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What Dog Owners Should Know About the Alpha Roll

If you want to make the most of your dogs, you have to train them considerably. There are many techniques that can let you achieve that end. Of these, the Alpha Roll technique stands out. But just what is it? How does it differ from the rest of the techniques? What are its benefits?

These are questions we cannot answer straight away. Instead, we have to devote an entire article to just that. In our discussions hereunder, we endeavor to seek answers to the questions above in a manner that is detailed and to the point.

In this section, we get to the core of knowing all about this technique. Below are some of the facts and details that a serious dog owner ought to know about the Alpha Roll technique:


This is a dog training technique that teaches the dog to be subservient to the master. Under this technique, the trainer is the master whereas the dog is the servant. It used to be a hit in the years past and has since been abandoned by many would-be dog trainers.

In this training, the dogs that misbehave are pinned on their backs and maintained in that position for quite some time. Through a series of repetitions, the dogs are taught to be obedient to their masters by obeying every prompt. It is overall potentially scary as dogs loathe this position for a large part.

Historical Background

This technique was once in vogue in the years past. It was developed by placing wolves in areas that were ordinarily too small for their numbers. Moreover, some of the members were found to be incompatible with those in their vicinity. This unhealthy mix resulted in some deadly conflicts.

To stem this tide, the wolves were trained to counter the conflicts and behave rationally through a series of maneuvers and techniques. Later on, these techniques were translated into the dogs and found to produce truly amazing outcomes. Many people however decried the potentially aggressive nature of the technique that is why it declined in popularity.

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Knowing the steps to take to tackle the activity is a great thing to do. How else will you be able to derive the best of it without following the right steps? To implement this method, the following steps are followed:

Get the right breed of dog

Start it out by getting the right breed of dog for your training. The kind of breed you pick for the job is significant because different breeds respond variably to the training techniques and prompt. Find that which has the ability to stay calm under extreme provocation.

Develop a Training Schedule

Follow it up by developing a suitable training schedule. The schedule you pick for the job has to be free and devoid of any squeeze. You also want to see to it that you incorporate every skill and expertise necessary for the full development of the dog.

Work the dog out

Get straight now to work the dog out. This entails implementing the training techniques one at a time in a manner that is straight to the point. Be sure to care for the peace and well-being of the dog as well to preventing stressing it out.

As a bonus, you have to maintain some constituency as you work the dog out. How possible is it that the dog will master the tricks without fail or follow through well? If you have professional inclinations try bringing in a trained expert to help you out.

Merits and Effects of the Alpha Roll Technique

It does have the ability to bring along numerous benefits to any person who wishes to leverage those ends. When tackled and implemented steadily, this training technique has the ability to bring forth the following effects to your dogs:

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Stronger Body

Through these techniques, dogs get to obtain stronger bodies that are more apt to withstand harsh environments well. The benefits of a stronger body are too many to be forfeited or taken lightly. They improve the lifespan of the dogs not to mention keeping them in the best shape and form.

Improved Agility

Owing to the rigorous nature of the exercise, it tends to improve the agility of the dogs. Agility refers to the flexibility of the joints and legs of the dogs. They determine the ease with which the dog may move about freely out and about a designated space.

Better Defense Skills

At the core of this technique is the improvement of the defense skills of the dog. Dogs to which this training technique is administered tend to possess better defense skills. They easily fight off their enemies and defend their masters well. You may hence count on them for your safety.

Enhanced level of Aggressiveness

Apart from inculcating better defense skills to your dogs, the technique also enhances the level of aggressiveness to the dogs. This aggressiveness comes handy when taking on harsher enemies who have to be scared off to be devoured. With improved aggressiveness comes better protection to your property.

A heightened level of Immunity

In the course of working out the technique, your dog also experiences a heightened level of immunity. This is certainly great because it shields your dogs from the common sicknesses that arise with time. That translates to the reduced costs of health and veterinary care.

Demerits of the Alpha Roll Training Technique

As with any other piece of training, this technique too has its fair share of potential downsides. Having examined the merits of this training technique, let us now look into the demerits:

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Potentially Harmful

This technique is potentially harmful as it has the ability to evoke sharp reactions from the dog. You never know what an agitated dog might do to you. It might bite you or subject you to some serious injuries altogether. That calls for some care and due diligence on your part.


Dogs that under such inhumane treatments normally have the tendency to withdraw from the mainstream. If and when this happens, they lose vitality and interest in those activities that once gave them hope and enthusiasm. Kindly discontinue it if you note this tendency.

Fractures and Injuries

Given the potentially aggressive nature of this exercise, it is not uncommon for the dogs to endure fractures and injuries. These are irreversible and may also take too much money to mitigate if and when they eventually arise. Adopt a moderate approach in the course of implementing them hence.


If you notice from the foregoing explanations, the Alpha Roll technique has many benefits. On the flip side, it also has some serious shortcomings that have to be taken good care of. To be on the safe side, we recommend a moderate or middle ground. Also, insist only on the male or aggressive species.

To be sure of avoiding the hardships that come along, we ask you to insist on a trained veterinarian to tackle the chore. Such a person has the expertise to prevent the adverse effects that the harshness of the training potentially brings about. Share the news far and wide!

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