How To Get Beagles To Calm Down (4 Effective Tips! )

Every dog breed has a few unique characteristics or personality traits in them. Some of them are commonly observed in every breed. Sociability, affection towards their owners, caring, and thoughtfulness are some of the common personality traits.

On the other hand, traits like playfulness, agility, aggressiveness are considered specific traits. These traits are not seen in every breed. Breeds like Beagles, Maltese are very jovial and playful. Whereas, there is Pug or British Bull Dog, who is comparatively lazy and less active.

German Shepherds or Alsatians are known for their aggressiveness and cunning nature. Conversely, Poodles, Beagles, or Bernese Mountain Dogs are not considered as aggressive breeds. We all like jovial and playful dogs, don’t we? Spending time with them can make time fly within a blink of an eye. 

Often some dogs become too excited. Beagles bark continuously almost all the time. They run around everywhere, creating a mess around the house. Although they are extremely adorable and non-aggressive, the fact that they do not calm down can bother some dog owners. If you are one of those dog owners trying to figure out how to get Beagles to calm down. 

Start training your Beagles since their childhood. These insanely adorable pups are never willing to relax in general. But, if you can provide them with the right amount of play and resting time since childhood, they will be trained to follow the same by their instinct.

This will help to control them in order to maintain a balance.     

Beagle temperament:

Beagles have a great behavioral nature. Here are some characteristic features of Beagles;

Protective: They are immensely protective of their owners. Needless to say, they take loyalty very seriously. They do not let any stranger come in close contact with you when they are around. Due to this reason, they are popular for being a family dog

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Curious: Beagles have one of the most sensitive noses in the animal world. They are considered as natural hunters. Beagles can follow every scent to its exact origin. Also, if they sense something wrong, they will never let you go there. This is also one of the protective characteristics shown by them. 

Jovial: Beagles are always playful. They run around here and there and love the act of doing so. Dogs of such breed are constantly finding something to be busy with. So, if you are thinking of becoming lean and burning your body fat, getting a Beagle is a great choice. 

Intelligent: If you keep them alone for some time, they will find their own ways to get back to you. For instance, if you are watching TV without paying them attention, they will jump out of nowhere to grab your attention.

Besides, if you hide their food somewhere, they will definitely find it with their sharp sense of smelling and intellect. 

Empathetic: Beagles are an intelligent breed, as already discussed. Like most breeds, they can sense your mood. If you are going through tough times or grieving over something, they will be the first one to sense it. They will come and sit by your side and try to comfort you the best way they can. 

Beagles are children friendly as well. They love to be with kids. That is why they are highly appraised as a family dog, although every breed has some downside. 

The major downside of Beagles is their uncontrollable excitement even though they mature as they age, but at times, they become unmanageable. 

In general, 2-4 months old Beagles have a tendency to jump around all the time. As this is a very tender age and it is bound to happen. They have a very poor focus at this age. Also, their ability to understand and acknowledge their surroundings is less. 

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Next eight months (i.e. reaching one year) is considered as the most hypertime period for a Beagle. During this period, they become rebellious. They show immense curiosity about their surroundings and keep on breaking or misplacing stuff. This time period requires a big space for them for their hunt. 

The next year for your Beagle is another remarkable one with extreme activities. They tend to remain very hyper throughout the second year as well. But towards the end of it, they begin to settle down gradually as they get tired from the continuous daily exercises. 

As time passes, the hyperactive nature of your Beagle will decrease due to fatigue. But they will not slow down completely until they reach 4 or 5 years of age.

Some people love this extra lively nature of their furry pups, but some others are a bit stressed with respect to this nature. So, let us talk about some tips and tricks to calm your Beagle down. 


4 Effective tips and tricks to calm down your Beagle

a) Teach them to relax: They are already active throughout the day running everywhere and anywhere they can. If you want to decrease their excitement, you have to sit them down and do some relaxing activities together. Watch TV with them. Sit quietly beside them and do some reading or writing at the end of the day. Do not let them roam around you when you are around them. These will increase the sense of relaxation among them. 

b) Teach them some instructions: You need to teach them some commands at a very early stage of their lives. Commands to make them sit down or keep quiet can be helpful. If you teach these commands early, it will be imprinted in their memory. In other words, their over-excited nature will reduce considerably. You can use phrases like ‘Stop’, ‘Sit’, ‘Time-out’ etc. Remember to keep the commands short and simple. 

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c) Give complete attention to them: Beagles seek your attention all the time. They cannot stay alone for a long time no matter what. It makes them anxious, and they start running around frantically. You need to give them adequate time. If you pay heed to them at an early age, they will not develop over-excitement-related issues later in their lives. Do not isolate them. It can make them depressed, which can affect their mind negatively. 

d) Get them some fresh air: Beagles tend to get anxious if they do not get exposed to open air. This makes them grumpy and angry. This ultimately leads to scratching or biting. You need to take them outside at least once in two days. This will lower down the amount of anxiety in them and soothe their minds. It will also enable them to relax. Also, do not forget to give them breaks between their playtime. They need some amount of daily exercise, but they must not be over-exercised. 

Beagles are one of the most favored dog breeds across the world. They are known for their iconic big ears. Although they get excited too much during their initial days, it can be controlled with proper training and well-balanced scheduled life.

Do not get annoyed with their behavior. All they want is to get your attention all the time. However, if you feel that something is seriously wrong with their behavior, never hesitate to take them to a vet.

Remember to be always sensitive as they cannot speak their problems out. Try to communicate with them and stay happy with your little pup.  

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