25 Simple Tricks To Make Your Dog Happier, Smarter, And Less Bored Every Day

Dogs are one of the most active creatures on the planet. They love to remain active throughout the day rather than sitting and doing nothing. You will be surprised to know that the daily schedule affects their health too.

If a dog remains ideal for the whole day, then the chances of conditions such as overweight, depression, stress, and so on are extremely high. Thus, you need to ensure that the dog remains busy all day long.

In this blog, we will share the top 25 tricks and activities to keep your dog engaged.

#1 Toys

Toys are a great way to engage your dog. You can buy a doll, ball, or any other item for the dog. This will keep them busy throughout the day.

However, make sure that you keep bringing new toys frequently, as dogs tend to get bored with their old toys quickly.

#2 Puzzle Games

These are quite similar to toys for dogs. However, they usually consist of a puzzle that is solved by a dog. Now, you have multiple options in these games.

Some games offer rewards for solving the puzzle, while others do not. We recommend choosing games that offer rewards like treats, as they are more tempting for dogs.

#3 Take them for a walk

Based on the breed you have; different dogs require a different amount of physical exercise. For instance, Rottweiler requires more exercise as compared to a pug.

Thus, you need to take the dog outside for a walk at least two times a day. You must also ensure that you let the dog explore the region around them during the walk.

# 4 Play a game that involves you

We already talked about some games that can engage the dog. Irrespective of those games, you need to involve yourself also with your dog in the games.

happy dog

So, what are these games? Well, some common games for this purpose are freebee, ball, tug of war, and many more.

You can also play hide and seek with your furry pal. The basic aim is to spend more time with the dog. Why? Well, it is because dogs love to spend time with their owners.

#5 Change the diet

Food is the most important thing for a dog after its owner. Hence, they love to eat a lot and enjoy different flavors. Due to this tendency of pets, you need to change their diet frequently.

Try adding new ingredients to the meal for the dog, you can also try a new dish or recipe. At the same time, you need to make sure that the dog is comfortable with the new diet.

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#6 Go for a new training

The training of a dog never ends, there is always something that you would want to teach the dog.

Thus, you need to start teaching new tricks to the dog. This will engage them both mentally and physically. 

#7 High five

As per this trick, the dog will give you a high five. Teaching this trick is easy, all you need to do is show your palm to the dog. Now, say ‘High five.’ If the dog does the same, then give him a treat.

high five with dog

However, if it doesn’t, then you need to repeat the steps. In the process of teaching this trick, you will achieve a stronger bond with your pet which will make him happier and secure.

#8 Stay

This is another trick that will surely come in handy in the long run to make your dog obedient and well-mannered. In this trick, you need to teach the dog to stay at a place for a long duration.

By making him do so, you will be spending more time with your pet which will keep him engaged for a few hours during the day.

#9 Vacation time

As mentioned earlier, dogs love to spend time with their owners. Thus, taking them on a trip is a great way to cheer them up.

Keep in mind that you should opt for the play that allows the dog to run a lot. Usually, beaches and farmhouses are the best options.

#10 Social behavior

Dogs as we all know are one of the most social animals as they love to interact with people. Yes, it also depends on the breed, as some breeds tend to get less socialized.

However, letting the dog interact with other animals, or people is a great way to make them happy. This also leads to physical activity.

#11 Bring another dog

Two dogs together are great friends. Thus, neither of the dogs will get bored, as they always have something to do.

Usually, two similar breeds get along easily. However, you can also bring a dog of a different breed.

#12 A cat?

If you have a toy dog or a dog with a flexible personality, then even a cat is a great choice. Now, which dog has a flexible personality?

There are some such as pug, Yorkshire, and many more. If you train both of them properly, then cats and dogs can stay peaceful, and happy together.

#13 Manage a pool party

Just like humans, dogs like something to beat the heat in summer. Now, you have various options for that.

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pool party with dog

However, the simplest one is to set up a pool in the backyard. You can add some ices in the pool, and let the dog beat the heat effectively.

#14 Take them to shop

As mentioned earlier, dogs love to interact with people. Thus, they will enjoy everything that increases interaction with people. However, before taking them to the shop, you need to train them.

They must not try to jump on anyone or anything. Moreover, they must walk with you and must not try to pull the leash.

#15 Memory games

Keeping dogs mentally fit is the best way to make them happier. Memory games lead to mental exercise for the dog. Now, what are some memory games? Well, some games are like the cup game.

In this, you have three cups in front of the dog. Next, keep a treat under one of the cups, and shuffle them. If the dog guesses correctly, then it gets a treat!

#16 Give them a bath

Usually, dogs play and run a lot, due to which they sweat and become dirty. This can even lead to ticks on their body. Therefore, you need to ensure that you bath the dog at least once a week.

During the bath, they also enjoy playing with water and spend a lot of time in the activity.        

#17 Remove the fur

Numerous dog breeds have thick fur on their body. You need to make sure that you clean their fur frequently as excess fur leads to extra sweat and allergy.

This will also force you to train the dog to remain calm while you are cleaning its fur.

#18 Take them for a run

Running is one of the most tiring tasks for dogs. However, they surely love to run a lot. That’s why we recommend taking them out for a run. Just make sure that you train them to walk with you the whole time.

Moreover, increase the intensity of the run slowly, and consistently. This is surely not going to be the same as a normal walk of your pet but an activity to make your furry pal an athlete.

#19 Jaw exercises

From the beginning, you will observe that a dog loves to chew things. Why? Well, it is because chewing hard objects strengthens the jaw of a dog.

This also keeps them busy in the daily schedule. In general, a bone, or a soft toy is a great choice for your dog to chew. However, the object must not be small enough for your dog to swallow.

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#20 Sleep

Proper sleep is extremely important to keep the dog healthy both mentally and physically. You must ensure that the dog sleeps at least 7-8 hours a day by providing him an ambiance such as a crate with bedding or a corner in your house with proper bedding etc.

Moreover, ensure that the dog gets enough space to sleep. You must also never disturb the dog while sleeping.

#21 Find the food

This is something that can engage the dog for the whole day. Besides, this also forces the dog to do some physical activity. For this, you need to hide food in various places in the house.

Now, you need to let the dog find them one by one. The best part is, the dog gets a reward automatically for finding the place.

#22 Let them guard the home

Dogs are extremely protective of their owner and territory.

Thus, if you let them guard the home, then they will remain active both physically and mentally. However, you must not leave your dog alone for a long time.

#23 Do nothing

Sometimes it is not an activity that makes the dog happier, rather it is the environment.

Just sitting with the dog for a long period is also enough to make them happier. If you have a toy dog, then letting them sit on your lap is a great way to make them happy.

#24 Utilize technology

In this digital and electronic era, there are a lot of toys and applications available for your pet to stay active and playful.

For instance, there are applications for dogs and remote-controlled toys which help them to remain mentally and physically fit.

#25 Music and environment

Dogs love to explore things in the surrounding. Therefore, if you even bring a piece of new furniture into the house, they get excited.

Similarly, changing the placement of the furniture or wardrobe in the house can make the dog happier.

Music has also proven to be one of the beneficial methods or therapy to keep your furry pal’s mood happy.

Wrap up        

In the end, these were the simplest tricks to make the dog happier. However, you need to ensure that you fit them properly in a schedule. For instance, you cannot clean the fur of a dog daily.

Thus, you need to create a proper weekly or monthly schedule in which you have a new activity every day. Also, you need to ensure that you remain calm with the dog during the training process.

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