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Do French Bulldogs Have A Good Sense Of Smell?

French Bulldogs are touted to be one of the best suitable family pets that one could ever have. This breed is also known for establishing a strong and lovable companionship with humans. Frenchies do not grow very huge; they are active and very playful. They have a flat face structure with a tiny nose and beautifully expressive eyes.

French Bulldogs are compact and solid with an adorably fluffy face. They are a mild-tempered and happy-go-lucky type of species. They love sleeping and can spend most of their day by lying down on their much-loved place. Frenchies are great companions and can make your day extremely happy by doing cute little things around you. In this blog, we are going to find out whether these furry pals have a good sense of smell or not.

French Bulldogs can smell far more than human beings. They have 40 more receptors as compared to every receptor that humans have. However, as compared to other dog breeds, their smelling capacity is relatively lesser. Also, the French Bulldogs are brachycephalic because of their anatomy. They have a flat face and their nose is pointed inwards. Due to their small and compact nose, they face difficulty in smelling and breathing.

Nevertheless, they can be heroic when it comes to their smelling capacity. They can smell your presence even if you are in another corner of the house. They can even smell their food or favorite toys if they are kept meters away from them. The following mentioned factors would help you to understand the smelling capacity of Frenchies along with some useful measures you can take if you own one.

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Comparison with humans

If we compare with humans, French Bulldogs have 10,000 times stronger nose. They can smell far better than humans. Apart from this, these furry pooches have 40 times more receptors as compared to humans. They can easily smell the scent of things and remember them for a longer time.

Comparison with other dog breeds

French Bulldogs have good smelling capability. However, if we compare it with other dogs, they have a very tiny nose and a short nasal passage. Due to this, they are not very good at smelling. According to the research, they are not suitable to be a great spy dog. This dog breed is also brachycephalic because of several features such as a punched-in face along with a tiny nose. If we compare Frenchies with other dog breeds in smelling capacity, they are mostly leftover on that list.

Understanding Brachycephalic Syndrome

The term brachycephalic is a Latin word, which means a flat head. The brachycephalic syndrome refers to anatomical disorder with a set of primary and secondary upper airways. These abnormalities are generally caused by narrow nasal passage, which increases the negative intra airway pressure, thereby creating difficulty in breathing.

Generally, this syndrome can be identified if your Bulldog has become a heavy snorer or gasps during respiration which means the sound of breathing even when they are awake. This can become a life-threatening situation, if not identified or diagnosed at the right time.

Health-related issues of a Frenchie

French Bulldogs have a very long history of genetic health problems. These furry pals get chronic diseases very easily and this can add up to the medical expenses. Although this dog breed is prone to a lot of health problems, a few among them are allergies, brachycephalic syndrome, bone dysplasia, heat stress, etc. Smelling capacity can get affected if your dog is not well, so make sure you keep him fit and healthy.

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If you are already having a Frenchie or planning to get one, then you must follow the below-mentioned steps to help your dog to smell in a much better way.

Measures to be taken


The best way to make the smelling capacity your dog stronger is by exposing him to new things and making him understand the names of them as well. Have you ever wondered a dog can fetch a newspaper for you when you ask him to do so? The reason behind this is the owner has taught him that this round piece of paper is called a newspaper which you will get near the door every morning. By teaching this way you can increase his ability to understand human language. Even if he fails to smell, he can get the thing by just following the command.

Avoiding heavy workouts

The general workout time for a French Bulldog is 20 minutes a day. A heavy workout can be the worst thing you can offer to a brachycephalic dog. Training and workouts are helpful for dogs to maintain their mental and physical health. But if French Bulldogs are exposed to heavy workouts they can get over exhausted very quickly that often leads to breathlessness.

French Bulldogs strive for breathing and are not meant for heavy workouts. Make sure the training periods are short and you are offering water to your dog in every break during workouts.

Regular checkups and vaccinations

Frenchies are very sensitive and can easily turn to an uncomfortable zone if they are not well. Even small cold or sneezing can cause a big problem for your Frenchie. Their small nasal passage can get blocked that restricts them from breathing. Make sure you are getting a regular checkup done by your dog’s veterinarian. Along with this keep your pet fully vaccinated as prescribed by the veterinarian.

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Feeding is another aspect that is very important when it comes to your dog’s health. Make sure you are feeding him with good quality food in a suitable amount. Avoid giving those food items that are not good for your dog’s health, such as chocolates, alcohols, grapes, etc. Diet and feeding are very important to keep your dog healthy and fit.

Wrap Up

Not all the dogs are the same and not all the breeds possess the same qualities. The smelling power of French Bulldogs is not as good as other dogs. Their pushed-in nose makes it harder for them to smell. But they can smell far better than humans. Hence, if you are planning to get one then do not restrict yourself. They are adorable and would brighten up your life with their unconditional love.

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