Why Dog Bites Happen And How To Stop Dog Biting

Why Dog Bites Happen And How To Stop Dog Biting

Who won’t love a furball to cuddle with at home? Most of us might have craved to buy a cute and smart dog at some point in life. How many times have you visited your friend’s place just to cuddle with that super cute doggie there? But certain things have always stopped us from buying a dog for our home.

The very first thing you would have dropped the idea for is the fear of dog bite. Dog bites are not worse than the hype is. You can prevent dog bites up to an extent by knowing the common reasons for the dog bite.

Dog bites occur due to various reasons. Even the friendliest and cutest dog might end up biting you.

Over possessiveness, fear, pain, maternal instincts, defense, and illness can be some reasons for the dog bite. Dogs may also bite unconsciously in the spirits of playing games such as wrestling. Over-excitement may also trigger dogs to bite.

You can prevent dog bites up to an extent by controlling your behavior around the dog. Avoiding over-exciting games will also help to reduce the chances of dog bites. Vaccinating dogs as per the norms will reduce the dangers of a dog bite.

Dog bites can cause rabies, infections, tetanus, and nerve damages. Sadly, children are more prone to dog bites. Also, more than half of the deaths due to dog bites have happened among children. Thus, it is essential to know the causes and prevent the chances of the dog bite. We will look into the major causes of a dog bite in this article. You can also find some tips to stop dog biting towards the last session.

8 Causes For Dog Bites

Over Possessiveness

Dogs are very possessive when their territory, treats, or toys are invaded by some other. They would even get possessive when someone else takes over their food or toys.

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Some dogs bite anyone approaching it while having food. They also don’t like their owners being more good to someone else. This would create possessiveness in the dog and can be a reason for the dog’s bite.

Train your dogs to act only upon your commands to reduce possessive aggressions. Don’t get over-attached to your dogs. Over attachment with owners make dogs quite possessive and aggressive whenever it doesn’t get enough attention.

Some dogs are very aggressive while feeding them food. You can try reducing food aggression in dogs by teaching them to wait until you command them to eat.

Remove and put down the food back many times while your dog is eating. Add up treats to the food bowl in between to make them understand there is no problem in someone approaching their food bowl.

Fear Or Fright

Fear or fright can be a reason for the dog’s bite. Dogs may stay feared in reaction to something that happened around in a while. Anyone approaching some dogs at this stage might get bitten up.

Maybe because they are too scared of anything or anyone approaching them at that moment of fear. And at that particular moment, it doesn’t matter who you are or how attached you are to the dog. Therefore, it is better to keep a distance from the dog when something unnatural or unpredictable occurs.

Fear bites occur even when dogs are startled or bothered in sleep. Some dogs get startled at the sight of strangers or a crowd.

Therefore, it is essential to socialize your dogs. Take them for an evening or morning walks into crowded places like parks. Ask regular visitors to your house to give treats to the dog. This would help the dog to get out of the fear of strangers. And hence, the chances of dog bites can also be reduced.

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Dogs might also bite upon the need for defense. They will bite you in instances for protecting themselves or their owner. Dogs are loyal and don’t hesitate to fight for someone he gets attention, love, and care from. Some dogs defend whoever enters their territory.

Maternal Instincts

Dogs are more prone to bite once they are in their maternity period. They are very fierce in protecting their puppies. Some dogs bite everyone approaching them during the maternity period.

They are very aggressive once they have puppies along their side. Therefore, it is advised not to go near dogs who have just got delivered their puppies.

Illness And Injury

Some dogs tend to bite people once they suffer from some kind of illness or injury. The pain of an injury can make the dog quite aggressive. Therefore, you should be very gentle with your dog when they are suffering from illness or an injury.

Actually, this aggressiveness is only the sign you might get when your dog has some internal injury. Seek the help of a veterinarian when your dog becomes aggressive for no reason.

Over Excitement

Some dogs might form a tendency to bite even when they are over-excited. Over excitement arising from over-attachment gives enough room for dog bites. Dogs mostly lose their consciousness when they are over-excited and might bight whoever passes by their way.

Certain Games

Playing certain games like wrestling and tug might make your dog over-excited and lose consciousness. It would be better not to play such games that make your dog loses consciousness.

Prey Drive

Dogs have a huge tendency to bite anyone who passes their path when they are chasing prey. Don’t ever cross the path of dogs chasing their prey. Better not to move when you come across a dog chasing its prey. Never try running away from any dogs.

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How To Stop Dog Biting?

Dog bites do not just happen among stray dogs but are very common in pet dogs as well. Therefore, knowing some tips to stop dog biting can be very helpful for the dog owners out there. Here are few such tips that help you stop dog biting:

  • Exercise your dogs daily to spend out the excess energy.
  • Socialize your dogs by taking them along for an evening walk.
  • Avoid games such as wrestling and tug of war that would make an instinct in dogs to bite.
  • Train your dog to act according to your commands.
  • Keep the vaccinations of your dog up to date.
  • Don’t overwhelm your dogs.
  • Expose your dog into different situations and environments.
  • Restrict the movement of your dogs.
  • Warn people about the aggressive behavior of your dog.
  • Understand the dog’s body language before approaching them.
  • Better not to approach dogs when they are eating food, sleeping, or have puppies aside.
  • Be gentle with injured dogs.


Dog bites can be extremely dangerous when not given proper medication and care. Stay calm and wash around the area if a dog bit you. Consult a doctor as soon as possible. It would be better to always keep a distance from familiar as well as unfamiliar dogs.

As children are more prone to dog bites, teach them how to behave around a dog. Don’t entertain your kids to over attach with dogs as they are quite unpredictable at times. It would be far better if you could educate your children about the causes of the dog bite.

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