French Bulldog Puppy

How To Raise A French Bulldog Puppy To Be Healthy & Well-Adjusted

The French Bulldogs are one of the most sought-after pets. They are not working dogs. Thus they cannot perform any definitive task which requires physical effort. These are more of accomplices for their pet parents. They love being around familiar people and are often scared of unfamiliar surroundings. For mitigating, it is essential to emphasize on their upbringing.

In what manner should the upbringing of French bulldog progress? French Bulldogs are stubborn and always wants to be close to their pet parents. It is crucial to start raising a healthy and socialized puppy at the beginning of an early age. A lot of factors related to his physical well-being, as well as adapting nature, require consideration.

Importance of a well-maintained childhood for a French Bulldog

It is essential to start a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Just like human babies, puppies too, undergo a lot of physical and developmental changes. For a healthy and robust dog in the future, early training is necessary. Most of them suffer from genetic health issues; a healthy form of lifestyle will help them build a strong body to be able to fight the illnesses from within.

A grown-up French Bulldogs are frightened of almost everything. Any unfamiliar environment or an individual can make them terrified. They are comfortable only in their known surroundings; even a slight change can promote behavioral changes. They become annoying and painful to handle with a sudden sound or noise. Thus, they do not prefer the usage of any electronic equipment in the house that produces sound. If early training is absent from their growing stage, it is later tricky for them to accustom the environmental changes.

Various factors to consider while raising a puppy of a French Bulldog


Emotive nature of puppies is very different from a mature dog. Some can be sensitive during a young age but may become quite adaptable later. French bulldogs are quite emotional and have a temperament. It is when they are left alone or in unfamiliar surroundings. Thus, teaching a stable emotional and mental state of mind is necessary from the beginning of a new life.  


French Bulldogs of scared of other dogs too. It may be of the same breed or any different breed as well. They do not prefer to mingle and socialize with other dogs or human beings in the neighborhood. They get petrified when a stranger visits home. Some of them are so scared that they might urinate or initiate destructive chewing. During the early stages of life, social training will help them calm down in the future and get well adapted while meeting strangers.

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Obedience training: 

As a pet parent to a newborn puppy of a French Bulldog, you must initiate puppy training as soon as possible. These are a stubborn breed, and if not trained regularly will not behave properly while growing up. Training includes sleeping habits, potty training and commands like sit, come, go etc. mostly.


Although French Bulldogs are not a very active and hardworking breed, regular exercise is essential for their physical development. Instead of hard-core physical training, some light activities and games can be suitable alternatives as per their strength. A well-grown French Bulldog is challenging to train and mostly prefer staying indoors, but with training from a young age, they will start enjoying it. It will help later in the mature stage as well.

Food and health: 

For every living organism, food is a vital source of energy. Likewise, for a puppy, too, a healthy and balanced diet plays an essential role in overall growth and development.

Best age to start training

Training your canine must start soon after bringing them home. But puppy training is advisable from seven to eight weeks of age. By this time, they can see correctly and can walk well. Although their attention span is short-lived, but short and straightforward training will help them perform better. During this stage of a French Bulldog, involving in fun and cheerful activities will encourage them to follow it. The training can intensify as the puppy grows older at least six months of age and can follow commands better. It will help in not learning errors, which will later be difficult to change.

Techniques of raising a well adjusted and healthy puppy of a French Bulldog

It is understandable that for a puppy, they still do not have a developed brain to understand complicated commands or training activities. They will also be unable to perform them because of low physical and mental development by this age. Thus, simple and easy-to-follow techniques will be easier to absorb and continue behaving for a better living. Some of the basic approaches are as follows:

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Stabilizing a schedule:

The first and foremost tip of raising a puppy is maintaining a time-table of his daily life. From a young age, if the puppy gets to know about his schedule, it will help him follow those even later in life. He can become self-dependent very soon. Since French Bulldogs do not prefer strange things, it becomes difficult for them to adapt to his daily schedule if there is no routine to follow. A well-established method will make his daily activities sure and foreseeable.

Building Food habits: 

It is essential to create a healthy and balanced food habit from a young age. Giving them treats in the form of junk food and snacks very often is not advisable. It will not only harm their digestive system but will also incline them towards it. Snacks and treats will distract them from the main meal and will not consider eating those. Dogs are often allergic to certain food items. Make sure as a pet parent, you are aware of it. Healthy fruits and vegetables are suitable for every puppy. It is vital to gain their attention towards the food by commanding signals and guiding towards it. Consult a veterinarian for a diet chart for the puppy. A healthy diet from the beginning will continue even in the later stage of life and help develop the immune system’s growth and development.

Involving in simple activities: 

Puppies are not healthy enough to indulge in substantial physical activities. But engaging them in simple activities like running in the lawn or a stroll in the park can help them maintain a good physique. French Bulldogs tend just to lay around and be lazy most of the time. Thus, engaging them in simple activities will keep them fit.

Regular health check-ups: 

French Bulldogs are prone to many genetic diseases. Regular health check-ups will help to keep track of it and take action accordingly. Moreover, French Bulldogs don’t like visiting the veterinarians because of the unfamiliar smell of the clinic, restraining while check-ups and use of syringes on the body while vaccinating makes them terrified. Early and regular visits will make them panic less.

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Soon after seven or eight weeks after birth, socializing can begin. Puppies get to mingle with new people or other dogs very quickly. Adapting to a different situation or environment takes a little time, but develops by the age of 16 weeks. An early introduction will help to generate positive experiences which will be fruitful while growing up. However, it is also crucial to protect them from any sort of negative energy or incident. It will ensure them to adjust and minimize their fearful nature.

Building obedience: 

Initially, a pet parent may start with a simple commanding phrase while luring towards food. Once they begin to perform such simple tasks successfully, you may move forwards with other commands like fetch, sit, go etc. It will support in building a strong foundation of obedience and will learn to obey commands.

Providing training: 

Soon after completing eight weeks of age, ensuring training is necessary. It is the most crucial age when they start obeying commands and follow instructions gradually. If not, they may become stubborn later, and it will be tough to train them. However, sophisticated training can start from 6 months of age but with short lessons. All family members should also involve themselves in practice. On the success of each exercise, rewards will motivate them to perform better. For instance, potty training, sitting before opening a door or before receiving meals, etc., can start from a young age.

For raising a well adjusted and healthy French Bulldog puppy, one must give ample time and space to grow and develop. Expecting results in a day or two is a vague idea. Some puppies may respond very quickly, while others may take some time. As a pet parent too, a lot of patience and perseverance are required while training a puppy to help him grow into a mature, well-behaved, and fit furry companion in the future.

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