Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?

Most of the people in the world are either a dog or a cat person. However, some people love to have them both. Cats and dogs are natural enemies, with opposite personalities. Usually, a dog would be friendly and playful, whereas a cat would be conservative and moody.

However, they have their advantages that may be the reason you want them both under the same roof. Naturally, dogs and cats do not get along well. This usually happens due to such a vast difference in personality.

Moreover, you cannot blame either side. Cats love their personal space, they do not want anyone to interfere with it. They do not even like to make friends. However, dogs are extremely friendly, and they try to hunt down any animal smaller than them. Thus, having them under the same roof can be a wrong decision.

Irrespective of these facts, there is one breed of dogs that can get along with cats. Which breed? Well, it is pugs. They are small, adorable, and clam dogs. They are also known by the name ‘Toys.’

Moreover, they are friendly towards other animals, including cats. However, this does not mean that you just can place them both under the same roof immediately. You will have to take certain steps that will help both the animals get along. You also need to understand the personality of both animals. This will help you take productive steps towards getting them along.

So, let us say that you are searching for a quick answer, then do pugs and cats get along? Well, they do. Of course, here we are assuming that you are taking proper steps towards that. However, there are still chances that they do not get along. Thus, you have to be prepared for both scenarios.

How to get them under the same roof?

If you want the pug and the cat to get along, then it would be extremely challenging. However, some effective techniques will help you to do the same. Of course, these techniques are not always effective. The effectiveness depends a lot on the personality of both the animals.

Here, we are assuming that animals have the ideal personality. Thus, dogs are playful ones, and cats are conservatives.

Let us say that they do not have the ideal personality. Will these methods work? Well, the effect would depend on the reaction of the animals. If they keep fighting each other, then you need to separate them. However, if they show even a little improvement, then you need to keep following these methods.

Which comes first?

This is an important thing to keep in mind. Are you bringing a pug, while an adult cat in the house or vice-versa? Let us say that you brought a kitten in the house. Now, the pug will get extremely excited to meet the new member. However, you need to understand that cats do not like to make friends. They also do not like anyone to cross their personal space.

Moreover, young cats are more energetic and can get easily scared. Therefore, in this case, the kitten would surely give a few scratches to the pug and run away. This becomes serious if the claws hit the eye of the pug. The best way to deal with this situation is to train your dog to not do so. You need to give commands to the dog to stop and let the cat decide the boundary.

This is even applicable to the opposite case. You will always have to train the dog to give the personal cat space. Yes, we know that sounds a little biased, but that is the only way.

Cats are nearly impossible to train. Moreover, they love to remain the head. They do not like to remain in fear of another animal in the house. That is why you have to let the cat control the dog.

You may wonder, will not the dog get stresses and attack the cat? Well, if it was some other breed, then it would have been true. However, in the case of pugs, they are calm and adopt change quickly.

You can even say that they are peace-loving creatures. So, instead of fighting, they will choose to remain under the authority of the cat.

Make them feel comfortable

When it comes to animals, it is necessary to make them comfortable in the house. You need to have specific areas for each pet. You already know that dogs are playful. Therefore, there will be a time when the cat would want to spend some time alone.

Thus, you need to make space for the cat, where the dog cannot disturb. Usually, it is recommended to have these places at height. Why? Well, pugs are small, if the cat is at a certain height, then it will not be able to disturb the cat.

You must also keep the dog busy, such that, it does not try to disturb the cat. Try to take the dog for long walks. This will make the pug tried, and it will sleep instantly after the walk. This will make both of them comfortable with each other’s presence.

Eating habits

Animals have an instinct to protect their food. They get highly aggressive if anyone tries to snatch away their food. This is applicable for both dogs and cats. Now, you know that dogs have a playful nature.

Let us say that you provide food to both animals. There are high chances that the pug will eat its food and will try to snatch the food of the cat. If this happens, then there are high chances that the cat will attack the dog. Therefore, you have to do something about their food habits.

There is only one effective method for this. You need to keep the eating place of the cat at a certain height. The height should be high enough, such that, the pug cannot reach it. This will allow the cat to eat its food in peace.

Moreover, you should stop the pug whenever it tries to reach the cat during eating. This will train the dog to follow the rules of the cat.

Treat them equally

You must treat them equally. You do not have to be biased to a particular animal. Yes, we know that till now, we have discussed that the cat is above the dog. However, that does not mean that you should treat them like that.

Let us understand that by an example. Assume that the dog did something good, which is worth giving a treat. However, the cat did not do anything. In that case, you should treat them both. Even the quantity of the treatment should be equal.

This is even applicable to the amount of time you spend with them. Let us say that you went for a 30-minute walk with the dog. In that case, you must play with the cat at the same time.

Yes, every cat has a different liking. Some like to play, some just want to sit on your lap, while others like to remain alone. You need to spend the time, as per the liking of the cat.

If it goes wrong

There are even chances that the two will not get along. This usually happens due to the different personalities of both the animals from the ideal one. In that case, you will have to give up trying to get them along.

So, how can you identify that they are not getting along? Well, the most obvious situation is hearing loud hisses from the cat and a little barking from the dog. If this happens, you need to immediately stop them and take them away.

Moreover, you need to make sure that they do not hurt each other. If they are hurt, then you need to take them immediately to a vet. You also must not try to get them along after some time. It will be of no use, as both of them do not like each other’s company.

Wrap up

Pugs and cats usually get along with each other if you follow these techniques. You have to make sure that you introduce them daily. You also need to remember that the personal space of the cat should not be disturbed. Moreover, you must treat them equally in terms of time spent, food, and others.

However, you will have to keep the cat above the dog in the hierarchy. Let the cat decide where the dog can go and where it cannot go. Do not worry, the pug will be completely fine with that.

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