Can Beagles Climb Stairs?

Can Beagles Climb Stairs?

Small, compact, powerhouse, Beagles are one of the best companions for kids and families. They are small-sized breed dogs with long ears and high pitch bark. Beagles are active and playful dogs. Generally, Beagles can climb stairs with ease unless they are too young or too old to climb stairs.

Beagles are full of energy and can easily climb stairs. Only if they are too young that is a puppy below 12 weeks of age or too old then it could be a difficult task for them to climb the stairs. With proper training and assistance, you can help your Beagle to use stairs. They are slow learners and can take time to learn so have patience. Once they are fully grown they do not even require any assistance.  Also if your Beagle is using the staircase then make sure they are obstacle-free.

Along with this, if your Beagle is too young or too old to use the staircase then prevent them from doing this by using ropes or plastic sheets for covering the entrance of the staircase.

In this article, we will discuss the abilities of Beagles to climb stairs and also how you can assist them in this regard.

Does climbing stairs help?

Beagles are playful dogs and highly energetic. Climbing stairs can be a good exercise for your dog. As Beagles are full of energy and if it is not properly utilized then they may become lazy, hence climbing stairs several times can help them in releasing their energy to the maximum.

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As an owner, it can also help you as you are no longer required to go downstairs or upstairs for spending time with your Beagle. You can simply call his name and he will come running towards you with a wagging tail and eyes full of hope.

Are Beagles afraid of the staircase?

Generally, Beagles are not afraid of stairs and can climb easily. But sometimes they may restrict themselves from climbing. Some of the reasons are:

  • If your Beagle is too young then he may prevent himself from climbing the stairs as his body size may not allow him to do so. Beagles are small in size and a regular size staircase can be a bit higher for them when they are puppies.
  • Any experience where your Beagle fell from stairs can also restrict him from doing this again.
  • Old aged or Beagles with health-related issues are also afraid of climbing stairs as they are not having the required stamina to do so.

Here are some measures that you should take to avoid any accidental situation with your cute little companion.

Training your Beagle

Beagles are small and adorable, low-maintenance dogs. Training them at the house requires a lot of patience and effort as they are slow learners. But trust your Beagle’s skills and do not give up on him.

Once they will learn everything then they can turn out to be the best dogs in your house. If your Beagle is 12 weeks older then you should start teaching him how to climb stairs. At the initial stage, he may get afraid but remember one thing dogs can do anything for their favorite treats.

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Use his favorite treats as his reward. For every step reward him along with a lot of praise. This will help in boosting his confidence.

Training your Beagle

Keeping stairs obstacle-free

Every pet parent should keep their stairs obstacle-free if your dog is also using the staircase. Dogs are very active and usually run on the stairs.

If your stairs are having any object, such as sleepers, toys, etc. then your dog may slip from the stairs. This can seriously hurt your Beagle. Hence, you should maintain the safety of your four-limbed best friend.

Assisting your Beagle

If your Beagle is not familiar with the staircase he requires a lot of assistance. You should explain to them how to do and praise them when they comfortably climb the stairs.

If your Beagle is too old then he must be afraid as he is not having the required stamina. You should assist him by holding his back and making him feel comfortable. It would be quite easier for him when you are standing by his side.

Preventing from climbing

If you are afraid that your Beagle may get hurt while climbing stairs then you must prevent them from doing this. They love to play with everything around them. But if your Beagle is too small or too old to use the stairs then you should stop them by either closing the entrance of your stairs or instructing them not to climb stairs.

There could be different types of stairs, such as slippery, with sharp edges, or stairs without railings. Such stairs can easily hurt your Beagles. Hence, you should not allow your furry pal from climbing them. You can probably use plastic sheets to cover up your entrance or place a large object in front of the stairs. This will prevent them from climbing stairs and hurting themselves.  

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Wrap Up

There are a few things that you need to be very careful about. If you want to explain to your Beagle how to climb stairs then you should take proper safety measures beforehand to avoid any kind of accident. 

You should applause them when they start learning how to use stairs. This will help them in learning quickly. As a pet parent, you must keep your stairs obstacle-free to keep your Beagle safe from any injury. Beagles need proper assistance when they are too small or too older. Proper support can help them boost their confidence.

If your pet is getting older then become his helping hand. You should help him to use the stairs with ease. If your stairs are not safe and can hurt your pet, then you should not allow them to climb it by following the aforementioned easy steps. After all, a safe, comfortable, and contended stay of your furry buddy matters a lot.

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