10 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes To Sit On Your Foot

No one can deny the fact that dogs have been man’s best and loyal companion. It is very easy for anyone to get a pet but hard to interpret his feelings. If you are a true pet lover, welcoming him into your life will infuse a ray of hope. Dogs are very intelligent and can speak to you through the actions of their body and movements of eyes. It is you who have to understand his emotions, i.e. what they feel and need.

Now the question arises about why your dog enjoys sitting on your feet? Dogs do this for various causes. It is because your pet wants to showcase his affection towards you. Some do it out of dominance and possessiveness towards their owners. While others do it to form a strong alliance with you and seek your attention. If there are other pets in the house, then the dog wants to communicate that you belong to him.

Are you still wondering what could be the probable explanations for your dog to sit on your foot? Dogs often communicate through actions such as sitting or sleeping on the foot. Well, in this blog we would shed light on the 10 facts due to which your furry pal likes to sit on your foot.

Why your dog is sitting on your foot?

Each dog is having its distinct personality and own motives for sitting on the foot. You should gain some insights into the body language of your furry pal to know what he is trying to communicate. Besides, this will also make you understand why they sit on your foot.

1. Expressing their immense love

You might have observed that your pet usually sits on your feet. It is their way of showcasing love towards you. Your pet wants to smell you and feel your loving touch. Are you a working professional and remain outdoor for a longer period? If yes, your dog will sit on your foot when you are back home to convey the message that he missed you a lot. Generally, pets do not like to stay alone for prolonged hours. Hence, when they see you after a long hectic day, cannot resist adorning your presence.

2. Extending greatest support

Dogs are very intelligent and can identify the changes in your mood. They are capable of understanding your body language, facial expression, and outlook. Dogs tend to communicate through the actions of their body. Hence, they are meticulous in recognizing this trait in human beings too. They can very well make out what are you going through. Even they can be aware of your tough times. They will come and sit on your foot to extend their support and console you during these times.

3. Treating as a Priority

The functional MRI reveals that dogs generally focus on the smell of their owners. Their brain responds to the human scent more as compared to anything else. So if you had a hectic day away from home, your pooch would sit on your foot the moment you arrive. It is his way of showing that you are his priority.

4. Experiencing warmth and coziness

It is quite common for dogs, especially puppies to conserve heat. They usually do it by sleeping nearby their mother and siblings. Sometimes, the small pooches even sleep on top of each other to get a feeling of warmth. If your dog sits on your foot, it implies that he feels comfortable, cozy, and secure in your presence. It also signifies that you are the favorite person of your dog and he treats you as his family.

5. Offering comfort

It is common to see that dogs show signs of affection to offer you comfort. Your dog will calm you down when you are not well, sad, or suffering from anxiety or depression. Your furry pal would sit on your foot to assure that he is there to lighten up the dullest of times. Also, you would not find any better companion other than a dog to cheer you up when you are gloomy.

6. Seeking adequate attention

Are you not spending enough time with your furry pal and refrain from playing with him? If that is the case, then your four-limbed friend might miss you and develop a few behavioral issues. This can sometimes result in separation anxiety. If your dog is suffering from anxiety, then it may lead to intense barking and self-defacement. He will lie down on your foot to seek adequate attention.

7. Claiming territory

It is a very common sight that most of the dogs often sit on the foot of their owners in the park. This is a way of marking their territory. They want to convey the message to other pets that they should back off as you are the leader of your dog. Your dog gives you unconditional love in a similar way you love him. In case if you own more than one pet, then your dog might like to sit on your foot out of insecurity or anxiousness.

8. Demanding safety

Dogs often cuddle up to their owners for safety. Sitting on your feet might be due to the fact that your dog is suffering from anxiety. Also, by doing so, your furry pal would feel more secure and contented as well. It also denotes that your furry pal feels safe when you are around him.

9. Showing belongingness

Your dog sits on your feet and conveys the message to everyone that you only belong to him. This shows the possessive nature of your loving pooch towards you. This problem of belongingness is often faced by those owners who are having more than one dog. The best option is to provide each dog with a space near your feet for lying down to avoid conflict between the two. Also, if you are patting another pet, then your dog would feel jealous. As a result, he would sit on your foot to express his adoration for you.

10. Guarding the leader

Dogs are pack animals and usually inclined to guard the leaders of the pack, i.e. owners. By lying down on your feet, they are of the view that they can provide safety to you. They will also feel protected by being in close contact with their leader.

Wrap up

It is quite evident from the above facts, that when your dog sits on your feet, they love and care for you. Irrespective of the precise cause, they come to you for your affection and protection. Though dogs cannot speak; they communicate with their owners through such signs. Sometimes, these furry pals would sit on your foot to show you that his world revolves around you. Also, this action of dogs often makes them feel more secure and less anxious.

Understanding the actions and emotions of a dog is very easy. All you need to do is to start focusing on the little whereabouts of your beloved pet. You can pat your dog to appreciate his fondness for you. These furry pals are equal to the treasures of sheer joy that enlighten your world.

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