Why Is My Dog Staring At Me

Have you found your dog staring at you always? Sometimes you might have got scared by the way your dog has stared. At times you might have felt lots of love in their stare. Most of the dog owners might have asked their doggie at least once, “why are you always staring at me, dude”? Yes. We have often wondered what makes our dog stare at us, sometimes for real long time.

Your dog might stare at you for very different reasons. Staring is just a mode of communication for dogs. It might stare at you often for some attention or to play with it. Dogs also stare at their dog owners for food, toys, or treats. Sometimes they stare at you just to show up their love and affection.

Every dog owner must be able to know why their dog stares at them. Dogs often communicate through eye contact. Your dog might be trying to tell something by staring at you. Thus, to look after the needs of your dog well, you must know the reasons for your dog’s stare. Here are some of the common causes of your dog to stare at you.

8 Reasons Why Your Dog Stares At You


You might have often seen your dog staring at you while you are eating something.  It is just not the case of food. Your dog might stare at you whenever you have something in your hands your dog might want. They might stare at you with desire filled in their eyes. Their longing eyes indicate desire. The caged dogs might also stare at their owners when they want to leave out of the cage. The dog will eventually start staring at you when it wants something from you.

You might have previously given something to your dog when it stared at you. This history would make your dog stare at you in all future instances when it wants something. Staring can be an acquired behavior.

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Confused And Needs A Clue Or Direction

Dogs might stare at you when they are clueless about what is happening around them. They stare at instances when they have no idea what to next. Staring out of confusion in dogs is usually coupled with a tilted head. Dogs stare at you in times like this asking you to figure out their confusion. In these instances, they need your direction on what to do next.

You might have found your dog stare at you over your commands. Dogs might simply stare at you when they can’t understand your commands. In fact, gestures like these show that your dogs need some training for communicating well.

Tensed Or Pain

Your dog’s stare accompanied by a stiff tail and still body implies that they are tensed. They might be tensed of some injuries. Dogs might be trying to communicate to you that they are injured. If your dog stares at you with pain in her eyes for a long time, you should call up a veterinarian and check what is wrong.

Dogs might get tensed on separation anxiety as well. They will stare at you if they are left alone in the cage for a very long time.

Love And Affection

Your dog might stare into your eyes just out of love. Stare out of love and affection are often accompanied by relaxed ears and a sweeping tail. Interestingly it has been found out in the research that dogs release oxytocin on staring at their owner’s eye out of love.

Those soft eyes staring at you pout of love would be inviting you to cuddle with the dog. However, it is very important to understand the difference between a soft stare and a hard stare. The soft stare of a dog is out of love and affection whereas hard stare is out of aggression.

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You might have noticed your dog stare at you often for a very long time while you were busy doing something. It is common to forget the presence of your dog if you have been too busy. And you will suddenly find that your dog has been staring at you for a long time. And now you know that your dog is craving for attention and is why it has been staring at you.

Dogs love their owners and always crave for their attention. Some dogs tend to howl for bringing their owner’s attention to them while some other dogs just stare at their owners. While some others would just bark and annoy you for getting your attention.


Dogs staring at aggression is actually a warning. You should be very alert to be around dogs with an aggressive stare. The aggressive staring of dogs can be a warning sign for a dog bite. therefore, you should essentially able to understand the difference between a hard stare and a soft stare.

Hard stare often occurs at instances like when you approach their food bowl or take over their toys. Some dogs show possessive aggression with a hard stare on their face. Hard stare for sure will end up in a dog bite if not properly handled. It is better not to approach the dog with a hard stare. Hard stares might be accompanied by an aggressive growl.

Guilt And Shame

Your dog can bee too naughty at times. And obviously, you would punish them for their naughtiest actions. Some times your dog might simply stare at you if you shout or punish them hard. This gesture from your dog’s side implies that they are feeling the guilt of their actions.

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Dogs staring over you after punishments shows that they regret their actions. They may seem too silent at instances like these. They might gaze at you softly with guilt and shame filled in their eyes.


Dogs also stare at certain situations to show up their discomfort. You may often see your dog staring at you when they are taken to a new place. Dogs also stare at their owners if they find lots of strangers at home. You might have often found your dogs staring at you when some of your visitors try to pet or cuddle with them.

Some dogs also show discomfort if their owner tries to pet another dog. They may stare at their owners with sad eyes.

Some dog owners find their dogs extremely cute by making their dogs wear little clothes. But in reality, clothes make dogs very uncomfortable. And they may stare at their owners asking for an escape.


You should essentially know why your dog stares at you to understand your dog better, to be their best caretaker, and obviously for good companionship with your dog. Check on your dog’s behavior.

You can understand a lot about your dog by having a look at their behavior and reactions to different situations. Most of all spend some quality time with your dog to understand them better.

Occasional starings are OK. But you should seek the consultation of an animal behaviorist if it goes for prolonged periods and occurs more frequently. Staring is an acquired behavior of dogs. You can go to a dog trainer to make changes in the behavior of your dogs.

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