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Can Great Danes Run Long Distances? [7 Tips!]

A physical workout is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body and mind. It helps you to be more energetic throughout the day and even more productive. There are various ways to increase the physical workout for yourself. You can hit the gym, start running, and many more.

However, running or walking a long distance is a highly effective method to improve your fitness in a short time. If you have tried running before, then you would be aware of the problems one can face. You may suffer from side stitches, or you may not be able to push yourself above the limit.

Through scientific researches, it has been found that running with a companion leads to better results during running. You would be able to reach a larger distance at a faster pace. Yes, this is the main reason why cadets in military institutions can cope up with the stress.

Running with a companion reduces your stress, and increases your overall mental stamina. Thus, if you are a solo runner, then you would surely like to have a companion to increase your overall performance while running. One such great companion can be Great Danes.

Great Danes are one of the largest breeds of the dog on the planet. However, whether or not they would be able to accompany you, in the long run, depends on the way you raise them. It has been observed that Great Danes may or may not be able to run a long distance.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss whether or not Great Danes can run a long distance. We will also talk about the personality traits of this dog, and their physical as well as mental strength.

Great Danes

Before we jump right into the main content, it is highly important to understand the personality of a Great Dane. These dogs are huge without doubt and grow swiftly. Within a year, they can grow up to a height to look in the eye of a 6 ft man. If you look from far, then you would assume that they have an aggressive personality.

However, these dogs are one of the most peace-loving dogs in the world. They usually prevent any confrontation, but that does not mean that they are not courageous. Many people prefer a Great Dane for hunting purposes too.

These dogs, when violet can even hunt down a wild boar. You may even have them for guarding the house. Most strangers run away by just seeing the huge size of the dog.

They are extremely friendly towards the family members including kids. They are also highly social creatures and love to interact with other dogs. Despite that, they usually are not highly adaptive to their environment.

Let us understand this by an example. Assume you shifted with your Great Dane from an apartment to a farm or another apartment. In that case, these dogs may get highly stressed, which can affect their health significantly. Moreover, you must never leave these dogs alone as they love to be accompanied. Great Danes also have a short life span as compared to a normal dog.

Can they go for a long-distance?

If we assume an ideal condition, where you have raised Great Dane well, then yes, these dogs can go a long distance. Due to their huge body, these dogs have a high lung capacity and stamina. Therefore, they would be a great running or hunting partner without a doubt.

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However, there are even instances, where a Great Dane may not be able to run for a long duration. This usually happens due to hindrance in the growth of the dog. Thus, it highly important to make sure that you raise a Great Dane properly. Most people fail to raise a Great Dane, due to their huge size. Do not worry.

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the most effective methods to raise a Great Dane. You must also remember that raising and training a dog are two different things. Therefore, you must not try to train a Great Dane by following a procedure for other dog breeds. That is why we will also share some tips related to training a Great Dane.

Great Danes

7 Tips to Raise a Great Dane for Running Long Distances

In this section, we will discuss the best tips to raise a Great Dane. By following these tips, you will be able to make the dog capable of running long distances.

First Tip

The first tip is to choose the right breed. At present, there are various fake breeds in the market, which look similar to a Great Dane. However, these breeds lack the personality traits of a real Great Dane. Make sure that you choose a reputed shop for buying a Great Dane. You may even adopt them. Just make sure you get the genuine Great Dane breed. The copies are not capable of running large distances.

Second Tip

The second tip is to understand that Great Danes grow swiftly. The rate of growth is so high that you may observe differences every day in the size of the dog. Therefore, you must make sure you provide them with proper space for healthy growth. Their sleeping place should be twice the present size of the dog.

Most Great Dane owners believe that such a huge body must require a high amount of protein and other nutritions. However, this is a misconception. When it comes to feeding the Great Dane, you must make sure that you do not overfeed them. In general, these dogs have a low appetite, which is similar to an adult dog.

Moreover, you must not give them a high protein diet. Why? It is unhealthy for them to have such a great amount of protein in the body. You must feed them with quick-growing dog foods. These foods usually have a low amount of protein, which is perfect for Great Danes.

Similarly, you must keep an eye on other things that have to be changed with the growth of the dog. This includes the leash, collar, and various other things.

Third Tip

The third tip is to prevent the restriction of the dog. Many Great Dane owners keep them tied for a long period. This is highly not recommended for the healthy growth of the dog. You must not tie the dog with a leash until they reach the age of 12 months. Yes, if you are taking them outside, then you do not have any other option. However, inside the house, they should be allowed to roam freely.

Fourth Tip

The fourth step is the most crucial step of all the tips shared. Usually, dog owners believe that Great Danes have a sturdy body. However, that is partially true. Yes, the body of a fully grown Great Dane is strong, but this is not true for puppies.

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It has been observed that Great Dane puppies have soft bones, which can be easily lead to deformity in case of improper care. This may even lead to serious issues when the dog gets old. So, what is the correct way to raise a Great Dane? Well, the secret is hidden in the walking schedule of the dog.

Great Danes do not require a high amount of exercise. You must not focus on the exercise of the dog until they are 12 months old. Initially, you must start with a short duration of exercise with the dog. Start with 10 to 15 minutes at max. This includes only walking.

Do not make the puppy run for more than a few seconds. Why? It is because running can affect the bones of the dog severely. Now, you must increase the duration of walking slowly. Start increasing 5 to 10 minutes per month at max. Since they are 12 months old, you can start focusing on running slowly. Make sure that the dog must have a habit of walking at least an hour before starting with the running procedure.

Fifth Tip

The fifth tip is to focus on the platform you choose for running with the dog. Usually, you have various places to run with the dog. However, not all are perfect for the health of the dog. We would recommend you to choose a platform, which does not affect the joints of the dog.

One such great example of this is grass grounds or parks. They are the perfect place to run with the dog. Make sure that you keep an eye on the period for which you run with the dog. It should not exceed such that it damages the bones of the dog. Make sure that you do not make the dog run on a concrete ground.

Sixth Tip

The sixth tip is to protect the dog from the weather. Great Danes do not have fur on them, which could protect them from cold weather. Therefore, you must make sure that you keep the dogs safe from cold weather. Make them wear a vest to protect them from winter and you must keep them inside the house. Let them tap a long nap on the carpet.

Seventh Tip

The seventh and the last tip is to focus solely on the training procedure, which will be helpful during running. There are usually two basic problems you may face with a Great Dane if you are raising it for running.

First, they can try to pull the leash aggressively. This not only affects your arms but also joints of the dog. Therefore, you must start training the dog to walk with you from the very beginning. Do make sure that you are extremely patient with the dog. Do not use fear or any other thing as a punishment. The core idea of training is to treat the dog for doing the right thing.

The second thing can be peeing or pooping in the wrong place. For that, you will have to fix the walking and feeding time of the dog. You must also give the dog a treat, whenever it peeps or poops at the right place. You may even try to read the movements of the dog, they usually try to gain your attention, when they want to go outside.

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Most commonly asked questions

How far can you run with a Great Dane?

The limit of running for a dog completely depends on your running capacity. If you can run 10 km, then a Great Dane can also do that. However, was your first run of 10 km? Surely not. Your first run may be of around 2-3 km at max. This is also applicable to Great Danes. You cannot suddenly force them to run a long distance.

Just like you, they need to build up the capacity to run for a longer duration. Usually, you can start running with the top once it is between the age of 10 to 12 months. Start with light running with the dog. Make sure that you have trained it well to walk and run with you. Initially, start with 1-2 km for a few days.

Now, you have to increase 1-2 km per week. therefore, within a week, the dog will be able to run up to 8 km. You can keep up the pace and even go for larger distances with the dog. However, you must make sure that the dog is properly hydrated just like you. You must also keep light snacks for the dog.

Great Dane should be leashed or not while running?

This is one of the most confusing questions for most dog owners. You surely do not want the dog to disturb a stranger, as some get scared and fell offended by the size of the dog. However, if we look at it from the perspective of the dogs, then they love to run without a leash. This gives them the freedom to sniff around the place while running with you.

If you can make sure that the dog will not disturb anyone else on your track, then you must keep the dog without a leash. This usually happens through proper training, which is extremely challenging and takes a while.

However, if you are not sure about the behavior of the dog during running, then you must surely put the leash. Just make sure that you train them to walk with you. This will prevent unnecessary injury to you and the dog.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Great Danes can surely run a long distance. However, this fact completely depends on the way you raise them. We have already shared the most effective tips to raise a Great Dane. These tips were chosen based on our intense research and experience with a Great Dane.

You must also make sure that the dog is comfortable with running. Some Great Dane does not like running, which can lead to stress and may even make them ill. 

Let us recap the most important tips. Train the dog to walk with you. Make sure that during the training process, you are patient with the dog. Always treat it with a light snack for appropriate behavior, as it encourages them to continue it.

You must also make sure that you increase the running distance slowly, and as per the capacity of the dog. Usually, increasing 1-2 km per week is considered a normal increase in the distance.

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