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How Many Nipples Does A French Bulldog Have

French Bulldogs are compact, friendly, and solid dog breeds. They are adorable and affectionate pets that can be the best companions for all. This dog breed can be identified by their short height, flat face, and ears like bats.

Physical attributes of French Bulldogs do not vary much from other dogs. Apart from the punched-in face and short height, they have common features just like any dog breeds. From head to tail they are the same as other species. Just like other mammals they also have nipples to feed their puppies.

Mostly French Bulldogs have 8 nipples, whether it is a male or female. Some larger dogs can have 10 to 12 nipples which can again be odd. Generally, their nipples can range from 6 to 12, so you need to be concerned if they vary from this range. There are no specified or proven facts for having uneven nipples and there is no reason you need to be worried about it.

In this blog, we will discuss concerning the nipples of French Bulldogs and how you can take care of their nipples as a responsible pet owner.

Nipples in males

The nipples in male Bulldogs tend to be small and hard from the surface. Besides this, their nipple is also tough to spot. The reason why male Bulldogs have nipples is that when they are in their mother’s embryo, they follow the same way of development, whether it is growing nipples or something else. They will grow in the same way, but later on, their nipples would not function like females such as they would not be able to produce milk.

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Nipples in females

Mostly the female Bulldogs have 6 to 10 nipples, so on average, if we calculate it comes to 8 in common. In females, the number can vary depending upon the size of the female dog. The nipples of the female Frenchie will be visible from her lower belly to her way up towards the armpits. The color of the nipples may vary from pink to slightly dark. If a female is having red-colored nipples, then this is not normal. In such a case, one should consult a doctor at the earliest on noticing such symptoms.

How to count nipples?

Counting nipples can be a trickier task if you are a new pet parent. You can often get confused between their nipples and navel as they may look similar to you. That is why it is suggested that when their nipples are fully grown somewhere around 6 to 8 months, then it is the right time to recognize and count them.

Issues related to nipples

The most common issues that female Frenchie face with their nipples are allergies. Due to this, their nipples become bigger and get swelled due to allergies which can be caused by any particular food or climatic conditions. Another factor for swelling nipples can be hair loss when they shed at a huge level. Because of this, their nipples tend to look bigger from their original size.

Apart from this, it is often possible that the female French Bulldog might develop cancer tumors or cysts around their nipples. If you see any unusual symptoms, then you should consult the veterinary doctor as soon as possible for medical intervention.

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How to take care?

During pregnancy

It is very important to take care of a female Frenchie during and after pregnancy as this can be a very crucial time for both mother and babies. When a mother is lactating her puppies, it requires a lot of energy. In such conditions, you should give her some space to handle things her way. Diet plays a very important role during this period so serve her with the essential protein and nutrition, so that she can feed her puppies properly.

During the heat cycle

It is possible that when a female Frenchie is in heat, her nipples get swelled. If we closely examine, the nipples around their lower belly tend to increase in size. An estrus cycle can last up to 21 days. These days can be really painful for her, so you can wrap a cloth dipped in hot water around her tummy. Try to keep her warm and calm along with serving her the diet which is rich in nutrients and easy to digest.

Swollen nipples other than pregnancy and heat cycle

Swelling in nipples can be because of many reasons. However, one should never ignore such symptoms as they can also be an outcome of developing tumors or cysts around their nipples. One should always visit the veterinarian doctor on observing such uncommon signs. Get an X-ray done by your veterinarian and ask him to examine your dog properly. Make sure to follow the best possible treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Accidental hurt

An accident cut or any damage around your Frenchie’s nipple can lead to infections as well. If such things take place, you should give her an anti-infection shot or the suitable medical treatment as prescribed by the veterinary doctor. If it is a fresh wound or cut, do not leave it open. A proper dressing should be done to heal it appropriately.

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Proper grooming can help in keeping your dog’s coat healthier and shinier. French Bulldogs have short-coated fur and do not require regular brushing and bathing. You can brush your pet’s coat once in a week and bath him once in two weeks or even once in a month if he is not dirty. Grooming can help in maintaining good health of your dog’s coat, thereby keeping the nipples healthy and tick free.

Wrap Up

As mentioned above, the ideal nipple counts in Frenchies range from 6 to 12 but commonly they have 8 nipples. If your dog is having an odd count or having more or fewer nipples than the ideal ones, do not get anxious. All you need is to focus on how you can keep your French Bulldog happy and fit in every sense.

Never ignore any part of your dog’s body, especially the nipples as they are a very sensitive part in terms of health issues. To keep them healthy, always examine them properly, thereby giving them more attention, care, and love.

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