How To Get A Cat To Like You

Having a cat in your house is exciting and having one that likes you is even more fun. Just like humans, cats hold feelings and have their own likings.

They could have people or things within their space that they dislike. So, how do you get these adorable pets to like you?

Getting Cats to Like You

Having a cat like you could be a difficult task and might require a lot of patience. Understanding the cat is the first of many steps to convince your cat to like you.

Cats vary on the time they take to trust and form bonds with humans. Some may adapt to humans easily while others may require more time.

Positivity, calmness, and patience are quite important in this journey. Understand that if you are new in the cat’s life, bonds aren’t formed instantly. It has to learn to relate and engage with you.

What Attracts Cats to You?

Create time for the cat. Spending more time makes it get used to the idea of you being around.

Learn your cat’s likes and dislikes in terms of food, environment, and behavior. Knowing this gives you a better shot since you get to know what to engage it in more.

Observe your cat’s body language. Cats experience a range of emotions from happy, sad, and other feelings involved.

Its body language will assist you to understand what it is feeling e.g. fear, irritation, or discomfort. This allows you to respond accordingly.

Cats are quite adorable. Allow them to approach you and be nice to them.

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Felines are naturally very playful and engaging them in play could be a good way to bond. Ensure they also have enough daily playtime for themselves.

Humans have their limits and so do animals. If you are trying a cat to like you, respect its boundaries. Give them space when they don’t want to interact with you.

Learn to talk to your cat in a soft and calm voice, they associate this with friendliness. Moreover, cats hate loud noises therefore, loud voices will scare them.

You can also use appealing smells to pull the cat to you. Cats love the smell of olive, catnip, lavender, mint, basil, peppermint just to mention but a few.

What to Provide Your Cat With

Engage your cat in more activities like grooming, watching television, playing hide and seek, or taking them for a walk.

Have choices for your pet. For food or play items, provide variety and the freedom to choose.

Cats love a sense of warmth. Provide this by snuggling it to bring them closer to you.

Create a good environment for your cat so it is comfortable and secure. Provide sufficient food, clean water, a litter box, and play items.

Treating your cat also encourages it to like you.  Use chicken, fish, beef, turkey, or any meal or snack that the cat likes. Be tactical in your treats, do it in a manner that attracts the cats to you.

Moreover, gift your cat. E.g. using pet cube bites.

Provide scratching boards and posts they can scratch and claw on.

Cats are fond of views. Consider keeping them in places they can watch things e.g. cars passing by or birds.

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Give your cat some outdoor time to explore its predatory nature of hunting.

Don’t bring in new pets when trying to bond with the one you have.

Give your feline a nice belly rub which is helpful in that;

  • They make your cat feel good.
  • Belly rubs build trust between you and your cats. The belly is the most delicate part on her body and rubbing it creates a touch of trust.
  • It is a way of engaging in play too therefore you spend more time with your feline.

Dislikes in Cats

Cats hate it when their space is invaded e.g. when other cats are in their territory.

They do not enjoy a change in environment or routine. Any changes made should be gradual.

Cats dislike a dirty litter box. Ensure you empty its litter box and keep it clean.

Your cat does not like loud noises. This could be car noises, thunder, fireworks, etc.

Felines do not enjoy being around strangers.

Moreover, don’t feed your cat with stale food and ensure that it stays entertaining. Have toys that it can play with.

Keep them away from smells that they find irritating such as mustard, lavender, rosemary, and citrus smells.

Signs that a Cat Likes You

How do you know if your efforts are really working? Cats will show their liking through the following;

It brings you gifts for example its favorite toys or something it has hunted.

The cat twitches its tail when around you.

It may also curl up around you or sleep near you.

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Your cat may show you its tummy.

You will see your pet gurgling and purring. Cats purr around humans since they feel safe and relaxed.

Cats will try to groom you. Just like they lick themselves when self-grooming, they do the same to you.

They also nibble on you to show affection.

Your feline will give you head butts. This refers to it hitting your body with the top of its head.

Signs That a Cat Dislikes You

The cat is friendly to other people apart from you.

Your cat walks away when you are around.

Your cat may hide from you.

The cat bites you or hisses when you are around.

Felines will lie on their backs with their claws out.

In addition, you will find your cat pooping outside the litter box.

It may also do things that seem irritating to you e.g. scratching.

In Conclusion

Having a cat like you might be important for you as a pet owner. There are several ways to get cats on your side, try utilizing them to the latter. However, don’t overdo it as you may end up being an irritation to your pet.

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