and effort to do so, they’ll be very hard to handle.

Their hyperactivity and mischievousness may scare away other people who are afraid of dogs. They will not be easy pets unless you don’t want one at all!

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