Can Beagles Run Long Distance?

Beagles are mesmerizingly adorable and friendly pets that are adored across the world for their enchanting appearance and joyful persona. These furry companions are highly active and notorious. They require regular walk and exercise to remain fit and healthy. It also helps them in maintaining good physical shape.

Many pet owners think of different ways to indulge their pets in physical activities such as long-distance walking and running. However, it is still a big popping question that whether Beagles can run long distances or not. In this blog, we are going to find out are Beagles energetic enough to run through the elongated distances along with their workout requirements and stamina.

Beagles are quite active as compared to the other dog breeds but they are not capable of running prolonged distances. Being a medium-sized dog breed, Beagles can run comfortably up to a few miles as they are not good extensive runners. However, you can gradually increase the strength and stamina of your Beagle to improve and enhance his performance during physical activities, especially in running. 

One of the best parts about owning a pet is that your furry pal can accompany you during your exercise sessions. Besides this, taking your pet out for a walking or a running session would also motivate and assist you in staying fit and active. Beagles are touted to be highly energetic dogs as you would never find them sitting in one place.

However, this does not imply that you should engage your Beagle in over-exhausting working sessions as it can affect their health unfavorably. The following are a few factors that would give you a better understanding on how you can fulfill the workout requirement of your Beagle without draining him undesirably.

Importance of Daily Running Sessions

Running is not only good for humans but it is also beneficial for the dogs as it helps in improving cardiovascular health. It also assists in strengthening the joints and muscles in dogs. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining health and fitness. In the case of Beagles, they can run as fast as around 20 miles in an hour depending upon his age, weight, and genetics.

On the contrary, excess of running is not good for pets. Therefore, it is advisable to you own a Beagle, then you should plan the running. Beagles are medium size dog breeds and you cannot expect them to be as active as large breed dogs. You should regularly take your Beagle out for a walk or a running session as it is vital for their overall growth and development but make sure that it should be planned as per the stamina of your pet.

Signs of Over Exhaustion

If you are indulging your Beagle in high-intensity running sessions that are out of his stamina level, there are higher chances of your pet getting exhausted. It indicates that your pet is completely drained out of his energy. In such cases, you would notice common symptoms in your pet such as heavy panting, dehydration, breathlessness, sweating, difficulty in walking, and sluggishness.

Some might even get heat strokes if they are running out in sunlight. Apart from this, excess of running can even strain the muscles and causes joint problems in dogs. If you notice any of the above symptoms in your Beagle, then you should dismiss the running session at the very moment.

Age and Weight

The intensity and duration of the physical exercises of your dog hugely depend upon his age and weight. If your Beagle is too small or too old, then you cannot expect him to accomplish high-intensity and prolonged running sessions. On the other hand, if you are having a young or adult Beagle, then you can make him workout for at least one hour a day in which you can combine both, walking and running.

Generally, when Beagles are small, it is not advisable to indulge them in too many workouts as during that stage they need more rest as compared to the adult or younger ones. Similarly, old Beagles tend to lose their stamina and strengthen after reaching a certain age. However, in the case of young and adult Beagles, the scenario is different as during that stage, they need a nutritious diet along with proper regular exercises for attaining a healthy growth.

If we talk about the weight, then the Beagles that are that fit and healthy can run efficiently faster as compared to the obese ones. If your Beagle is obese, then it would become difficult for him to even walk for a longer duration. That is why it is always said that you should make your pet workout regularly for maintaining an ideal weight as it helps them to perform the physical activities with greater efficiency.

The Ideal Exercise Plan

Some pet owners often wonder that is it possible to make Beagles a good runner for covering prolonged distances. Well, the simplest answer to the above-mentioned concern is that you can make your Beagle run as far as he is comfortable and not showing up any symptoms of exhaustion. The stamina and strength would also depend upon the genetics of your Beagle.

Generally, dogs love to run and you do not have to push them for this. However, it does not mean that your dog can travel even long distances by running. If you are willing to run longer distances with your Beagle, then it is preferable to start with the shorter ones at the initial stage. After that, you can increase the duration of running sessions as per the stamina and comfort level of your Beagle.

Increasing the Level of Stamina

Beagles, originally being hunting dogs, are generally very active and energetic. They need regular exercise to release their energy. If you want to make your Beagle a good runner, then it is necessary to increase the stamina level of your Beagle. For this, you can initially start with running two miles at a time and then increase the pace to three miles if your Beagle is comfortable and unexhausted. You can continue this process and increase the distance as long as you are not overworking your pet.

However, if you and your Beagle are running more than three miles, then it is preferable to exercise once in a week instead of regularly. Make sure that you do not push your dog to run more than five miles as it is not good for their overall health. Additionally, you can follow the below-mentioned tips that would help you in keeping your Beagle fit, healthy, and energetic.

  • Play pet-friendly games with your Beagles, such as go-fetch, Frisbee, and tug-of-war
  • Take him out for a walk regularly and allow him to socialize with other people and pets around him
  • You can even take your dog for a hiking session  as it considered to be a great fun workout for pets other than running
  • You can even opt for agility training for your Beagle as it improves muscle coordination and improves the fitness

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, Beagles have high energy levels and relish being outdoors, indulging in physical activities. You should not only rely upon running for fulfilling your pet’s fitness requirements as the excess of anything is undesirable. For better results, you can combine diverse physical activities, such as walking and outdoor games to keep your pet engaged, thereby increasing his stamina gradually for making him fit and healthy inside out.

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