Dachshunds Cost

How Much Do Dachshunds Cost?

If you are one of those who wish to own a small breed, then Dachshund is absolutely a wonderful choice.

Dachshunds are a small breed with very short legs originated in Germany.

It was basically used for locating and hunting down rabbits and many other burrow inhabitants.

You will love the companionship of this lovely, playful, cute, and cuddly breed. They are considered to be a very friendly and inquisitive small dog.

As a pet owner, having a Dachshund in your home is going to be an absolute treat for you.

Dachshunds generally come in two variants, one is the standard size, and the other one a miniature Dachshund. Now let us come to the point, if you have decided to own a Dachshund, then you must be wondering as to how much it will cost?

You should be well prepared and have done proper research to better understand the financial responsibility of owning a Dachshund.

Like any other breed Dachshund price also varies according to their coat, age, pedigree, and location. You can’t find the two breeders charging the same price for the dogs.

On average the healthy Dachshund puppy will cost you between $350 to $3500. You should also understand that other than the one-time puppy cost, there can be an ongoing cost for maintaining a Dachshund which can vary anywhere between $75 to $150.

As already mentioned Dachshunds are an intelligent, loyal, and playful breed which is also good with children. All these reasons justify the expensiveness of owning a Dachshund.

It is also true that the breeders add the expenses made to breed and groom the pups along with their margin of profit which makes it even more expensive.

Here in this blog, we will try to explore the factors which determine the cost of Dachshunds. We will shed some light on recurring and ongoing expenses that come along with your little Dachshund along with certain other informative things that you should know about them being an owner.

The Dachshund cost as already discussed can vary depending on a lot of factors. We have researched and summarized some of them below for your ready reference.

What is an ideal Dachshund price?

Dachshund puppies price tag can vary anywhere between $350 to $3500. The simple rule of demand and supply applies here also, the more popular the breed, the higher the demand, the higher the demand, the more expensive the breed price.

You can find some breeders who will be willing to sell the Dachshund pups for $300 but ethically you should perform due diligence before accepting the offer. It is always recommended to get the dogs from a reputed breeder who may charge more but will give you a good pedigree.

The reputed breeders spend money on raising and feeding the dogs by giving them a good shelter.

How does the location determine the cost of Dachshund?

Yes, the breed price may indeed vary depending on the location. There may be a lot of factors that might be involved in this price variation but one of them could be the transportation charges of your Dachshund to your place.

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Due to aforesaid reason, it is always recommended to get your Dachshund from your vicinity or drive on your own to the location from where you would like to get your dog. This approach will save a lot of money involved in the transportation of your dog otherwise.

Always try to find an area where you can get a lot of breeders in one place. This will create more competition among the breeders which will subsequently pressurize them to sell the dogs at a much competitive price.

How does breeder play a role in Dachshund’s price?

Of course, a reputed breeder means a lot in the world of the dog market. They are known for providing good pedigree dogs that are well-groomed and bred in a hygienic environment.

Ethical breeders always feed good quality food to their dogs and even train them to socialize at a very young age. They are also very vigilant in monitoring and screening the health status of their puppies.

Many breeders even manage to get the initial vaccinations done for their pups. Even a deworming process is also monitored and done properly at the initial stage itself. Such medical expenses nearly cost up to $150.

You should also understand that all breeders are not the same. Some of them are experienced while others are less. You should always do intense research while looking to purchase a Dachshund for you. 

Many must be unaware of the fact that Dachshund is bred for hunting purposes also. Hence, it is always good to ask your breeder before choosing your dog for which purpose the same is bred. It is always better to confirm that you have chosen the one which is bred to be kept as pets.

How to identify ethical breeders?

Finding a reputable and ethical breeder is not that difficult if you are ready to pay the price for a good pedigree. With the click of a button, you can find a lot of good breeders in one place on the internet.

You can also prepare a questionnaire for the Dachshund breeder. Being a knowledgeable breeder he should be able to answer all your queries related to the breed. If at any instance you feel that they are not able to answer your questions satisfactorily, they may not be as reputed as they claim to be.

Does the coat influences the price of Dachshund?

Yes, the physical characteristics of Dachshund do influence the price of this breed. Dachshund comes in three coat types such as smooth, longhaired, and wirehaired. Breeders charge buyers as per the coat quality of Dachshund. Wirehaired ones are in demand due to their tendency of less shedding in comparison to other coat variations.

Does the size and gender matter?

As stated above, Dachshund comes in two sizes, the miniature, and the standard size. The standard size weighs between 7kgs to 14kgs whereas the miniature ones weigh less than 7kgs.

The standard-sized ones are generally bred for hunting purposes and the miniature ones are preferred as family pets. If you consider cuteness, female Dachshunds are expensive than the male ones. This rule applies to all the dog breeds though.

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Does Dachshund looks and color make it more expensive?

Dachshunds are mainly known for their hunting skills. They are good at hunting animals that are found in caves. Dachshunds are flexible due to their short legs and long body and the ones which meet this quality perfectly comes at an expensive price tag. This breed is well known for its energy and agileness.

Dachshunds come in black, chocolate, and reddish-brown colors. Like other dog breeds, Dachshund’s price is also dependant on its color and shade. They can also be found in the mixture of black yellow or reddish-brown. Due to short fur, you need not spend much time in grooming its hair.

How does the family history of Dachshund affect its price?

Family history or a pedigree is very important for any dog breed. All the ethical and good breeders have it with them. For a valid pedigree, Dachshund should be registered with a Kennel Club. Is that all? No, simply getting the dog registered with the Kennel Club does not certify that it is of a pure pedigree. There are a few parameters that need to be examined before ensuring the pedigree of the dog.

  • The champion pedigree of Dachshund is the most expensive one. The abbreviation ‘CH’ in the document of your Dachshund stands for ‘Champion’. This certifies that its ancestor has won an official Kennel Club competition.
  • The health conditions of your Dachshund also decides its pedigree. If the document is abbreviated with any of the diseases which its ancestor has possessed, then its price will be tagged low and classified under a fair pedigree instead of excellent. Dogs are generally classified as Excellent, Good, and Fair. The lesser the health problems are listed in your Dachshund puppies line, the more expensive it is.

Other than all the aforesaid upfront costs there are many hidden costs also which comes with the ownership of Dachshund. These are summarised below for your understanding and help to make the decision wisely of becoming a Dachshund owner.

Toys and dog food for Dachshunds

Well, you might think that Dachshund being a small breed compared to other dog breeds will be less susceptible to hunger. But surprisingly it is not true as they can have an insatiable hunger. Don’t worry, they will not ask for feed quite frequently if you feed them properly and systematically.

Dog food and treats will not cost you more than $75 per month unless any special diet is prescribed by the vet for your Dachshund. Even then it should not exceed $100 per month.

As most of the other dog breeds Dachshund also require to chew toys during their teething period. But the good thing is that Dachshund being a small breed do not prefer playing with larger toys and rather loves to jump and run. Hence, you will not be spending more than $50 to $75 per year on toys.

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Crate, bedding, and grooming of your Dachshund  

Dog crates are always recommended by veterinarians as it provides a safe place for your dog to relax. Dog crates are not as expensive as you think and you can get it for around $50 to $75. Dachshund being a small breed, a 28-inch crate will suffice.

Sometimes dogs prefer beddings instead of crates. They love to cuddle in a cozy, warm, and comfortable bed. Bedding for your little one will cost you around $75 to $125 per year. If you think that this recurring cost is heavy in your pocket, you can always create your bedding.

When it comes to grooming, smaller breeds are easy to handle. Subsequently based on its size the grooming expenses will also be less. But a hairy Dachshund will cost more than the ones having shorter hair. Hence, a grooming fee can vary anywhere around between $100 to $250 per year. This grooming cost can be easily negated if you prefer to groom your Dachshund yourself.

Miscellaneous expenses for your Dachshund

There are many miscellaneous costs also which include items such as a dog collar, leash bowl, and anything you find useful for your Dachshund. Similarly, if you are planning to take your Dachshund to a training school or dog hostel, then it will be a costly affair.

Any medical expenses which arise in between due to any ailment also add to your expense in maintaining Dachshund. The deworming and other multivitamins required for your little one is also an additional expenditure. But let me tell you this will not hurt you in any sense as at the end of the day you will get rejuvenated with the companionship of this little furry angel.

Wrap up

Undoubtedly Dachshund comes with a lot of financial commitment. But as a responsible pet owner, you are liable to do the best needed for your Dachshund. Being a cute and good companion of yours, if you want to see them stay happy and live long, then ensure that you have invested upon them accordingly.

It is always recommended to understand properly the financial commitment which you are required to make while owning a Dachshund. After reading this blog you must have understood by now what all factors determine the price of Dachshund.

By planning it rightly and giving proper care and love, you will be able to become a happy owner of Dachshund. They are recognized as great family pets and also found good with children.

So, do not get bothered by the price tag of Dachshund as almost all the good pedigree dogs bought from ethical breeders are expensive. Paying more for a healthier dog initially is better than spending a hefty amount in medical expenses due to the bad health conditions of your dog at a later stage.

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