Why Do Dogs Love Their Owners

You must have heard this story that a dog is waiting at the accident site, and he kept on waiting on his owner’s grave. A dog is known as a human’s best friend. They are loving, emotional, and caring in nature. And yes it is scientifically proven that dogs love their owners and they positively respond to their owner’s body odor.

Dogs are as adorable as kids and owners spend so much upon them to get the dog food, treats, toys, and deliver good veterinary care to keep them healthy and fit. There are multiple ways through which the dog will show his affection towards their owner. They would follow the owner around the house, wag their tail when he is around, actively participate in playing activities with him, often come and sleep next to or lean on him.

Dogs are human’s best friends. They make the best bond with humans and are happy, loyal, and feel a sense of responsibility towards their owners. So, this is the actual reason why humans feel for dogs so much, but have you ever noticed why dogs love humans? It is pretty much obvious after separating from their real family the owner is the only person who feeds the dog and praises him for his work and this is the reason they feel like they are getting love from their mother.

Apart from that, the owner is the only person who takes care of the dog, his mental and physical health, and every emotion that he shares with the owner through his body language. This blog will shed light on why dogs love their owners a lot.

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Do dogs love their owners?

So the answer to this question is a big ‘Yes’. Dogs love their owners and it is being proved in a study by Emory University. Dogs are loyal, non-judgmental, and caring towards their owners. The study has also proved that the scent of the owner is smelled by the pores present on the wet nose of the dog which allows him to remember the scent forever. Some research studies have also revealed that when the dog licks its owner they feel stress-free and want to love them unconditionally.

Do dogs feel emotions around them?

Dogs feel simple emotions, such as happiness, fear, rage, love, etc. They are not able to understand the intense emotions, unlike humans. Dogs try to express their emotions by their body language also, such as when they are calm, nervous, aggressive, playful, submissive, dominant, relaxed, excited, alert, frightened, etc. Mostly the dog shows his emotions by wagging his tail.

It has been evidenced by various studies that dogs try to copy their owners and the same goes with emotions, when their owners are feeling low and sad they will also behave in the same way. That is why dogs are known as the best friends of human beings.

How do dogs recognize their owners?

As we all know the hearing and smelling capacity of a dog is 6 times more than that of human beings. But when it comes to their vision dogs can only see some colors, not like human beings who can see many colors.

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We all have heard that the dog’s nose works differently from human beings. The open pores on a dog’s nose make it wet and help the dog to store the odor of their owners in their mind which they can remember throughout their life. It is shown in various journals and studies that dogs do not remember the face of their owners but they can easily recognize the odor of their owner.

Why dogs are know as our best companions?

It is said that when everything is falling apart from you get a dog. When you are welcoming a dog into your house you will be getting positive vibes. When no one will understand you, your dog will realize and help you in making your mood.

They can sense the trouble with their owners and will protect them in the best possible way. It has been proved by science that dogs can also identify the presence of diseases in the body of their owners. This is the reason why dogs are used to detect some of the major diseases in the human body, such as cancer.

It has been observed that dogs are the best remedy for humans as they are joyful and stress reliever. The owners who tend to keep a dog, are mostly happy and do not face issues, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress.

Wrap up

As discussed earlier, dogs are known as the best friend of humans. Various studies have discovered different facts about dogs in various aspects, such as their smelling and hearing capacity, way of expressing love, emotions towards humans, reaction to various situations, protection, and loyalty towards their owner, etc.

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Like human beings, dogs also have emotions, such as happiness, fear, rage, love, which they can share with their owner only. After getting separated from their mother, the owner is the only person who feeds and takes care of his mental and physical health and praises him whenever he does a good task. This makes a dog feel like his owner is his second mother.  and making him love his owner unconditionally.

Dogs are proven to be the best healer, they can easily take away the stress and creates a positive vibe in the house. They feel protected for all the members in a family but still, dogs have their favorite person. It is proved that although dogs love all the members in a family yet they have a favorite person, the one who feeds him every day and who matches the level of energy which they have.

If you have not got a dog at your house then what are you waiting for, go and get a dog and let him take away all the pains, negativity, stress, tension, and make your life stress free and joyful. Get a dog and experience the real love yourself.

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