18 Things Beagles Like to Do

Beagles are one of the most adorable dog breeds. With their big floppy ears, and sweet disposition they’re a favorite among many pet owners.

In this blog post, we’ll go over 18 things Beagles like to do so you can get an idea of how to keep your pup happy!

1. Bark, howl, whine

Beagles are vocal dogs. They enjoy a good bark, howl, or whine every now and then! If you’re in need of some entertainment, simply let your Beagle loose in the backyard.

They’ll surely have quite a bit to say to their neighbors and you’ll be able to listen from inside your house!

Moreover, Beagles have a tendency to whine when they’re looking for attention. For this reason, Beagle owners are sometimes referred to as “the mommy” of their dog!

Beagles love barking at the mailman or someone walking past your house.

However, if you live in a close community (i.e., apartment) it can be difficult to let your Beagle out for a big ole’ bark sesh without stirring up unwanted attention from neighbors.

Instead, you can walk him around the block several times while on leash then release him in a safe location so he’s off-leash and can “talk” with other dogs or people walking by!

2. Sniff things

Just like any dog, Beagles love to sniff things! They’re curious creatures and will even use their noses to help them find food.

In fact, they are infamous for their sniffing capabilities. When the canines were used to hunt rabbits, they’d use their keen sense of smell to locate prey then dig them out of their holes with ease!

3. Love to eat more

Beagles love food so much that many owners have a hard time keeping their dog’s weight down. In most cases, they’re simply giving in to their dogs begging and not feeding them enough… or at all.

When it comes to mealtime for your Beagle, make sure you feed him appropriately! It’s best to measure how much you serve him or her and stick to that amount.

If you’re not feeding them properly, it’s likely they’ll sneak off with food while you’re not looking!

4. Chew things

Beagles like to chew on just about anything they can get their paws on! This includes:

  • Shoes
  • Furniture, table legs, chairs, etc
  • Rope toys and other dog chew toys

When Beagles aren’t chewing on something they should be, you’ll need to provide them with an appropriate outlet for their chewing habit.

For this reason, you’ll want to give them chew toys that they can gnaw on whenever they’re in the mood.

5. Socialize

Beagles are a very friendly breed of dog. They’re naturally socialized and they love people! They do well with children, adults, and even other pets!

In fact, Beagles are the ideal family pet. They’re very friendly and can brighten up any home environment!

6. Play ball

The beagles love playing with balls. In some cases, it’s the only thing they’ll play with! They much prefer chasing after a ball than playing with another dog or going on a nice walk.

If you’re looking to play with your Beagle, make sure you keep a toy ball handy so they can get some exercise!

You can easily teach them how to bring it back to you or simply throw the ball around for a while and watch them have fun.

7. Go on walks

While Beagles love to play fetch, sometimes they just like to walk a little bit too. They love going outside and sniffing everything around them!

If you’re looking for a good place to take your Beagle, it’s best to avoid busy streets and stick with quieter areas.

Try taking them on trails through parks or other walking areas that have less foot traffic so they can just enjoy the fresh air and scenery!

8. Run outside

Besides walking, Beagles mostly like running around outside of your home and being free.

When they’re on a walk, you might notice that your Beagle frequently pulls at the leash and loves getting an opportunity to run around wherever you are going.

It’s best to train them properly so they don’t hurt themselves but it’s always amusing to watch a Beagle run!

9. Play with other dogs

Beagles love being around other people, especially when those people are their owners. However, they also love playing with other dogs!

They’re very friendly and social creatures so it’s a lot of fun to take them to the dog park or let your Beagle play with another dog that’s their size.

beagle in car

10. Ride in the car

Beagles love riding in cars! They’ll often sit in one spot and wait for you to get ready to leave, then they’ll jump right into the car with a great big smile on their face.

11. Hug and cuddle

While Beagles may be all about their dog friends, they are very affectionate towards humans too! In fact, this is one of the only dogs that will let you hug them without being bothered by it.

What’s even better is that Beagles also like giving hugs! They like snuggling up next to you and letting you comfort them.

12. Sleep on your bed

As you might have noticed, Beagles love to sleep. It’s one of their favorite activities! They’ll sleep anywhere they can get comfortable. so long as it’s warm and cozy.

There are two things that Beagles enjoy most: a nice, comfy bed or your lap! Either way, they’re happy when they’re in a place that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

13. Eat treats

Beagles love getting treats! It’s easy to tell when this is the case because they’ll sit up at attention, their ears will perk up and they’ll start absently wagging their tails.

When Beagles like something, it’s best to treat them with it regularly so they won’t lose interest. However, it’s not wise to give them too many treats or you’ll end up with a very overweight dog!

14. Play with toys

Beagles are smart dogs and they have fun playing by themselves. If you turn on music for them, chances are they’ll mimic the actions of the people in the video. This makes them a lot of fun to watch!

If you have some time to kill and want a cheap way to entertain your Beagle, play him some music videos on YouTube or TV and watch him go. He might even get into the act himself!

15. Play with children

One of the best things about Beagles is how friendly they are with kids. They’re naturally very loving and playful so most children can bond with one quickly.

They love to play outside or run around inside so it won’t take much effort on your part to get a young child and a Beagle to become fast friends!

16. Play in the yard

Beagles love running around in their own backyards! Their favorite activity is digging up holes, laying down in them, and relaxing on a sunny day. but they’ll still chase after balls and get into mischief!

If you have a Beagle that’s getting a little bit too restless inside of his or her home, take ’em outside to play. They’ll love slobbering around in the mud and enjoying being outdoors as much as they can.

17. Climb on stuff

Beagles have a lot of energy and they like getting it out at any opportunity. Sometimes that means climbing up on stuff!

If you’re home, don’t panic if you see your Beagle scampering around the house trying to get somewhere. This behavior is normal for them.

18. Run In circles

One of the more common ways that Beagles will let you know they are happy is to run around in circles.

It’s a funny sight and if you’re trying to figure out what your canine is up to, think back to this behavior.

Final Verdict

Beagles are intelligent dogs who love to play and get a lot of joy out of their time. They’re great to have as pets for a number of reasons!

To sum it up, they are intelligent dogs that enjoy slobbering around in the yard and running in circles.

They’re also friendly towards other dogs and humans alike so they make great companions for kids, adults, and anyone else who is willing to spend time with them

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