Can Dachshunds Live In Apartments?

Bringing a dog home makes you follow a lot of checklists. A lot depends on the breed of the dog you are deciding to buy or adopt.

In case you live in an apartment, it is necessary to consider whether the dog you would like to have is suitable to live in an apartment. It depends on the temperament and activity of the dog.

Sometimes, the size of the dog matters too if it has to spend all day inside the apartment. Many dogs can feel confined when kept inside an apartment and often create nuisance out of aggression.

Coming to your queries,Can Dachshunds be kept in apartments? You can be assured to know that they are comfortable with living in apartments. Dachshunds adjust wonderfully well in apartments with the family members, and you shouldn’t be facing much of a problem. Their small sizes make them quite an apartment-friendly dog. 

However, there are some things to take care of if you are bringing home a dachshund. It is important to understand the personality and temperament of a dachshund and make the apartment comfortable for the dog while taking care of a few external factors.

In case you are shifting an adult dachshund from a house to an apartment, the transition phase can be difficult but not impossible. With the right strategies, your dachshund can adapt to an apartment life very soon.

Know the character traits of a dachshund

A dachshund can be very loyal as well as very stubborn too. With proper training, they can be your perfect companion at home. But without any training in the initial years, they can remain stubborn and naughty. They will keep doing annoying things, and that can be very difficult within an apartment.

So putting the dog through proper training is necessary to adapt to the apartment and the people inside. It is better to go for a dachshund puppy so that you can train him properly from a young age and get him to bond with the children. They are playful by nature and bond well over time.

Dachshunds are wonderful watchdogs too and will bark at anything and anyone who may seem like a sign of danger. They are loyal to their families and can guard the home all day long. At the same time, they are extremely affectionate and love to cuddle up to their human friends all night.

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Small stature makes them apartment friendly

Apartments have limited space, and with people living in it, you need a dog that requires less space. The best thing about dachshunds is their small stature, which makes them apartment friendly.

A miniature dachshund is about 5-6 inches in height, while a standard one is 8-9 inches in height. They won’t ask for a large space to roam about or throw around things while moving inside the apartment. Keep them occupied with the things they love to do, and you are settled. They just need a comfortable space to eat, play, and sleep.

Have a talk with your landlord and immediate neighbors

Some people love a playful dog while others get offended by the sight of a dog. Communication can solve things well instead of trying to break the rules. Some housing societies and apartments have some restrictions.

If you are living on rent, it is better to talk to the landlord and convince him about the issue. Landlords are usually concerned about any potential damage to the house and may charge you some additional amount. Sometimes, immediate neighbors too can oppose to a dog. Try assuring them that they need not worry at all about it in case you find them critical.

Train the dog

The next important thing to do is to train the dog properly.


Dachshunds can bark loudly at the slightest sound or sight of danger. A dachshund barking within the apartment can become a bit annoying for you as well as your neighbors. This is the only con side of living in an apartment with a dachshund. To keep things cool, try to train your dog regarding barking.

Usually, dachshunds bark when they feel anything to be a cause of danger or excitement. It can be anything ranging from a visitor to a person walking by outside the window. Here are some tips to control the barking.

  • If they get too excited by the sight of a moving car or people walking by outside the window, pull the curtains to block the view.
  • Apartments in busy streets with a lot of traffic can leave the dachshund very restless. It will take some time to adapt to this setting. Spend some good time with the dog to help it to be comfortable in these surroundings.
  • Make sure your dachshund is always engaged in some playful activity. It is necessary to keep them occupied to divert their attention.
  • If there is someone in the house who can always give him company and make them feel secured, it’s the best way to cool them down.
  • Take them for walks and make them play to use up their energy. This will get them tired, and they won’t remain so restless anymore. 
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Toilet training-

Having a dog in the house also makes toilet training an absolute necessity. You surely wouldn’t like your dog to litter the apartment or the space outside it. Since dachshunds are quite stubborn, they can be difficult to potty train if you do not do it in time.

There are pee pads and litter boxes for dogs, which attracts them with a particular smell to encourage them to use it. You can keep such things inside the apartment till you can successfully train them. Make them understand that they have to use a particular spot in the house for their needs and go inside the litter boxes kept for them. You can keep it in a specific corner of the apartment.

It’s better not to make it a habit to go indoors. Praise them with rewards when they successfully do it to encourage the practice in them.

Play and make them exercise daily

Having a dog in your apartment does not negate the need to make them exercise regularly. It is essential to ensure the dog’s good health. Even though dachshunds do not need as much rigorous exercise as other breeds, it is still necessary to keep them active. It makes them less restless and helps to utilize their energies in better ways.

All signs of aggressiveness and destructiveness stem from the pent up energy if you keep a dachshund locked at home without any outdoor activity. Do not break their exercise routine and take them out once in a day, even for a short while. A miniature dachshund needs at least 30 minutes of exercise while a standard dachshund requires 60 minutes. It also helps them to adapt better to their surroundings.

Playtime is necessary when you keep a dachshund inside the apartment. Make sure you can devote some hours to your daily routine to play with your dog. If you are busy, alternate days with your partner, child, or other members in your family, the dog is comfortable around everyone in the house and has a playmate on all days of the week.

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Do not leave them alone for long

Most dogs do not like staying alone. Dachshunds can suffer from depression and separation anxiety if you leave them alone for long every day. It is advised not to have a dachshund if you have to leave it alone for a long time due to your busy schedule. It is not a good idea to put your dachshund in a dog home for weeks when you have to travel frequently throughout the year. That will make it very difficult for them to adjust to apartment life.

Moreover, keeping a dachshund alone at home can make it very restless if you have to be out for long hours of the day. You can find it getting stubborn and destructive. This kind of behavior is just an expression that the dog has been terribly missing your company all day. You need to understand that it is not meant to stay alone for such long periods and wants to play and cuddle like a baby.

Make sure you have another member in the house to keep the dog company all day until you come home. The person can keep the dachshund engaged in activities, meet other dogs in nearby apartments, and take it for a walk till you come back. It will keep the dog diverted and happy. 

Wrap up

Dachshunds are wonderful companions and can become your best friend in the house. They love to live with families and crave a lot of love and affection. Having a dachshund in the house can make a home happier and more positive.

Just taking care of a few basic things, as discussed, will quickly make the dachshund adapt to an apartment life soon. Just give them a lot of time and attention to make them feel comfortable and loved inside the apartment’s confines. 

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