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Are Beagles Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies

Beagles always manage to capture the hearts of their owners with their enchanting persona. As a pet lover, it is hard to resist the endless charm of Beagles as they are ideal as family pets. These furry pals are adorable, friendly, fun-loving, notorious, and affectionate. If you are looking forward to bringing a pet into your family, then a Beagle would be a worth considerable option.

However, many people think that Beagles are hypoallergenic and can cause allergies to humans. This fact also refrains the pet lovers from fostering an extremely loving pet like Beagle into their family. Many thoughts start popping up in the mind of people, especially those who are allergic to dogs and are willing to foster a Beagle in their homes. In this blog, we are going to address all your concerns!

Let’s break the stereotypical myth; Beagles are not hypoallergenic dogs. Apart from this, they are quite low on maintenance as compared to other dog breeds. However, Beagles do shed enough furry hair in an adequate amount that contains a specific protein, which is touted to be the pivotal source that causes allergies in humans. The allergy-causing protein is mainly present in the saliva, urine, and skin of the dogs.

The main cause of concern for pet lovers across the globe is how to prevent dog allergies while fostering a pet in the family. Generally, not all the dogs are hypoallergenic; it is mainly their shedding fur that causes allergies, specifically in hypersensitive people. Although, if you are truly dedicated to having a Beagle in the family, there are certain tips that you can follow to prevent the allergies.

Bursting the Hypoallergenic Concerns Associated with Dogs

As mentioned above, Beagles are not hypoallergenic but this does not imply to all the dogs. There are some of the dog breeds that are hypoallergenic and not considered to be suitable for hypersensitive people or those who are prone to allergies.

Those dog breeds that shed furry hairs in lesser quantities and do not require frequent or regular grooming are considered to be hypoallergenic. They produce dander in fewer amounts that contain the allergy-causing protein. Whenever a dog sheds its hair, it releases protein-containing dander that is said to cause allergic reactions in humans.

The Shedding Pattern of a Beagle

To conclude whether a dog is hypoallergenic or not, it is important to understand the shedding cycle and pattern of that particular dog breed. Beagles do not too heavily; still, they shed more hairs as compared to some of the home-friendly dog breeds.

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They have shorter hairs which makes their shedding less noticeable. During the winters, Beagles develop a thick coating that keeps them warm and insulated during winters. On the other hand, Beagles shed a reasonable amount of furry hair during the summer season.

Tips for coping up with the Dog Allergies while Fostering a Beagle

Beagles are extremely brilliant as family pets. They are energetic, playful, and friendly with everyone, especially with the kids. They show an endless amount of love and affection towards their owners. The only drawback associated with Beagles is that they are notorious and are not easy to train.

Originally being hunting dogs, Beagles are quite stubborn. That is why it is important to give them proper obedience training. It would also play an important role in coping with the shedding phase of your Beagle and also assists in reducing the intensity of the dog allergies in your family. Here are a few tips that you can follow to deal with the aforesaid issue with utmost ease!

Regular Cleaning and Dusting of the House

Cleaning your house thoroughly and regularly is very important for maintaining good hygiene, especially if you are having a pet at home. Although Beagles shed a moderate amount of fur if you do not keep your home clean and organized, it would create a mess for you and your family. That is why it is necessary to keep the floor clean to get rid of the shedding hairs of your Beagle.

Generally, people often ignore the shedding hairs of their pet lying on the floor but it can give rise to certain allergies that are transmitted through the air. If not cleaned properly, the hairs of your Beagle lying on the carpet and surface of your home get mixed into the air and there are probable chances of the family members inhaling or ingesting the same unintentionally. To prevent this, you should use a vacuum cleaner for the proper cleaning of the house.

Dusting also plays an important role in curbing the chances of dog allergies. It involves complete cleanup and removal of dander from the surfaces and finest corners of your house. You can even go for a combination of air filter along with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the shedding hairs, dander, dust, and dirt that is spread by your Beagle.

If you do not keep the floor and surfaces of your home clean, then there are more chances of encountering allergic reactions through your Beagle’s hair. Also, keep the carpets and mats clean to ensure that there are no hairs or dander left in them.

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Beagles would shed and you cannot stop them from doing it. The best possible solution to reduce the risk of catching allergies from your pet is to keep your home and surroundings neat and clean as it is going to benefit your family and pet in the long run.

Placement of Air Filters in Home

There is a misconception among people that air filters are not affordable and do not make much difference in purifying the air. In most of the hospitals and pet clinics, you would find these air filters that help in air purification as the fur of pets can easily get mixed into the air, giving rise to allergies in humans.

If you are low on budget, still you can get an air filter for your home as it is pretty much affordable and low on maintenance. Besides this, air filters are also effective enough to purify the air so that your family can inhale it in its purest form without any dog hair.

If you are owning a Beagle, then it becomes even more important to have an air filter at your home as this dog breed has shorter hairs that are unnoticeable too when they fall on the carpet or any other surface. By having air filters placed in the rooms, you would be able to breathe pure and unadulterated air.

The basic task of an air filter is to eliminate and clear out all the dirt, dust, and impurities. It would help in reducing the chances of allergic symptoms and is extremely beneficial for people suffering from lung disease, sinus, asthma, and other types of breathing disorders.

Frequent Brushing and Grooming

During the shedding phase of your Beagle, regular brushing and grooming play an important role in reducing the amount and intensity of the shedding. If you do not brush and groom your Beagle daily, then your furry pal is likely to shed more. The absence of a good brushing and grooming regime affects the quality of your pet’s coating negatively.

For the removal of dead cells and excessive dander from the coating of your Beagle, you should not forget to brush and groom him daily. Apart from this, you can even use wet baby wipes for your Beagle to wipe down your furry companion.

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Brushing and wiping down your Beagle would help in the removal of excessive shedding hairs and protein-containing dander. It reduces the risk of allergic reactions to a great extent. Also, do not forget to clean the grooming brush of your Beagle daily for maintaining good hygiene.

Giving Bath to your Beagle

To keep you Beagle clean and well-maintained, you should bath him at least once in a week using a good quality pet-friendly shampoo. It would help you, furry pal, to relieve all the dander and dirt from its fur. By doing so, you Beagle would stay clean and there would not be any excessive dander or dirt lingering on the coating of our Beagle.

It also helps in reducing the dander from your pet’s hair, thereby minimizing the chances of allergic reactions. However, do not give bath to your pet daily as it is not good for his furry coating.

Allotting a Separate Space for Beagle in the House

All the pets require their personal space in the house where they can feel comfortable and contended. You can set up a separate space for your Beagle in your house to keep his notorious presence in the house confined to a great extent. For this, you can get a big size crate for Beagle.

For providing optimum comfort and warmth to your furry pal, you can place cozy bedding, a bowl of water, and pet-friendly toys inside the crate. This would help to minimize the spread of your Beagle’s shedding hairs around the house.

Medicinal Treatments

If you find that your Beagle is shedding abnormally, then in such cases, there are increased chances of getting dog allergies, especially if your family is hypersensitive. Therefore, it is best advised to take your Beagle to a good veterinary doctor to get your pet treated at the earliest. There are certain types of medical treatments such as getting your dog neutered to reduce the risk of allergies.

Wrap Up

Beagles are nothing less than little angels for you and your family as they bring the colors of endless love and happiness in the house. You can follow the above-mentioned measures to protect yourself from getting allergies from your pet.

However, if you are experiencing severe allergic problems, then it is best advised to seek medication from a good doctor to treat your allergies for long-term relief.

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