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Yorkshire Terrier Temperament : What Is It Like Owning One

Thousands of researches have been conducted related to the behavior of a dog. Do you know why? Well, due to this research, we came to know about the different behaviors of different dog breeds. Each breed tends to have a different personality, which leads to different daily experiences with the dog.

Moreover, this also changes the ways to raise the breed. For instance, you cannot train a German Shepherd or Rottweiler like a pug. The former are tend to be more stubborn, and anti-social, as compared to the latter.

Yorkies are great dogs and can be trained easily. Like any dog, these have both good as well as bad qualities, which means it is fun living with them but the issue of the barking needs to be dealt with. Yorkies are clever and playful but sometimes can be over-possessive.

Overall, it is a wonderful experience to own a Yorkshire dog. In this blog, we will discuss the temperament of a Yorkshire dog. We will mention the differences, you will observe with this breed, as compared to others. We will also share some tips related to raising a Yorkshire dog.

Yorkshire Personality

Before we jump to the experience of owning a Yorkshire, let us understand the personality of this breed. First of all, they have a small body, due to which they come in the category of terrier dogs. However, you must not judge their personality based on their size.

Usually, people believe that Yorkshire is extremely shy, and playful dogs. That is completely absurd. Instead, Yorkshire dogs have a personality similar to a large aggressive dog. You can also say that they have a mind of a watchdog, but the body of a toy dog.

Yorkshire Personality

These dogs can easily become aggressive, especially towards strangers and animals smaller from them. However, they will not think twice before getting in a fight with a large dog. They can also get alert from a slightly unusual sound. Irrespective of that, we will not recommend this breed, especially as a watchdog.

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On the other hand, Yorkshire also has a playful side in their personality. They love to play for a long duration, especially with their owners. You need to also make sure that you do not leave them alone for a long duration. Why? Well, it is because they cannot tolerate being alone. They are highly social animals and love to be surrounded by people.

Moreover, they love to be in the limelight. Thus, if you have another animal in the house, then Yorkshire should be in the upper hierarchy. This is one of the reasons why Yorkshire do not easily get along with cats. Both animals like to be in the upper hierarchy.

However, if you train them properly, then these dogs can be great family dogs. They can also easily get along with kids. You just need to make sure that you do not leave them alone together. Why? Yorkshire has a huge ego, if anything threatens it, then they can be aggressive. Kids tend to be overly playful with dogs, due to which they can hurt the ego of the dog.

What is it like to raise a Yorkshire?

Raising a Yorkshire is completely different, as compared to any other breed in the world. Let us start with puppyhood. From the beginning, they have a fragile body and mindset. You need to make sure that you protect the dog from any external threat. Why? Well, it is because they can get hurt easily.

Due to their aggressive personality, they can easily get into a fight with a wild animal. You also need to remember that you must not scold or hit them. What if you do? In that case, either they will become extremely aggressive to you, or they will fear you.

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While raising the dog you need to make sure that you keep an eye on the exercise. Though Yorkshire is small in size, they require a moderate level of exercise. Take them outside on a leash. Do not let them bark at a stranger or other animal. Start the training, as soon as possible.

Do you know what the hardest part to raise a Yorkshire is? Well, it is to keep their fur clean. They have a thick coat of fur on their body. The fur even covers the face of the dog. Though this part makes them highly adorable, you will face issues with cleaning the fur.

Moreover, if the dog has a habit to roll in the mud, then the efforts are unimaginable. Therefore, you need to train the dog to not roll in stinky places. Make sure that you wash the fur at least twice a week.

You will also observe that training a Yorkshire is challenging. Why? It is because of the stubborn nature of the dog. They tend to refrain from changing a habit easily. However, there are some tips you must keep in mind while training a Yorkshire. Do not worry, we will discuss those in the upcoming sections.

Can a Yorkshire be a good family dog?

The answer to this question completely depends on the consistency of the training. However, yes, Yorkshire can be a great family dog. They can be highly calm, and friendly at the same time. Moreover, if you are looking for a companion for the kid, then they can be a great choice.

Training tips

  • Yorkshire can be highly stubborn when it comes to training. They do not have a flexible personality, due to which you may face challenges. The first step is to start the training from an early age. Yorkshire dogs become as stubborn as they grow. Thus, once they have developed a habit, it is highly unlikely that they will forget it.
  • The best method to train a Yorkshire is to follow crate training. What is that? Well, it is a process, where you command the dog to move from one crate to another. In the process, you also order the dog to sit, stand, bark, and many more. Make sure that you give a delicious treat to the dog for listening to your command.
  • Let the dog decide the things good for it. For instance, you may think that meat would be great for the health of Yorkshire. However, you must not force the dog to eat it. Every dog has a different set of liking in terms of food and many more.
  • You need to be around the dog almost every time. These dogs cannot bear with loneliness for a long duration. At max, you can leave them for 30 minutes, but more than that would surely backfire.
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Wrap up

In conclusion, you will love the company of a Yorkshire dog, if you were looking for a friendly creature. They are highly social, and with proper training, can also behave well around guests. However, you may face issues with maintaining their fur, especially if you are a beginner. You also need to make sure that you do not hurt their pride. They have a strong personality in a small bodies. Also, you must never leave a kid alone with a Yorkshire.

We have also shared some tips to train a Yorkshire. However, you can also take guidance from a professional trainer near you.

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