Are French Bulldogs Color Blind?

If you are in search of a loyal companion who would revivify your life, then you can consider French Bulldogs. These charming pooches are extremely loving and affectionate family pets. Also, they are sociable pets and have a friendly nature that makes them an astonishing confidant for the pet fanatics.

Besides this, Frenchies can conquer the hearts of the people with their mesmerizingly fluffy appearance. These furry pals are gentle, smart, observant, and playful. This dog breed perfectly defines the combination of adorableness with vivacity. One of the most common perceptions of pet owners is that dogs can only see the world in black and white. Well, in this blog, we are going to figure out whether French Bulldogs are color blind or not.

Like the other dog breeds, the French Bulldogs are not color blind. However, these furry companions cannot see the color in the same way as humans do. This is because Frenchies possess a limited color range and are not able to see the broad color spectrum, unlike humans. Dogs have two types of cones whereas humans have three. However, this does not make pooches color blind as they can see colors in shades of grey, yellow, and blue only.

As a pet owner, you must be inquisitive for knowing more about which colors your beloved pooch can see. Most people perceive that dogs can see all the colors but that is not true. The following factors would provide you a detailed understanding of what French Bulldogs can see and what they cannot along with reasons for the same.

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The partial color range of French Bulldogs

As stated above, dogs have a limited color range that restricts them to see the color spectrum in the way which humans can see. This is also known as the dichromatic vision in dogs. The human eye consists of cones and rods that help in the identification of the color. Rods assist in determining whether the object is dim or bright, mainly in colors black and white.

On the other hand, cones permit to differentiate between colors such as distinguishing green from yellow and red from blue along with an all-inclusive visual spectrum. Humans possess three kinds of cones that enable them to see all the colors present in the rainbow. Due to this, humans can easily see colors such as orange, yellow, red, blue, indigo, orange, and violet.

Dogs have only two types of cones that reduce the number of pigments that they identify or see. As a result of this, pooches can see the world in limited colors such as grey, blue, and yellow. Similar to all the other dog breeds, French Bulldogs have dichromatic vision due to which their color range is quite partial.

A Popular Misconception

Since ages, most people think that dogs can only see the surroundings in black and white. But the truth is that dogs can see the world in hues of grey, yellow, and blue. However, they cannot see colors such as red and many others. The same case is with Frenchies too and they can easily make combinations out of yellow and blue.

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It is a proven fact that a canine eye can differentiate between blues and yellows as compared to the reds. The world might be colorful for you, but for your French Bulldog, all the surroundings would be perceived in grayish-brown color.

The Night Vision of a French Bulldog

Although dogs have dichromatic vision, they have more rods in their retina as compared to the cones. This leads to a more improved and enhanced vision, specifically at night. On the other hand, humans have a trichromatic vision that implies that they have three types of cones. Dogs have got exceptionally good night vision for chasing in the dark.

French Bulldogs can see much better in low light vision. These furry pals possess three eyelids that consist of an upper eyelid, a lower lid, along with a third lid. It is also known as the nictitating membrane that helps to keep the eyes moist and protected.

The canine eyes are having a bigger lens and corneal surface along with a reflective membrane recognized as tapetum lucidum. It also contains a layer made of flat and smooth cells that are concealed by a segment of double distorted crystals. It causes the eyes to glow when the light hits the eyes during the night time. These specific eye features help to enhance the night vision in French Bulldogs.

Besides this, another reason due to which the eyes of a French Bulldog are different than humans is the distance between the lens and the retina of the eyes. In the case of Frenchies, the lens is closer towards the retina that helps in making the reflected image appear brighter to your pooch in comparison to your vision.

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Dogs also possess FFF, also known as Faster Fusion Frequency that measures the quickness of the eyes to adapt the flickering light. The quicker the adaptation, the superior the vision will be, specifically during dusk and dawn. The French Bulldogs resemble the traits of wild wolves. Due to this, they have a natural benefit of seeing better in crepuscular light.

The Right Type of Toys for your Lovable Frenchie

If you are looking forward to buying toys for your beloved furry companion, then go for those who are of blue and yellow colors, or a combination of both. It would make it easier for your French Bulldog to identify his toys easily.

The pet-friendly toys are most commonly spotted in colors such as red, pink, and orange. The strange thing is that these colors are difficult for the dogs to spot. Your Frenchie would be able to spot a yellow tennis ball more easily as compared to a red Frisbee.

Wrap Up

Frenchies, being dichromatic living beings, have excellent night vision as compared to the other living beings. However, little do we know that dogs cannot see the objects as clear and vivid as humans. The vision of the dogs is mainly blurred. Above all, the vision of your French Bulldog does not make a huge difference as long as you, as his true companion, are there to make him see and live the world through your eyes!

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