Are Dachshunds Good With Kids?

Dogs are considered to be one of the wonderful companions to have in your life and family. But when it comes to a family that consists of kids, it becomes decisive as to which pet to go with. Most of the people prefer Dachshunds as their perfect pet due to its small size and nature of getting along well with all.

Smaller breeds of dog being less aggressive in comparison to the large ones are mostly preferred as a family dog and good for kids. But not all the small breeds are good with goods but Dachshunds are an exception. The bonding between your kid and dog will be natural if the right breed is picked.

So, the question now is, are Dachshunds good with kids? The answer is not that simple as you think. Though Dachshunds are friendly with families and friends, it is not likely to be a good breed to be handled by kids.

The small size of Dachshunds makes it more prone to injuries while handled by the children. Dachshunds are otherwise a friendly and lovable dog that can get along well with all the members in the family including the kids. The best way to make your Dachshunds friendly with kids is to train him to become more kids friendly.

One should understand that every Dachshund is going to be different temperamentally. So, you just can’t go by one Dachshund’s temperament and personality. You should try and assess your dog’s behavior initially when he enters your house or at the time when you are going to bring him home. Maybe the breeder can also help you understand the temperament and personality of the dog which you are going to buy as he will be the one possessing all the details of his bloodline and genetic issues.

Here in this blog, we will try to do some brainstorming which will reveal the exact picture of this wonderful breed. Many facts will be unveiled to better understand Dachshunds and their behavior towards kids. In the end, you will be able to decide as to whether Dachshunds are good for kids or not.

About Dachshunds

Dachshunds are known for their courageous nature as they do not hesitate to confront animals much larger than their size. They are aggressive at times and especially when they encounter strangers or other dogs. Dachshunds are good family dogs and can prove to be a wonderful companion.

Dachshunds come in two variants, one the smooth-coated or standard and the other, long-coated or miniature ones. The long-coated Dachshunds are calmer and friendly in comparison to the smooth-coated ones. Dachshunds are known as good watchdogs.

Dachshunds are found to be stubborn notorious and destructive at times. They are tempted towards food and treats and one can easily manipulate them through these. Due to their stubborn nature, they are hard to house train. You need to start early with them and that too under the supervision of a professional dog trainer.

Dachshunds are protective and you can see them moving around their owner and especially after kids. The one major thing to keep in mind is that your Dachshund can be good with your kids but do not expect him to be the same with their friends who are strangers to him. Such a situation should be handled carefully by introducing your Dachshund with them and making them familiarize themselves in a friendly manner as otherwise, your dog will become aggressive.

Dachshunds chemistry with kids

As stated already, Dachshunds are mostly good with the kids but you need to train them properly to behave in a desired manner throughout their lifespan. This breed is stubborn and your child should understand that they should give their Dachshund enough time to get adjusted to a new environment.

Every Dachshund is different temperamentally and behaves in a diversified manner. Some might immediately become friendly with you and your kids and the others take some time to get adjusted. Hence, you should not force your dog to be friendly as soon as he enters your house, let him take his own time and pace to gel in.

Dachshunds love to be in the company of kids and enjoy playing games such as hide and seek, tug of war, etc. The important thing which you and your kids should note while interacting with Dachshunds are following a certain set of rules. This will help both you and Dachshund to build a strong bond and relationship with each other.

Things to remember for your kids before interacting with Dachshund

  • The first and foremost thing which a kid should understand and learn is to pet the dog gently. The wrong way of rubbing their body might irritate and make them aggressive. Hence, it is always good to teach your kids the right way of doing it.
  • As Dachshunds are bred to hunt small prey in the earlier times, they possess the prey instinct of chasing and nipping. Hence, your child should not chase or run around the dog as it will trigger its prey instinct.
  • Dachshunds are prone to neck and back injuries due to their body structure. Hence, you should teach your children how they should pick up the dog carefully in their arms without letting them fall and causing injury.
  • Dogs are not toys and you should let your children know about this fact. Do not allow kids to pull your dog with his tail or any other body parts as it will hurt them and make them aggressive. In this process, they may even scratch or bite your kids.
  • Dogs too love to have their personal space and in search of that, they want to be left alone at times. Allow your dog some freedom and space to breathe. If your kids try to intrude into their personal space, they might react aggressively and even bite to getaway. Dachshunds especially do not like to be disturbed when they eat or sleep. Ensure to keep a safe distance while they are in any of the two modes. They are no different from human beings and love to enjoy their freedom and personal space to their comfort.

Does Dachshund’s gender matter to be a part of your family?

Most of the new pet owners wonder at the time of picking up the dog thinking that whether a male or female Dachshund is better for their family. But the fact is that both of them are equally dominant and playful. The only difference which you can observe is, males are more playful than females and tends to continue the same way even if they grow old.

Males seek more attention from their owners and love to be engaged with them by playing all the time. Hence, male Dachshunds are preferred for kids as they can continue to retain the same energy level as the children in your family grow.

Female Dachshunds tend to slow down as they grow and are not as playful as male Dachshunds.

This is good for the family where they do not want to spare much attention and time to their dog. Kids can grow calmer with female Dachshunds and they are temperamentally cool too. Female Dachshunds are just like cats who go back to their spot once they receive enough attention from their owners.

Making Dachshunds friendly with babies

  • Praise and positive reinforcement are one of the good methods to make Dachshunds friendly with babies. Give your dog treats every time it behaves and meets the baby in the desired manner.
  • Before introducing your Dachshund to a baby, get him well versed with the new environment and surroundings. Play some videos and audios of babies and let your dog get used to it and subsequently take him to your baby so that he is not scared and excited.
  • Dachshunds are jealous and cannot tolerate their owner’s ignorance. Hence, to seek their attention they can go to any extent. So, if you tend to spare more time with your baby and start ignoring your dog, chances are very high that they might misbehave with your baby to seek your attention. To avoid such a situation, try to pay extra attention so that your Dachshund does not feel that you are neglecting him.
  • Try to understand the temperament of your Dachshund towards the baby. You can get to know about his temperament from his breeder or the records of the rescue home from where you have got him. Even if you are quite confident about your dog’s temperament towards babies, never leave them alone with your baby at home.

Wrap up

Dachshunds are lovely dogs who like to be loved and cared for by their owner. They are an affectionate and loyal breed which can get along well with kids. The best way to make Dachshunds a good friend to your kids is when it is a puppy. At that age, they can very well get socialized and adapted to the environment and the people around them. You should also understand that not all Dachshunds are the same and they may exhibit different traits.

Dachshunds are very delicate and fragile breed as their body structure is such that they can get injured easily if they fall. Also, it is an integral part to let your kids know about the factors and protocols required to interact with Dachshunds.

It is quite evident and proven fact that with a little effort and training Dachshunds can become a very good companion and protector of your kids and family. Go ahead and own a Dachshund to bring home happiness and a true friend for your children.

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