Dogs Say Sorry

How Do Dogs Say Sorry: Can Dogs Really Apologize to Humans?

Though dogs cannot speak; they communicate through their actions. Every action of your dog signifies something. Also, these furry pals can sense when they have done something wrong.

They cannot apologize for the way humans do; they have their way to say sorry. In this blog, we would shed light on how dogs apologize to humans.

The most adorable fact about dogs is that they do realize when they are being notorious. Also, these pooches leave no stone unturned to apologize to their owners when they are guilty. Dogs generally stare at their owners with eyes wide open and ears being droopy. Besides this, they even stop wagging their tail. If their owner refuses to forgive them, dogs might even sit on the lap or curl up against the chest of their owners.

9 Ways Dogs Say Sorry to You

Dogs follow a different approach for apologizing as compared to humans. They cannot say sorry when they have made a mistake. These furry pals have the most adorable ways to apologize to their owners. No matter how mad you are at your pet, the following gestures to say sorry to your pet would melt your heart.

1. Stops Panting

Whenever your furry pal tries to be naughty by smashing your belongings around him, he gets tired. But when they get caught in this scenario, he would stop panting. Instead, they might sit around the corner or even hide somewhere due to guilt. Hence, you should not yell at him during this situation and realize that he is apologizing.

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2. No Wagging of the Tail

Most of the time, dogs wag their tail out of excitement. When these furry pals are indulging in notorious acts, they might wag their tail. The moment their owner notices their misconduct, their tail stops wagging. It is often considered as a sign of apology as dogs only do it when they feel guilty about something.

3. Making Cute Faces

Making Cute Faces

There is no denying the fact that dogs have the most adorable facial expressions. When these furry buddies want to apologize, they widen their eyes to make a puppy face. Also, their ears become droopy when they want to say sorry to their owners. On seeing such cute facial expressions, no one can resist their affection for them.

4. Curling Up Against the Chest

When a dog sees that his owner is not accepting his apology, then he would curl up against his chest. Besides this, the dog might also try to lick the face of the owner out of affection. It is your furry pal’s way of showing that he is sorry for his misconduct and longs for your forgiveness.

5. Pawing the Face

When pets realize that their owners are angry with them; these furry pals try their best to convince them. Dogs are quite responsive and can notice any indifference in the owners’ behavior. Your dog would start rubbing his face against the leg to be apologetic. Pawing is also a sign that your pet wants you to spend time with him.

6. Rubbing the Muzzle over the Owner’s Face and Neck

Your pet would rub his muzzle over your neck and face to show his affection and love towards you. It is generally done when a dog notices that his owner is angry or not paying enough attention to him. Dogs are quite intelligent and can figure out if their owners are not happy with them.

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7. Seeking Constant Attention

Dogs like to seek oodles of love and attention from their owners. When a dog realizes that he has done something wrong, he would try to persuade his owner. Due to this, these furry pals would follow their owners as much as they can. When their favorite human gets angry with them, pets would try to remain in their sight to seek affection.

8. Bringing Cute Presents

Dogs would bring the cutest presents to make up for their misconduct. They usually come to you with your clothes and other belongings to please you. You should understand that such a gesture from your dog is another way of seeking an apology.

9. Sitting Down on the Owner’s Foot

When a dog senses that his owner does not adore him as usual, the pooch would try his level best to stay close to him. You would see that your pet is sitting down on your foot. Apart from this, your dog will also try to sit on your lap and even lick your feet. These actions of your pet are nothing less than an adorable way of him apologizing to you.

What happens when the owner refuses to accept the apology?

Though it is necessary to teach your pet the difference between right and wrong; you should not overdo it. You should not be fast enough to forgive your pet as this might not help him realize his mistake. Yet, you should not remain furious at your dog for longer as it can make him anxious, insecure, and stressed.

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If the dog is trying to seek an apology from you, then you should forgive him with a gentle patting. Being too strict with your pet would make him fearful and as a result, he might distance himself from you. You can train your dog so that he does not repeat the same mistake twice. You should remember that teaching your dog with love is the best way to instill good values in him.

Wrap Up

Like humans, dogs also go through thick and thin in life. These pooches also have the right to make mistakes and learn from them. These furry angels do apologize for their mistake to their owners in the most adorable ways. If your dog ever makes a mistake, then let him realize what went wrong. You should teach your beloved pet if he has done something wrong without overdoing it. After all, learning through mistakes is the best way to evolve into a better living being.

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