Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me?

Dogs, as pets are considered to be amongst the most lovable, affectionate, and loyal companions that never fail to become an irreplaceable part of the family. As pet parents, it becomes our foremost responsibility to look after the needs of these furry pals in the best possible way.

However, many times we come across a situation where the pets depict an abnormal behavior that at times, can be irritating too. One of the most common behavioral disorders among pet dogs is flea biting. In this blog, we are going to shed light on the causes of flea biting and the measures to resolve this issue among pet dogs.

Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me? One of the pivotal reasons behind the flea biting by your pet dog could be the presence of fleas in the skin of the furry pal. Apart from this, dogs tend to flea bite their owners whenever they feel bored, tired, or under-enthused. At times, flea biting by dogs is a sign of affection or maybe they are trying to groom themselves.

If your dog is flea biting you, then it is very important to root out the reason behind that, as sometimes, the problem might seem to be quite small to us, but it could be causing great discomfort to your furry pal. The following factors would help you out in how to tackle flea biting.

What is flea biting?

Before reaching directly on how to prevent your pet dog from flea biting you, it is necessary to understand what exactly a flea biting refers to and the causes behind it. When a dog nibbles on the skin through their teeth, it is known as flea biting. They usually do this to get themselves relieved from the flea itch.

However, dogs generally do not bite as they only use their front teeth to nibble on the skin. Sometimes, pet dogs tend to flea bite their own skin whereas in few extreme cases, they even nibble onto the skin of their owners.

What are the causes of flea biting by dogs?

Dogs cannot speak and can convey their feelings to us only through their actions. While fostering a pet, one of the most difficult challenges is to understand the actions of your beloved furry pal. When your pet dog begins to a flea bite, it is quite necessary to identify the reason behind this abnormal behavior of your pet, so that you can treat this issue at the earliest. The following are the few probable causes behind the flea biting.

Presence of fleas

Due to the presence of fleas in the furry coating, your pet might experience irritation or itchiness that causes intolerable discomfort to your furry pal. In such cases, dogs tend to flea bite either on their own skin.

However, if the intensity of the discomfort elevates, then pets tend to flea bite on their owners’ skin as well. This can be quite irritating at times, not only for the dog but also for the owner as no one likes too much of nibbling.

Generally, when dogs go outside for a walk or playing, they become prone to fleas that are present in the open-air. The fleas love to suck the blood of the dog by entering through their furry coating at first, and then target their delicate skin. This can also be quite painful for your furry pal and they often express their suffering by flea biting the skin of their owner.

Portraying affection

Well, for some pet dogs, flea biting is also a medium to show their affection for the owners. Some extremely loving pets are quite notorious and they often nibble on the skin of the person with whom they are most attached.

Dogs cannot reveal their feelings verbally, that is why they keep searching for different ways to show their love and affection and nibbling is one of them. However, if your pet is flea biting your skin aggressively, then it cannot be out of affection. In such cases, try to examine the behavior of your furry pal to conclude the reason behind forceful nibbling.

Sign of under-stimulation

If your dog is experiencing boredom or is feeling under-stimulated, in such cases, it is quite normal for your furry pal to flea bite on your skin. Another reason behind this could be a lack of physical activity, due to which dogs are not able to release their energy properly.

How to prevent flea biting?

Flea biting can be exasperating for the owners, even if their pets are doing it out of affection. This issue needs to be treated at the earliest for the good as many times, pets often nibble due to the discomfort caused by the fleas in their bodies. However, by following the below-mentioned tips, you can prevent your furry pal from flea biting you!

  • Brush the furry coating of your pet dog regularly as it helps to get rid of the fleas present in the fur or skin
  • Groom your dog once in a week through dry bathing. For this, you can even use a dry pet-friendly shampoo along with wet wipes followed by a brushing session
  • Clean the paws of your furry pal properly using pet-friendly wipes to remove off the dirt and concealed impurities
  • Examine your pet frequently to see whether there are any fleas present on his skin or not
  • Keep the bedding of your dog clean and well-maintained
  • Take your furry pal out for a walk regularly and indulge him in physical exercises
  • Get attractive toys for your pet to keep him engaged
  • In extreme cases, you should take your pet to a good veterinary doctor to help him in getting rid of the fleas

Wrap Up

Every action of your pet dog represents his feelings and thoughts. Although, it is a complex task to read the mind of your furry pal through his actions; by investing extra love, efforts, and care, you can easily foster your furry pal in the most flawless way!

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