How Much Sleep Should A Beagle Have

Beagles are known for their charming appearance. Their expressive eyes and adorable big ears never fail to strike a chord in the hearts of the people. These furry companions are considered to be one of the highly active dog breeds all over the world. Being a pet owner it has always been a major concern as to how to enhance the overall well-being of pets.

Sleep is one of the most pivotal factors that are associated with good growth and development in pets. Having a sound sleep every day can help improve their overall well-being. In this blog, we are going to shed light on how much sleep a Beagle should have along with related factors.

Ideally, a Beagle should take a sound sleep for up to 10-12 hours a day. However, the amount of sleep will also depend upon the intensity of the physical activity your dog does. However, for the small pups, having a good sleep for around 17-18 hours per day is quite sufficient.

For ages, it has been said that the human body needs sound sleep to remain active and focused throughout the day. The case is the same with pets too.

These furry pals also need to take good sleep to remain healthy and active. However, at times, it becomes too difficult to understand the sleeping pattern of dogs. The following are a few important factors that would help you out for the same!

The Importance of Sound Sleep

Beagles are pretty much notorious and they do not like to stay in one place. They love to explore things around them and indulge in physical exercises. These playful furry buddies need to take sleep in an adequate amount to relax their bodies.

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sound sleep

Also, the desired growth and development of Beagle pups highly depends upon their amount of sleep. As a responsible pet owner, it should be your foremost duty to ensure that your Beagle gets the necessary amount of sleep. It also helps to fasten the pace of growth in pets, thereby making them stronger and healthier from the inside out!

The REM Sleep Cycle

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. It is a state of deep sleep when we are resting. Although the importance of sleep in humans and pets is quite similar, there is a huge difference in the sleeping pattern of both living beings. Pets, as well as humans, experience REM sleep.

However, dogs are required to sleep longer to attain the same amount of restfulness that humans can achieve within a sleep of 7-8 hours a day. In humans, the REM sleep cycle comprises twenty-five percent of their total sleeping time.

Also, the pets take shorter naps throughout the day instead of having a long sleep of up to 8 hours at one go like humans. It is believed that dogs enter the state of REM sleep for only about ten percent of their total sleeping time. That is why your Beagle requires sleeping for longer as compared to you for attaining sound REM sleep that is vital for maintaining a healthy well-being.

The Sleeping Pattern of a Beagle

As already stated, dogs generally tend to take shorter naps during the day that comprises their total sleep time. That is why Beagles take power naps for a shorter duration instead of taking a long-stretched sleep like humans.

Being a hunting dog breed originally, Beagles mainly remains most active at night. This is because during the night, hunting is quite easier, and also the temperatures are cooler comparatively. Another reason why dogs are more awake during the night is that they do not sweat. Instead, they pant which is a result of exhaustive physical exercises.

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Enhancing the Sleep of a Beagle

Being a Beagle owner, you must have observed many times that your Beagle is not able to sleep properly. Various factors prevent your pet dog from having a sound sleep, especially during the night. The following are the few basic rules that you need to imbibe in the routine of your Beagle to improve and enhance his sleep cycle.

Physical Exercise

Those dogs that remain inactive during the day are less likely to sleep properly at night. It is of utmost importance to indulge your Beagle in physical exercises during the day.

It will make your furry companion feel tired and as a result, he would take a sound sleep at night to relax and rejuvenate the body. For this, you should take your Beagle out for at least 30 minutes walk per day along with extra playtime.

Timely and Proper Nutritious Diet

Feeding healthy and nutritious pet-friendly meals to your Beagle play a key role in maintaining good health. Those pets that are fed with heavy meals right before sleep are more likely to remain awake during the night.

Therefore, you should feed your dog at least 2 hours before sleep. Make sure to avoid heavy meals at night as it becomes difficult for pets to digest them.

Pee and Poop

Make it a habit to take your Beagle out for pee and poop so that he can sleep comfortably, specifically at night. Pets generally tend to remain awake and bark when they want to go out to pee or poop. For this, you can set up a separate space in your home or backyard.

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A Comfortable Bedding

Setting up cozy and comfortable bedding will make your Beagle feel relaxed and secure during his sleep. During winters, you can even add warm mink blankets to your pet’s bedding to ensure his sound and comfortable sleep. Also, keep a bowl of freshwater beside his bedding so that your Beagle can quench his thirst during the night.

Cuddles before Sleep

Cuddle your Beagle right before his bedtime as it is said to stimulate good sleep in pets. Also, make it a habit to say ‘good night’ along with a gentle pat on the head of your Beagle. These are small things that can boost and enhance the emotional and mental health of your Beagle.

Wrap Up

Nothing can replace the health benefits of taking a sound sleep at night. You can follow the aforesaid tips to enhance your Beagle’s sleep. However, there are many other reasons also such as anxiety, fear, and health ailments that prevent your pet from having a sound sleep.

If you feel that your Beagle is not able to sleep properly throughout the day, then consult a good veterinary doctor at the earliest. After all, maintaining the well-being of pets is one of the noblest acts of selfless love and care!

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