Mini Dachshunds: Everything You Could Want To Know

Who wouldn’t love to have a cute mini daschund at their home? Are you up for buying a Mini dachshund? Do you wonder how it would be like living up with that tiny furball? Mini dachshunds are one of the most popularly loved breeds of dogs. They are perfect if you are living in an apartment. Moreover, you won’t drain your pockets feeding a Mini dachshund.

Daschunds come in two sizes; miniature and standard. Mini dachshunds have been popularly in demand rather than the standard-sized ones due to their smaller size and the easy or less maintenance required. The difference between these two versions is only their sizes. The mini dachshunds can weigh about 11 pounds and don’t grow beyond 6 inches.

Daschunds were Queen Victoria’s favorite. And she has been one of the main reasons for the wide popularity of the breed in Britain. She also once said, “Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.”

However, there are certain things to be aware of before you buy a Mini dachshund. This article discusses everything you need to know about Mini dachshunds. You would know whether Mini dachshunds are the right choice of breed for you by the time you get into the last section of the article.

Varieties Of Mini Dachshunds

Mini dachshunds are of three types. They have been differentiated based on their coats. The three coat types seen among Mini dachshunds are smooth coat, long-haired, and wire-haired. Mini dachshunds with smooth coats are the most popular ones. The other two coat types are rarely seen. The long-haired Mini dachshunds would ask for relatively higher maintenance.

Dachshunds are available in a large variety of colors. They actually comes in about 15 different colors. Also, about 6 marking combinations have been identified among them.

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Loyal And Loving

Who wouldn’t love this extremely cute furball? The small size of the Mini dachshunds makes them very attractive and cute. The look of the Mini dachshunds is very hard to miss. Those friendly eyes filled with love will attract you to this breed.

Mini dachshunds make the perfect choice for a family dog. They can be extremely loyal to their owner and family. Mini dachshunds can become extremely protective despite their size. They won’t hesitate to attack anyone to protect their master from danger.

A Bit Difficult To Train

Mini dachshunds are a bit difficult to train. They can be stubborn at times. Minis lack patience as well. You seriously would require a positive and continuous approach to train dachshunds. And yes, lots of patience too.

You should really need to give lots of treats and appreciations to train a dachshund. Ignorance is the only key to discipline your dachshund. You might have to ignore their undesirable and bad behaviors. Shouting at them would make them aggressive and frustrated. And, this would make the training hard.

You can make the training fun by teaching them new games through games. Lots of effort should be needed to control excessive barking and potty habits of a Mini dachshund.

Hunting Capabilities Of Mini Dachshunds

Can you believe that these small-sized Dachshunds have been used as hunters? Their hunting abilities are quite higher than you will ever think. Actually, their small size is their biggest strength while hunting.

The widespread feet of Dachsunds assists in maintaining a higher speed. Their shorter body lying proximal to ground also help them to achieve great speeds.

Mini dachshunds have strong smelling abilities. The strong-smelling power of the dachshunds is very advantageous while hunting their prey.

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The hunting capabilities of Mini dachshunds make them chase and catch anything that had been caught in its attention. They have an instinct for violence and have a strong prey drive.

Great For Apartment Living

Mini dachshunds would make a great choice for apartment living and urban living. Their small size makes them perfect for city living with small interiors and courtyards. They also won’t require a large area for exercising. All they would require is a brisk walk through the interiors of your apartment.

Mini dachshunds don’t have great shedding habits. Therefore, the rugs and sofas of your apartment are on the safer side. You really don’t have to put too much effort into bringing up a dachshund.

Big Eaters With A Small Stomach

Mini dachshunds are big eaters despite their small stomachs. They would love to eat anything from your kitchen. Dachshunds are not self-controlled over their food habits. They really need not be hungry to eat again. So, it would be better to keep your food tins away from these tiny furballs.

But it is your responsibility to keep a check on their food habits. Uncontrolled food habits would make them obese. Dachshunds are really prone to obesity. Obese conditions would lead their life to many dangers. Therefore, make a strict diet plan for this tiny furballs.

Mini Dachshunds Bark A Lot

Mini dachshunds bark a quite lot. You can see their hunting instincts in their barking habits. They would bark loud and continuously at the sight of a stranger. Don’t ever choose a Dachshund to pet if you really don’t like barkings of a dog. It is hard to change their barking habits by training. It is a real challenging task to train dachshunds to impart a good barking behavior.

Quite Aggressive

Mini dachshunds are born aggressive despite their small size. Don’t fall for the soft looks and small size of Mini dachshunds and assume that they are too easy to handle. They are not.  Mini dachshunds have natural hunting instincts in them. They would become quite aggressive in uncomfortable situations.

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You can easily change the aggressive behaviors and make Mini dachshunds easy going with a good amount of training.

Long Lifespan

Mini dachshunds have a pretty long life span rather than any of the dog breeds. Their average lifespan can become up to 17 years with proper care. Mini dachshunds were accounted twice in the world records for having the longest lifespan.

Health Complications

Mini dachshunds are very much prone to obese conditions. Obesity would pave the path for many diseases in these tiny furballs. Therefore, you should have to stick on to a strict and proper diet for your Mini dachshunds. And also, beware of Mini dachshund’s overeating habits.

Mini dachshunds are also prone to hereditary and congenital diseases mainly related to bones. Their long spines and short ribcages make their back strength extremely poor. Don’t let your Mini dachshund walk over stairs many times a day.

Mini dachshunds are also commonly affected by bloating, epilepsy, diabetes, and skin diseases.


Mini dachshunds are smart, intelligent, and self-driven dogs. They can be perfect family dogs as well as guard dogs. They have a little patience and you should be aware of their aggressive behaviors before you start handling them.

Mini dachshunds are perfect for houses with adult children. They don’t get along well with small children due to their little patients. Don’t ever leave your children alone with these mischievous furballs. You should always be cautious of their hunting instincts and aggressiveness despite their soft stares and cuteness.

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