Are French Bulldogs Good Therapy Dogs For Emotional Support?

Are French Bulldogs Good Therapy Dogs For Emotional Support?

Frenchies are excellent therapy dogs as they offer unconditional affection and love for human company. They can be found in hospitals, care homes to cheer people up!

French Bulldogs are a breed of dog that has many qualities. They are loving, good for living in an apartment or home, and just plain adorable! They are also a great choice for people who need emotional support because they love to cuddle with you on the couch while you watch TV.

If you’re looking for a therapy dog to help with your mental health, then we would recommend getting a French Bulldog. Check out this blog post to learn if it’s right for you!

Qualities that make Frenchies a good therapy dog

Therapy dogs are meant to provide emotional support to those people who are suffering from any kind of emotional, physical, or mental trauma.

Other than having certain potentials or traits of having a therapy dog, the breed should also be trained to provide emotional support in the right way.

Let us explore what potentials a Frenchie has got to become a good therapy dog. Mentioned below are three reasons as to why they can offer relief to the penurious people:

  • Frenchies are a very small breed that can easily be lifted onto the bed of hospitals and managed on human laps.
  • They loves human companionship and is very swift to offer affection in manifold ways.
  • They are not at all aggressive by nature. This personality trait makes him less dangerous and a perfect playmate for kids, thus maintaining a strong alliance with owners.
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Is specific training required for Frenchies to be emotional support dogs?

Yes, the training is mandatory for Frenchies to become good therapy dogs for emotional support. Therapy dogs have to interact with several people who might be suffering from stress or anxiety. Given those conditions, proper training should be provided to the French Bulldogs for behaving properly and taking good care of their patients.

Ideally, Frenchies should be trained at an early age to completely imbibe and understand their potential as therapy dogs. This will not only make them perfect as therapy dogs by the time they fully grow and become mature but also help them get socialized with the people and environment around them easily.

It is through the medium of training only; therapy dogs do not panic in adverse circumstances. They show no signs of aggression towards other people and instill a high level of confidence in any condition.

If you want your Frenchie to be a good therapy dog for emotional support that can be taken to hospitals, care centers, etc. then you should consider some important things such as:

  • Taking your Frenchie to the vet for a full health check-up periodically
  • Acquiring the proof of the rabies vaccination and other boosters for your Frenchie
  • Arranging obedience and socialization training for your Frenchie

You can also provide training to your Frenchie on your own to become a good therapy dog for emotional support, but a reliability and competency test is required to enter into a public environment. Hence, it is always preferred to get your Frenchie trained by an authorized professional trainer for becoming a therapy dog.

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Do Frenchies possess the dual qualities of being a service as well as therapy dogs?

It has been observed that most people get confused between therapy and service dogs. However, the objective of both is the same which is to assist penurious people. But still, there are some major differences between the two.

The service dogs do not require any kind of special training and assist only a single person whereas therapy dogs are trained to handle various people. Therapy ones have to behave properly and react instantly to their trainers. The minimum age for becoming a therapy dog is one year.

The therapy dogs are only permitted in specific places but cannot be taken to restaurants or on airplanes, unlike service dogs. Rather, therapy ones can be taken to hospitals, care centers, and sometimes at courtrooms and schools for victims and students, respectively.

How do Frenchies work as therapy dogs?

One of the characteristics of therapy dogs is to provide emotional support to the people who need it. They are joyful and sprinkle happiness all around. Therapy dogs help people suffering from anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, and stress.

Contribute to enhancing living quality by reducing stress: Stress has become a constant part of our everyday life. It has been seen that most people suffer from stress and depression these days. If you are combatting any of such disorders, then do not look further and get a Frenchie to put an end to all your sufferings and in turn, enhance the quality of your living.

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Aid in reducing anxiety: Anxiety is a common mental ailment in which a patient is uncomfortable and confused. Opportunely, Frenchies deal with anxiety-related problems. These therapy dogs, with their cute, radiant, and smiling faces, put a smile on the faces of people suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Help in overcoming emotional trauma: The sorrow caused by trauma is very painful. To overcome this situation, you need companionship along with the time and attention of someone who can revive you. Therefore, a companion in the form of a Frenchie is surely going to be your perfect choice who will prove to be a sigh of relief in such adverse circumstances. The love and attention which you will get from your four-limbed friend will help you in overcoming all the sorrows of your life in no time.

Wrap up

Frenchies are very gentle, friendly, and show no signs of aggression. The only thing which is required is to get them trained professionally to listen to their trainers and behave properly.

It is quite evident from the above facts that French Bulldogs are good therapy dogs for emotional support. Frenchies, with their friendly temperament, soft nature, and affectionate behavior will surely ease all your emotional ailments and make you contented.

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