Choosing A Beagle Mix Breed-Which Is Best For Your Home?

Although they are the smallest breeds of the hound group, Beagles are among the dogs with the strongest sense of smell on the planet. Their big and bright personalities alongside their mild and docile demeanor have seen them explode in popularity over the last few years. If the stats by American Kennel Club on the most popular dog breeds are anything to go by, these little furry colleagues take the 6th place on the list of popularity in America.

Due to their great character that transcends their small size, breeders have ushered the idea of cross-breeding Beagles with other dog breeds in a bid to get a perfect mix of qualities. So, what Beagle mix is best for your home? Well, that’s what we have for you today. But just before we can delve into our today’s main agenda, let’s begin by learning more about Beagles. After all, they account for half of every mixed breed we are going to discuss today!

What Are Beagles, Anyway?

Beagles are super-cute dogs belonging to the hound group. Their primary purpose was to hunt small prey such as hare and rabbits. That’s why they are among the dogs with the most powerful noses.

Beagles are of 2 types; a small kind that achieves the maximum height of 13 inches and others that grow up to 15 inches tall. This is according to the American Kennel Club. The variation in size also brings a difference in their weight. However, a fully grown Beagle has an average weight of below 30 pounds no matter the stature.

But don’t let their pint sizes fool you, Beagles have a very impressive life expectancy. In fact, normally, these little canines outlive almost all the giant dog breeds such as the Great Dane, Mastiff, Leonberger, and many more. With proper care, Beagles can live for as long as 15 years.

Although the breed standards don’t specify any color for these canines, most Beagles are tricolor with the back area (saddle) being black while the legs, belly, and chest are white. The head and the area around the saddle have a tan color. But no matter their color, you will see Beagles with a white tip on their almost ever erect tails. The major idea behind the white tip was to make their human hunting partners see them easily when hunting on large grass.

Their double coat is rain-resistant and easy to care for. Also, this coat grows thicker during the winter and may shed a bit when it’s spring, even though most of the Beagle dog owners don’t notice it.

So, what is the personality of the Beagle dog breed? Well, this kind of pooches have such a great temperament, and that’s why they are commonly known as “the Goldilocks of dogs.” The little scenthounds also portray high levels of loyalty and great love for fun, and that’s the major reason why they get along very well with kids and adults alike.

Beware, though. Like any other hunting breed, Beagles are very curious. These pups don’t mind going anywhere their noses lead them. They are a kind of dog that won’t leave any stone unturned, even if it means going against their master’s commands. However, this is more likely in cases where they don’t have the necessary training.

Due to their small size, these dogs will thrive in apartments and other small spaces that are unlikely to support the larger breeds. Nevertheless, because of their history, these dogs need an average amount of regular exercise to keep them healthy. That said, be sure to walk them for a few minutes every day.

What Is A Beagle Mix?

A Beagle mix is a kind of hybrid achieved through a crossbreed of Beagles and other dog breeds. These dogs get their traits from the 2 purebreds, making it easy to design a dog with the exact qualities that work best for your needs, and that’s where we get the name “designer dogs”.  

Some of the commonly cross-bred dog breeds with Beagles include Chihuahua, Bulldog, Jack Russel, German shepherd, Poodle, Corgi, Pugs, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever, yadda-yadda-yadda. Now, with such a long list, even the well-versed dog folks will have some trouble choosing the right breed for their homes. To make it easy, let’s examine these mixed breeds to see the one that seems to favor your needs the most.

The 12 Most Common Beagle Mixes

We have so many beagle mixes. In fact, we can’t cover them all in this article. However, we will try and capture the most common mixes. After all, it doesn’t make sense to suggest a mixed breed that most breeders aren’t even aware that it exists.

#1 Cheagle

Our first Beagle Mix on the list comes from cross-breeding some of the smallest and adorable dogs; Chihuahua and Beagle. Although it’s a relatively new breed, Cheagles have become a very popular mixed dog breed, and that’s why it has other several names; Chibeagle, Beagle Chihuahua Mix, Beagle Chi, and Chibea. The short stature of the parents makes Cheagles petite in nature.

Most of them will weigh between 20-30 pounds and achieve the shoulder height of 9-14 inches. And like any of the parents, these dogs are fun-loving, loyal, and interact incredibly well with all members of the families. Therefore, in case you are looking for a portable dog size that will make an excellent family companion, the Cheagles could make the perfect Beagle mix for your needs.

While most of the time Cheagles tend to carry along the gentleness of their Beagle parent, they may not retain much of the Beagle’s hunting instincts.  However, since the parents are all energetic, Cheagles pack incredibly high amounts of energy for their size. That’s why you are likely to see them bark the day you skip taking them out for a walk.

But beware, as tiny as they are, Cheagles can be stubborn than you may think. They may also be a little hard to train. Nonetheless, with a patient, dedicated, and a good trainer, along with their drive to please, they can excel in different areas of training.

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#2 Puggle

A Puggle comes from crossbreeding a Beagle with a Pug. It is one of the dogs that fall in the category of designer dogs and not mere mixed breeds. This is simply because Puggles were originally bred for a specific purpose.

One of the reasons for combining the two popular breeds is to come up with a dog that has the Pug’s laidback personality and an independent nose like that of the Beagle. The long muzzle makes their breathing easier than that of the Pug parent and other a few purebred dogs such as Bulldogs and Pekingese. The nose design also minimizes chances of respiratory problems associated with brachycephalic dogs (dogs with a flat face such as Pugs)

Like any other designer dog, it’s difficult to tell the exact appearance of Puggles. Of course, we know that the 2 parents are small, cute, short-coated, shedders, and popular. But that’s all they have in common.

From the parents’ similarities, we don’t expect Puggles to stand any chances of growing bigger. A mature Puggle will have a height of between 8 to 15 inches with a weight of 15-40 lbs. They also have a short and smooth double coat that will shed, and that’s why experts recommend weekly brushing to remove the excess fur.

While that’s all we can accurately predict through the shared qualities by parents, it has also been noted that there are some traits from one parent that dominate in specific areas of the resultant hybrid. For instance, Puggles’ faces inherit the wrinkles from the pug parent while their noses take after those of the Beagles.

When it comes to temperament, it may differ from one Puggle to another depending on what they individually inherit from their parents. However, from the keen observation of their parents’ personalities, we expect them to make great family companions that get along very well with the juniors. Most Puggles will also enjoy indoor activities although they won’t mind accompanying you for a walk.

#3 Beagle Shepherd

German shepherds are among the most famous dogs in the world. They are very intelligent, trainable, loyal, and have a great size and courage suitable for their working-class category. We have so many German Shepherd Mixes, and the German Shepherd Beagle Mix (Beagle Shepherd) is a kind you can’t wait to bring home.

Beagles and German Shepherds share a lot of qualities. For instance, they are energetic, smart, curious, protective, and want to be loved back. Therefore, Beagle Shepherds make great family dogs that are keen to please. They like being around their beloveds and are very protective of them.

Also, Beagle Shepherds require a large amount of exercise. But don’t let this fact put you off if you have small space; provided that they can get a healthy amount of exercise, they will do well in apartments.

Since the German shepherds are larger than the Beagles, Beagle Shepherds can outgrow their Beagle parent. Most of them will have a height of between 15-24 inches with a weight of 22-50 pounds.

The high level of intelligence of the 2 parent dogs alongside the superior nose of the Beagle and the undebated work ethic of the German Shepherds means that Beagle Shepherds can be trained easily to become great service dogs.

Beagle shepherds can fetch their coat color from either or both of the parents. Also, since the German shepherds have a double coat while the Beagles have a single coat, Beagle Shepherd can feature either. That means that their grooming needs differ.

#4 Beago

Beago is developed by crossbreeding a Beagle with the Golden retriever, another big name when it comes to dog’s popularity. Its other names are Beago Retriever, Golden Beagle, and Golden Retriever Beagle Mix.

Although Beagles are small-sized canines, Golden Retrievers can grow up to a height of 24 inches and weigh as much as 75 lbs. This means that there is the likelihood of Beagos surpassing their Beagle parent in stature.

While they may not attain the size of a purebred Golden Retriever, these mixed breed dogs are most of the time 18-20 inches tall and can weigh 35-40 lbs. when mature.  Their life expectancy lies around 12 years although it may differ depending on whose parent traits are dominant.

Beagos have brown eyes and a black nose. The coat color is not specific. However, most common coat colors include black, brown, cream, red, fawn, brindle, pied, and white.

The Golden Beagle comes from two intelligent breeds. Combining this fact with the keen-to-please personality of the Golden Retriever, these adorable mixed breed dogs should give you an easy time in training.

Also, when we examine more qualities of the parents closely, it’s easy to tell that Beagos are faithful, loyal, and fun-loving. They are also very friendly and will interact well with unfamiliar faces.

This muscular designer makes great eaters. But beware, they are prone to obesity. To curb this, ensure that you keep their daily calorie intake in check. Lastly, Beagos need exercise to keep them fit. An hour of serious exercise will be great to keep them away and avoid some bad behaviors such as barking.

#5 Pomeagle

The Pomeagle comes from a cross between purebred Pomeranian and Beagle. Pomeranians are also known as Dwarf Spitz, Loulou, or Zwergspitz. They are the tiniest in the Spitz family of dogs and weigh only 3-7 pounds.

But even with such a tiny size, in their minds, these cute fox-faced furry colleagues are as large as their personality, and that’s why they at times attack dogs that are several times large their size.

That aside, Pomeagles can grow to a height of 6-15 inches. When fully grown, they can weigh up to 25 pounds. Their life expectancy is estimated to be somewhere close to that of a purebred Beagle– 12-15 years.

Pomeagles typically have short, thick, and hypoallergenic coats that require a few brushes every week. However, if by any chance you get a long-coated Pomeagle puppy, be ready to make grooming more frequent. 

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These super cute dogs may have a solid coat color. However, most of the time they come with a combination of at least 2 colors. The most common colors include brown, white, fawn, cream, black, brindle, and sable.

These petite four-pawed friends require 2 to 3 meals to stay healthy. Nevertheless, be keen to avoid overfeeding them since they have a tendency of becoming overweight. The moderate-to-high energy-level of Pomeagles means that they need a few jumps and runs daily to help curb undesired behaviors.

In terms of training, it depends on the individual puppy. Those with all the nice traits from the parents will understand your cues easily. However, if your Pomeagle is own-minded like the Pomeranians with the Beagle’s stubbornness, training may need some patience.

#6 Beabull

Beabull comes from a cross between 2 small dog breeds; Beagles and Bulldogs. This means that they have a mix of their parents’ qualities. Although Beabulls may not have many names like the preceding Beagle mixes, some people prefer to call them Beagle-Bulldog mixes.

English bulldogs are known for their sociable, cute, and generally sweet temperament. This personality alongside the desirable temperament of the Beagles makes Beabulls lovely, docile, and charming beings.

However, where they inherit the stubborn part from the parents, Beabulls can be quite obstinate. The headstrong character requires some experience to handle, meaning that they may not be the perfect canines for novice dog owners.

Most Beabull colors include brown, white, golden, spotted, and brindle. They are normally sturdy and have a few wrinkles from their face, a trait they get from the Bulldog parent.

Like most dogs, male Beabulls grow a few inches taller with a few more pounds of body weight than the females. In fact, the male may have as much as 60 lbs. while the females may attain 10 lbs. less.

Usually, Beabulls are calm and inactive. However, they occasionally experience bursts of energy that may result in rough behavior and aggressiveness around other dogs and people.

#7 Beashund

Our next mixed breed is half Beagle and half Dachshund. Beashunds are also known as Doxles, Doxies, or Beweneenies.

Dachshunds, also referred to as sausage dogs, are short-statured canines that are longer than the standard dogs. Beashunds tend to inherit this trait although they have several traits that they obtain from the beagles.

These mixed breed dogs can weigh up to 30 pounds. They may have a solid coat color. However, these chances are minimal comparing the great variation in their parents’ coats. Therefore, Beashunds will normally have 2 or more coat colors.

Normally, Beagles and Dachshunds are great hunting dogs. That’s why Beashunds display high levels of curiosity about everything in their surroundings. These cute hybrids also portray a good level of energy that is easy to manage with a 30-minute daily walk and play.

This type of Beagle mix make great watchdogs and will bark when unfamiliar faces come visiting. But apart from that, these uber-cute dogs are cheerful, funny, and inquisitive.

Like the Dachshunds, Beashunds have a high likelihood of developing obesity. That means that you should keep their diet in check and maintain a healthy amount of exercise.

Due to the great love they have for their families, leaving Doxles lonely for a very long time isn’t a good idea. But before you can bring one home, be sure that you will have enough time for them since Beashunds need a lot of attention.

#8 Beagador

Whether you use Lagle or Beagador, these names refer to the same dog breed- a dog that is achieved through a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Beagle.

Labrador Retriever has been the most famous canine for 27 years in a row. And with the popularity of Beagles having grown drastically in the last few years, we must admit that the mixed breed of these 2 great dogs is one that stirs attention among dog lovers around the world.

The Labs have a very impressive temperament and are easy to train. That’s why they have managed to retain top honors for such a very long time. Pairing this with the fabulous personality of the Beagles make Beagadors generally lovely dogs.

Beagadors are loyal, loving, and love to interact with people. However, when you adopt one that has the unruly nature of Beagles in their genes, it may take some experience to control them effectively.

Since Labs are medium-sized dogs, it’s possible to get Beagadors that are larger than Beagles. In fact, some will grow to as tall as 24 inches while some will come with the height of 18 inches, a few inches taller than the Beagle parents.

In terms of coat color, it’s hard to think Beagadors as single-color hybrids since neither of the parents has a specific one. The short hair is easy to brush. When you opt to bring one, be ready to have a house covered with fur since they are shedders.

Beagadors also display a big appetite that often leads to obesity. Therefore, be keen on the quantity and quality of their food. Being energetic canines, an hour daily exercise is necessary.

#9 Poogle

Do you like the beautiful wavy fur of the Poodles? Do you also cherish the lively personality of the Beagles? Well, if you love all these traits, it’s now possible to get them in a single and compact package.

Poogles come as a result of a cross between Poodles and Beagles. The cute puppies have a fast-growing popularity and that’s why they have other many names including Beapoos, Beaglepoos, and Beagledoodles.

These dogs have a shoulder height of between 10-15 inches and can weigh between 20-30 pounds. They can come in any imaginable color and have moderate to high energy levels.

This hybrid is also highly intelligent since the 2 parents are very smart. That means that Beapoos are a kind of dog that excels in several areas of training. Their easy-going nature allows them to get along very well with kids and other dogs. However, since they still have the hunting instincts of the Beagles, Poogles can sometimes chase smaller pets.

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Their hyper-alertness makes them excellent watchdogs albeit they may not bark like some of the famous watchdogs. Like all other Beagle mixes, Poogles need regular physical and mental stimulation.

#10 Beagi

This designer dog is a delightful result of a cross between the widely cherished Pembroke Welsh Corgi (or Cardigan Welsh) and the gentle and calm Beagles. Its other name is Corgeagle.

Beagi hybrid dogs have a wonderful personality that matches their great looks. Although there is no clear information about their origin, Beagis make excellent family dogs, thanks to the impressive qualities of the parents. 

They interact very well with kids and seniors alike, and are always ready to protect their very own from any threat. That means that they aren’t the friendliest to strangers. However, when socialized at an early age, these adorable canines will get along well with almost anyone.

These dogs do very well in watchdogging, tracking, and agility. However, they need patience and an experienced trainer since they can show some stubbornness in training. But the good thing is that they are willing to learn and are ever patient with themselves.

The small-sized breeds weigh between 10-20 pounds. But don’t let the small size fool you- these dogs pack an enormous amount of energy that requires regular exercise.

Finally, Corgeagles have a short, thick, and soft double coat. They are neither non-shedders nor heavy shedders- they just shed moderately. That means that you will need to put moderate grooming efforts to keep them in perfect condition.

#11 Beaski

As the name suggests, this Beagle mix breed is between Husky and Beagle breeds. Although most people know them as “Beaski”, you will still be right to call them “Busky”.

Huskies are generally large dogs that will grow as tall as 24 inches. However, with the Beagles only growing to a medium-size, the size of Beaskis is a matter of which side of the parent overpowers the other.

That said, some Beaskis can grow to a size closer to that of Huskies while others will take after the smaller size of their Beagle parent. The eyes of these dogs can either be brown, hazel, amber, and blue while their noses can either be brown or black.

Both the Beagles and Siberian Huskies are easy-going canines that work well with other dogs. Therefore, Beaskis will interact well with people and other pets when they go through the necessary training.

Also, Beagles and Huskies are great working dogs. Therefore, if you choose to adopt a Beaski dog breed, you need to come up with measures on how you will keep them physically and mentally engaged on a daily basis.

The grooming needs of these dogs will vary depending on the type of fur. Those that have a long fur like that of the Husky will need stricter grooming and shed more. However, if your dog’s coat is like that of Beagle, brushing twice a week will just be fine.

#12 Jack-A-Bee

The Jack-A-Bee is also another great Beagle mixed breed you can consider bringing home. This hybrid is birthed through a cross between the Jack Russel Terrier and the Beagle.

Being a fairly new breed, much is not known about it. However, since the parents share a lot of similarities, it’s possible to tell some of the qualities of this hybrid and where they thrive best.

The Jack Russel Terriers were originally developed for hunting red foxes. They are a small-sized breed and obtain their name from a clergyman named Rev. John Russel. They are merry, devoted, loving, spirited, and obedient to their pack leaders.

Beagles on the other side are small-sized English dogs that were bred for hunting small game such as rabbits. They even come with a strong sense of smell that allows them to detect their prey from afar. The hardy souls are also calm, loving, loyal, and serves as great family dogs.

With this information about the 2 breeds, it’s easy to tell that Jack-A-Bees are generally small-sized. They have an average size of 10-16 inches and the weight range of 15-30 pounds.

The great intelligence, devotion, and the friendliness of the parents’ means that Jack-A-Bees have a larger than life personality. Also, since they are from 2 hunting dog breeds, Jack-A-Bees have huge prey drive in their genes.

However, Jack-A-Bee are very energetic dogs. Experts recommend a 10-mile weekly exercise. When you help them burn all the energy, you will love how calm and relaxed these little furry buddies look.

What Is The Price of Beagle Mix Breed?

The price of Beagle mixed breeds differ widely depending on the breeder and whether you are buying or adopting. When buying from a breeder, you should be ready to pay anywhere between $350 up to $1000. However, if you are intending to get one through a Beagle mix rescue, you should be ready to depart with around $50 to $200.

Why You Should Buy A Beagle Mixed Breed Dog

While the purebred Beagles have a generally great personality, they aren’t the only type of dogs we want to have around home. Unfortunately, it isn’t just possible to have all the dogs we love around us. Getting a Beagle mixed breed allows dog folks to get a combination of the Beagle personality and that of their other favorite dog in one dog.

Also, mixed breed dogs are generally less vulnerable to congenital diseases associated with the purebred dogs since they obtain their genes from the 2 parent sides.

Almost all Beagle mixed breeds will form a close bond with the other members of the pack. However, the importance of exercise, training, and early socialization should never be underestimated since they play a central role in shaping the character of your dog.

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