When Do Chihuahuas Stop Growing?

When Do Chihuahuas Stop Growing? Everything You Need To Know

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs who often get overlooked at the shelter because of their size. However, they can be just as great companions as any other dog and many people find them to be more affectionate than larger breeds.

But how old does a Chihuahua need to be before it is considered full grown? 

A Chihuahua finishes growing around nine months of age. They may acquire a little weight until they are ten to twelve months old, but it will not be significant. If your Chihuahua is over nine months old, he or she is most likely at full size or near to it.

In this blog post, we are going to cover the growth of a chihuahua puppy from a few weeks old to a little over a year old until they stop growing.

What to Know About Chihuahuas

basics of chihuahua

If you are looking for a loyal companion that will always be by your side, then the Chihuahua is perfect for you.

They are small dogs with independent personalities. This dog breed has been around since before 1850 and was originally bred to hunt rodents in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

The chihuahua’s brain is smaller than other breeds making them more prone to health problems but they live longer because of it! 

Today they make excellent pets because even though they are small in size their personality does not match their size!

Chihuahua’s Size

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog. They usually weigh between four and six pounds fully grown, although it is possible for them to weigh anywhere from two pounds to nine pounds.

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The Chihuahua’s height ranges anywhere from six inches tall to eleven inches tall.

A Chihuahua’s size is mostly determined by its parents. If the parents are on the smaller end of the spectrum, then it is likely that your chihuahua will stay on that side of things as well.

On the flip side, if they’re on the larger end, then you should expect them to get up there in size. This is all assuming that you are breeding two healthy dogs, of course.

Chihuahua’s Growth Stages

chihuahua pup

A Chihuahua’s growth starts slow and speeds up quickly. A Chihuahua puppy is born under two ounces.

Early Stage: 0-3 weeks

A puppy’s period of early development happens quickly and is mostly spent developing the senses. They cannot see or hear, but they can smell and taste everything!

All that they can do during this stage is eat and sleep. Their mother will feed them through breastfeeding every two to three hours around the clock.

As soon as a puppy is born it starts teething. It takes about 12 weeks for all their teeth to come in.

Middle Stage: 3-8 weeks

During the middle stage of development, Chihuahuas start developing nearly all of their adult senses and behaviors. This is also when they start walking and playing with each other!

By four weeks, Chihuahuas can open their eyes and they will start to see some shapes. By six weeks old, a Chihuahua will be able to hear what going on around them!

This is the time when a Chihuahua starts playing with other dogs and people. As a result of all this play, they learn important bite inhibition skills that will last them the rest of their lives.

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The best thing you can do during this stage is to make sure they are safe and warm. A cold puppy will be lethargic, which means they won’t play as much. They also need a lot more sleep because they are growing so rapidly!

Last Stage: 8 weeks-12 months

The last stage of Chihuahuas’ development is a little slower than the others. They will go through physical and emotional changes where they will look more mature, but also act more immature at times. Your chihuahua’s personality may change during this stage because he or she is still growing into an adult.

Chihuahuas are fully grown around 9-11 months. They will continue to grow until they are 2-3 years old, but their body type will not change after this stage.

What Affects Chihuahuas Growth?

A Chihuahua’s size depends on their parents. If the parents are small, then it is likely that they will stay on the smaller end of the spectrum as well.

If they are on the larger side, then you can expect them to get up there in size too. This is assuming that they are healthy dogs, of course.

If they are a first-generation Chihuahua, then the larger the dog is that they’re bred with, the bigger your puppy can be expected to be.

It will take around 9-11 months for a Chihuahua to fully develop into an adult and 1-2 years until their body type stops changing. During this time, your chihuahua will need lots of love and attention to encourage them to be the best they can be!

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Chihuahua’s Life Span

A Chihuahua lives from anywhere from 12-20 years depending on its size and genetics. This is because the smaller they are, the more likely it is for them to have problems like collapsing trachea and heart disease.

This also means that they go through a lot of changes during their life. It is important to make sure they are well taken care of.

Final Words

Chihuahuas are a wonderful breed to own as a pet. They can make great lap dogs and they tend to be very fuzzy! It is important to take care of them so that they have the healthiest experience possible.

It takes around 9-11 months for a Chihuahua to fully develop into an adult and 1-2 years until their body type stops changing. During this time, your chihuahua will need lots of love and attention to encourage them to be the best they can be!

As long as you provide your Chihuahua with a safe and warm environment, love and attention, then you will be able to watch them grow from a tiny puppy into an adult Chihuahua.

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