Why Do Dogs Roll in Grass

Why Do Dogs Roll in Grass? [5 Common Reasons!]

Being a pet owner is not easy as it brings a lot of responsibilities along it. You need to know everything about dogs to raise them as a good pet parent. Be it their living style or a behavioral trait, you should be aware of everything related to them.

Many pet owners fail to understand the behavior and emotions of their dogs. They usually tend to misinterpret the acts of their dog and end up reacting in the wrong way. Here, let us understand one of such behavior that all the dogs follow.

We all take our dogs for a walk. Have you ever noticed that when your dog comes across a grass field, it starts to roll in grass?

Why does your dog roll in grass?

Dogs roll in the grass due to the smell in it. Dogs inherit the basic instincts of their ancestors, wolves. Wolves tend to roll them on any surface with foul smells. They use to do it to mask their original smell from their prey while hunting. Above all, rolling in the grass is normal canine behavior. Meanings to it can vary depending on the roll.

In this blog, we will explore a few major reasons for dogs to roll on grass. Besides this, we will also shed some light on certain other interesting facts related to the same.

5 Reasons for a dog to roll in the grass

There can be many reasons for dogs to follow this trait. Let us list a few of them here for better understanding.

1. Territory marking

Dogs are very obsessed with their territory. One of the reasons for them to roll in the grass is to mark their territory. By sniffing the grass and start rolling in it, they rub off their scent.

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This gives signals to other dogs to stay away from that area. You will also notice that from next time onward your dog pee and poo at the area where he rolled.

2. Itching and scratching

It is fun for a dog when they roll in the grass. But many times, they tend to roll in the grass due to discomfort also. The common cause can be itching and scratching.

During this process, he will be struggling to get rid of any parasites on his fur. Your furry pal must be having some skin allergies or a tick leading to an inflammation on his skin. If you observe any of such skin conditions, take him to the veterinarian immediately.

3. Getting off dirt

Often dogs try to clean themselves by rolling in the grass. They try to get rid of any dirt or stain from their skin as soon as they identify it. To get relieved soon they search for abrasive grass and roll in to comfort themselves.

The rolling style will help you understand his rolling purpose. The long-haired dogs shed a lot. They try to get rid of loosened hair by rolling in the grass.

Dogs Roll In Grass

4. Relaxing

Dogs find soft grass a place to comfort themselves. They are happy cushioning their body in the soft grass and rolling in it for coziness. They seek pleasure by rolling their back in the grass for a massage.

5. Masking scent

Dogs have inherited the traits of masking their scent from their ancestors, wolves. Wolves roll them in the grass to camouflage. They roll in the grass to get rid of their original scent and camouflage it with their prey.

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This will confuse the prey and will not alert them about the presence of a wolf, making the hunt easy.

Dog Roll

Is rolling in the grass not good for dogs?

Rolling in the grass can be sometimes dangerous. This is because the maintenance method of every grass is different. Most of the grassy areas are not hygienic which makes them parasites playgrounds.

Pesticides and fertilizers play a vital role to ensure hygiene in many places. In both the scenario, your furry companion will be at risk.

The unmaintained grassy field may contain ticks and mites. This may lead to skin infections in your dog. And the hygienic ones will also be fatal for your furry pal due to the usage of pesticides. Hence, you should keep an eye on your pet when he rolls himself in the grass.

Helping dogs roll in the safe grass

Do you want to further ensure the safety of your furry pal? If yes, then artificial grass is the answer for you. Your dog will get the same kind of feel on them as the natural grass.

Dogs may refrain from artificial grass as they do not smell bad. This is due to antimicrobial agents present in them.

Artificial grass is good for dogs to shed their dead furs and scratch their back. Is your furry companion a digger? If he is, then you might not find artificial grass as a sustainable solution.

Wrap up

By now you must have understood why dogs roll in the grass. The major reason is the inheritance of the trait from their ancestors. Rolling is a playful and harmless behavior of dogs.

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Being a responsible pet owner your duty should be to keep an eye on his action. Every action of your dog has got something to convey. If your furry pal is unhappy, you can see his discomfort through his body language. In such cases, you should rush your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

Be it artificial grass or natural one, your dog’s safety is important. Artificial grass can be fatal if your dog is a digger. If your furry pal consumes the torn artificial grass, it can lead to serious health problems. The same is the result if he eats the natural grass which is full of pesticides and fertilizer presence.

Hence, it becomes important for a pet owner to be cautious when he leaves his dog to roll in the grass. A vigilance from your side while your dog is rolling in the grass will help him enjoy without any hassle.

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