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What Is A Frenchton Dog? 31 Facts And Frenchton Dog Info

Are you looking for a compact, less aggressive, low maintenance yet powerful dog? If yes, Frenchton Dog is the breed that you should consider. It is also friendly, loving, and affectionate as well. This dog breed would never fail to lighten up your life with tons and tons of unconditional love. In this blog, we are going to know more about these furry companions along with 31 interesting facts about them.

Frenchton is a cross-breed of French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. This compact designer breed possesses the quality inherited by both of their parents. Some common names for the Frenchtons are Faux Frenchbo, Froston, and Boston Frenchies, and Frenchbo. These furry buddies are highly adaptable that makes them a good choice, especially for first-time owners.

Unveiling Frenchtons’ History and Origin

The Frenchtons came into existence in the US during the early 90s. It was in 2009 that they came into the limelight of the pet connoisseurs. They were originally bred to overcome some of the most common health issues that prevail in their parent dog breeds such as breathing, digestive, and respiratory issues. Due to this particular reason only, Frenchtons have got an elongated muzzle.

Frenchtons’ Temperament and Personality Traits

Frenchtons are brave, smart, alert, and playful. This dog breed loves to socialize with people and is extremely friendly. They relish traveling and like to accompany their owner as much as possible. However, if left alone for longer, Frenchtons can develop separation anxiety. If you are feeling low or stressed, then these furry pooches would be your savior in bad times.

Apart from this, if you are having kids or senior citizens at home, then also you can consider Frenchtons as your dream pet. They are calm, gentle, and loving, thereby showing no sign of hostility. Due to its high adaptability, less shedding, and maintenance, this dog breed is becoming one of the favorites amongst the masses.

Frenchtons’ Common Health Ailments

Frenchtons, being a brachycephalic dog breed, face difficulties in respiration. Apart from this, Frenchtons are also prone to several other health issues, such as orthopedic disorders, obesity, patellar luxation, cherry eye, and allergies. Due to their anatomy, they have more chances of getting affected by IVDD, also known as Intervertebral Disc Disease. They also tend to get exhausted very easily and are less tolerant of extreme climatic conditions due to their respiratory issues.

31 Facts about Frenchton Dogs

Welcoming and Gentle Nature

Frenchtons are extremely loving, easy-going, and friendly furry pooches that would instantly capture your heart with their endless affection. This dog breed is calm and gentle towards the people and shows no sign of aggression. They can be the best buddies that would cheer up the atmosphere in distressing times.

Less Adaptable to Extreme Climatic Conditions

The coating of a Frenchton is made from short hairs, due to which they do not hold strong resistance towards the extreme climatic conditions. Besides this, these furry companions have short muzzles that makes it difficult for them to bear too much of cold or heat.

Difficult to Train

Frenchtons are pretty much stubborn at times. This makes them a little bit difficult to train. You need to give extra effort and time to train them. Apart from this, Frenchtons are hyper-energetic and tend to do their own thing, especially when it comes to disciplined chores.

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Relish Outdoor Activities and Exercise

Like most dog breeds, Frenchtons are quite inquisitive and relish being outdoors as long as the weather conditions are not extreme. To keep them fit and healthy, you should take them out for a walk daily for at least 30-45 minutes. Make sure that your Frenchton does not get over exhausted or overheated.

Compact Yet Powerful

The average height of a Frenchton ranges from 11-14 inches whereas the ideal weight of these pooches is around 15-25 pounds. This dog breed is compact and does not require plenty of space to reside comfortably but at the same time, they have good stamina and strength. Frenchtons possess a sturdy bone structure, squashed face, short hair coat, and adoringly pointed ears.

Assorted Coat Colors to Choose From

Unlike most other dog breeds in the segment, Frenchtons do not have a double coating. They have a single coating made of short hairs and are mainly available in assorted colors such as golden, cream, black, rare brindle, along with black and white.  

Highly Sociable Furry Pals

Frenchtons are highly sociable pets. They relish meeting people and getting along with them very well. If you are having a big family, then these pooches are the perfect pets. Also, they are not much intolerant to the presence of strangers. Frenchtons love to go out and make new friends.

Refrain from Being Left Alone

These lovable pets dislike being alone. Most times, they need the company of their owners to stay comfortable, safe, and contented. You cannot leave Frenchtons unaccompanied at home. If you are a working professional who often leaves the house for long hours, then this dog breed would not be suitable for you.

Playful with Kids

If you are having kids at home, then Frenchtons would be the best buddy. This dog breed is extremely gentle and friendly with kids. At times, these furry companions would guard your kids against any unforeseen dangers.

Less Maintenance Breed

Frenchtons do not require daily grooming and brushing, all thanks to their single-layered coating made of short hairs. You can brush and groom them once or twice a week. Also, you should bathe them once in every fifteen days as their skin is sensitive. However, if they are extremely stinky and dirty, then you can go for a dry bath also.

Refrain from Feeding Human Food

You should be more careful when it comes to the diet of your Frenchton. Unlike other breeds, you should refrain from giving human foodstuffs to him as it is not good for his health. Only premium quality and pet-friendly food should be fed to the Frenchton breed.  

Prone to Tartar

It is quite necessary to maintain the oral health of Frenchtons to prevent the buildup of tartar. For this, you should brush their teeth on alternate days.

Average Intelligence and Grasping Power

Frenchtons have average intelligence power and much patience is needed to teach them what is right and wrong. After that, they understand the commands effectively and memorize them after 30-40 consecutive repetitions. They can remember the new commands for a long time after proper training for the same.

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Frenchtons are not hypoallergenic and this makes them unsuitable for the people who are hypersensitive and prone to dog allergies. Although they have fine and short hairs, this does not mean that they do not cause allergies in humans. The root cause of allergies is dog saliva along with dander that is present in their fur and not the shedding.

Average Life Span

The average life expectancy of the Frenchton dog breed ranges from 12-15 years. You can keep your beloved furry companion healthy, happy, and disease-free by taking much care of him. Also, take him to a good veterinary doctor for regular checkups.

Energetic and Relish Pet-Friendly Toys

This dog breed is highly energetic and loves to play. To keep him engaged for longer, you can get a handful of pet-friendly toys for your Frenchton. You can indulge your pet in an outdoor playtime for at least thrice in a week to keep him fit and content.

Moderate Biting Tendency

The Frenchtons has average chances of biting someone. This dog breed is considered to be less aggressive and does not bite without any justified reason. However, the top reasons due to which a Frenchton can bite are pain, provocation by someone, excitement, herding nature, and sense of danger.

Do Not Bark and Howl Much

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful dog breed, then Frenchton would be a perfect pet for you. These furry pals do not bark and howl frequently. They only do it in rare cases when they have a good reason to bark or howl such as fear, separation anxiety, boredom, an indication of danger, the excitement of greeting, and protectiveness.

Average Chances of Getting Obese

Frenchtons possess average to high chances of gaining weight if proper attention is not paid to their diet and exercise requirements. To maintain the sound health and weight of your pet, you must incorporate regular exercise along with a nutritious diet.

Not Much Shedding

Frenchtons have a coating made of short and fine hairs that they shed in moderation only. If you are looking for a breed that does not shed much hair, then Frenchtons would be suitable for you. These pooches do not shed as heavily as other dog breeds. Less shedding means less mess in the house.

Low Drooling Potential

This dog breed has a low drooling tendency. If you do not like the salivate spots on your well-ironed clothes, then Frenchtons would be a great pet for you. These furry pals drool less as compared to the other dog breeds. However, if your Frenchton is drooling excessively, then you should consult a veterinary doctor as it is not a good sign.

Struggle to Breathe Properly

Due to the pushed-in nose, anatomy, and facial features resembling its parents, Frenchtons are brachycephalic. They experience difficulty breathing similar to the French Bulldogs. This dog breed has narrow nostrils along with prolonged soft palate that makes it tough for these pooches to breathe properly.

Not Registered by American Kennel Club

Frenchton breeds do not come under the category of pedigree as they are cross-bred between the Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs. Hence, they have not been recognized and registered by the American Kennel Club.

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Apartment-Friendly Breed

This dog breed is also well-known for its excellent adaptability. If you are looking for a pet who can adjust to the apartment lifestyle, then Frenchtons would be most appropriate for you. These furry buddies can adapt themselves to the apartment living without creating any troubles for you.

Adorable with Floppy Ears

Apart from their charming appearance, Frenchtons are also famous amongst the pet lovers for their adorable ears. They have bat-like floppy ears that make them strikingly attractive. Also, this dog breed possesses a longer snout as compared to the French Bulldogs.

Snores During a Nap

Ideally, Frenchtons sleep around 12-14 hours throughout the day. However, these furry companions do snore a lot. If you do not like the sound of snoring, then Frenchtons might not be the ideal pets for you.

Physically Unfit for Swimming

Frenchtons are not considered to be good swimmers naturally because they are brachycephalic. Their heads are quite heavy that makes swimming pretty much tough for them. Although Frenchtons relish playing in the water they could easily end up getting tired and can even drown. If you want to make your pet swim, then a life jacket is a must for your Frenchton.

Struggle in Reproduction

It is rare to see the Frenchtons giving birth naturally. Most litters get delivered through the C-section. Just like the parent breeds, Frenchtons have narrow hips, due to which they struggle to deliver pups through their birth canal. Mostly, this dog breed gives birth through cesarean.

Short and Stumpy Tails

Frenchtons have short and stumpy tails that they have inherited from their parents. Sometimes, their tails are too short to cover their bottom portion. Due to the lineage of French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, their tails are too tiny.

Cat Friendly

Frenchtons can get along with the cats very well if both of them are introduced most appropriately. If you are already having a cat at home, then bring the pup of Frenchton instead of young or an adult one. Try to make your Frenchton pup familiarize with the presence of a cat at an early stage.

Not Good as Service or Guard Dog

Although Frenchtons are smart and attentive; they are not as good as rescue or therapy dogs. They do not have the capabilities that are required to become service or a guard dog. Their ability to sniff is not as strong as other dog breeds. Irrespective of this, they are extremely brilliant as family pets.

Wrap Up

Frenchtons are amiable pooches that always manage to capture the hearts and souls of the pet aficionados. These furry companions would fill up your life with endless joy and affection. They are remarkably brilliant as family pets and all they need is attention, care, and love to remain healthy and ecstatic.

The above-mentioned facts will help you make a better decision as a new pet owner as if this is the breed that is meant for you or not. Besides this, if you are already a Frenchton Dog owner, these facts will prove to be helpful as a reference guide to groom him effectively and lead a healthy life.

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