How Much Does A Pug Cost?

If you are planning to welcome a Pug into your family, then there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. It is just not only for Pugs but for all the other breeds of dog that you should very well understand their temperament, breed size, shedding tendencies, training, and grooming requirements. A well-researched decision will make you choose the right pet for you and your family.

Before going for a new pet the first thing that comes into everyone’s mind is about its price. It varies depending on breed and its size along with many other factors. Similarly, if you are planning to get a Pug as your pet, it also has got its own parameters for pricing.

The price of Pug generally depends on its bloodline, age, location, breeder reputation, and coat color. A well-bred Pug can be available anywhere between $1500-$2000 whereas some Pugs can also be found tagged anywhere between $750-$1000.   

Many breeders do not share the price until you fill up their lengthy form and let them understand as to what quality and type of Pug you want. This process can be frustrating at times but that’s the way the breeders decide the price for your pet.

Various factors influence the price of Pugs. Here in this blog, we will try to explore the various aspects that can be vital for Pug’s price. We will also learn how to identify a quality breeder to get a good bloodline Pug.

Reputation and Experience of the Breeder

The quality breeders have years of experience and they only breed good pedigree puppies meeting the breeding standards. By adhering to the quality and breed standards, they can sell healthy and good pedigree puppies to the customers which in turn gives them a name and fame. The more experienced the breeder is, the higher is the price tag.

At the same time, there are also many other budding breeders who are new to the field and offer breeds for a much lesser price. The choice is entirely dependent on the owner as from where does he want to purchase his new Pug.      

Pugs Color

Most of the Kennel Club’s across the globe states that the Pugs with fawn or black color are show quality Pugs. ‘Fawn’ may sound confusing, any color variation from off white to deep apricot can be registered as a fawn.

Recently many other shades were also made available in the market which is tagged very high in price. The colors which are in demand these days are chocolates, white and blue with a variety of coat patterns such as brindle and merle. The rarer the color, the more expensive the puppy will be.

Pugs Buying Location

The cost of Pug can vary from place to place as in some countries it may cost higher and in other lesser. Also if you are thinking of traveling far to get a Pug, a travel cost will be hefty while bringing it along with you. Hence, it would be better to call some of the reputed breeders in your region to get a good deal and finalize it as per your requirement.

Pugs Age

The puppies of 2-3 months’ age will be more expensive and if in the rarest case they are not sold in this age limit, they are going to have a lower price tag. In most of the case, the breeders sell their elderly Pugs as soon as they are retired from the breeding program. These older Pugs can be a good companion and at the same time can be less expensive than the younger ones.

Pedigree or Bloodline

Yes, the pedigree does matter in deciding the price tag for Pugs. This is one of the most important factors for price variation among all dog breeds, including Pugs. A purebred dog is termed as a pedigree dog. Such kind of dogs should have at least 3-4 generations without any crossbreeding.

Though many controversies are surrounding the overbreeding of pedigree dogs using the dogs from the same family over and over again to get a good pedigree, that hardly matters other than not getting the required genetic diversity.

Pugs with an excellent lineage will cost hefty than a one with normal lineage. Excellent lineage refers to a champion line breed. The more champions in your Pugs line, the more expensive it will be.

Other than all the above-stated factors, there are many other considerable cost factors involved in Pug pricing. A few of them are stated below for better understanding before you jump onto any conclusion.

Veterinarian Expenses

The average lifespan of Pugs varies between 13-14 years but they are likely to get involved in certain severe health issues during this period. The most common health problem faced by Pugs is pug encephalitis and canine hip dysplasia. They are also prone to develop digestive and kidney issues in their older age.

If you want to keep your Pug healthy, try to control its weight as it can prevent a lot of health ailments seen in them. Also, you should take a call on whether you want to breed your Pug or not. If you do not plan to breed, sterilize, or neuter it right away.

Feeding Expenses

A Pug weighing around 15-20 pounds is the one with a good appetite. Experts are of the view that such Pugs would require around a cup of dog food daily which will be gradually increased to a couple of cups by the time they are grown fully.

The average dog food will cost you around $3-$4 per pound. Hence, 30-pound dog food will cost you approximately $100. The 30-pound packet will serve you about 120 cups for your Pug. This means it will last for around 60 days if your Pug is fully grown and eats 2 cups daily. That means you can feed your fully grown Pug at the expense of around $50 per month which is not a bad deal at all.

Crates for Pugs

As Pugs are not one of the biggest breeds, hence, a 24-26-inch Crate would suffice to keep them comfortable. The Crate cost can vary between $50-$100 depending on its quality and brand. Many Pugs hate to be put in Crates and Kennels and love to stay outside freely.

For such conditions, you can go with the option of bedding which can be kept at any corner of your house. Pugs love to sleep over them and feel cozy and secure. The price of bedding also varies between $100-$150.

Ways to Own Less Expensive Pugs

  • You can visit the animal shelter for Pugs and find a good Pug for you. The only drawback would be that you will have only limited options to choose from. You also need to be very careful about the reputation and quality of shelter homes if you are planning to get your Pug from there.
  • You should hunt for the nearest shelter homes from the website where you can visit personally to assess the conditions and quality of animals. Many shelter homes have their website to showcase their dog’s inventory for making the buyer’s life easy.
  • Adoption websites are the other source from where you can get your Pug. Here you might not get the opportunity to raise the Pug from its infancy but you can give them a better home to live in. Keep visiting the adoption websites or subscribe yourself to their alerts so that you can get informed as and when the Pug meeting your criteria chips in.

Are Pugs Worth the Price You Pay?

Undoubtedly Pugs are one of the expensive breeds as already discussed above depending on their various factors and parameters. It becomes even too hefty when you are looking for a good pedigree. Though Pugs can be a little mischievous, they are ranked as the number one entertaining dogs across the globe. They are also considered as one of the loyal breeds among others.

Pugs for its quality and temperament for sure is worth every single penny you spend. You will soon realize after owning a Pug that how affectionate they are and the companionship soon starts looking priceless. It is a myth that a good pedigree Pug will only come with a high level of intelligence and quality. The truth is that every Pug comes with its own quality and genetic intelligence.

What Makes You Buy a Pug?

Pugs are known to be good pets for more than 20 centuries. They are soft and flat-faced toy dogs with physical sturdiness and a unique curled tail. They are bred to be a good companion to the owners and ranked high for their personality.

Pugs are fun to play with and also calm and gentle by nature. This breed is good for small as well as large families due to their easy adaptability. All these features make Pug a worthy choice.

Wrap Up

By now you must have come to know that Pugs are loving, playful, and temperamentally good little dogs who will very easily get involved with all the family members. They are also known to be peaceful and friendly with a good attitude towards children.

As you have already read above, it is not really a matter of concern as how much does a Pug cost, if you choose it wisely and as per your requirement, they are worth every single penny you spend. Pugs like any other dog are ‘man’s best friend’ and they cannot be valued simply based on the price tag which they hold. You will soon come to know that they are priceless when you start living with them.

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