Why Do Bulldogs Fart So Much? [How To Deal With It!]

Bulldogs are amazing dogs. They’re loyal, loving, and so much fun to be around. Unfortunately, though, they also have a less than desirable quality: the tendency to fart A LOT!

The most likely reason for this is:

  • Weak stomach and sensitive digestive system.
  • When eating fast, gas builds up in their intestines because it takes time for them to eat properly with their short noses and flat faces which can lead to over-eating if not careful.

So if your dog is always passing gas then here’s some advice on how to deal with it!

Maintain Nutritional Diet

Diet plays an important role in maintaining the sound health of your pet. One of the most probable reasons behind the excess farting of your Bulldog could be the wrong diet. Pets, unlike humans, cannot digest all types of food items properly.

Hence, you need to make sure that your Bulldog eats only pet-friendly foodstuffs that are easily digestible too. You can feed the below-mentioned foodstuffs to your Bulldog to reduce or lessen his farts.

Fiber-Rich Food Items

Food items such as apple, brown rice, green beans, and carrots are rich in fiber that helps to improve the digestive system of your dog. You can give these healthy and nutritious food items to your dog in moderation.

Also, you can mix them with your pet’s regular food to add a delectable taste to the meal. It would help you in controlling the farts of your Bulldog to a great extent.

Premium Quality Dog Food

We often underestimate the importance of the right kind of dog food for our pets. There are different brands and formulations of dog food for each dog breed.

Hence, it is necessary to consider the breed of your pet along with his physique and nutritional requirements for choosing the best dog food. You can even consult a good veterinary doctor in this regard.

Anti-Fart and Pet-Friendly Dog Biscuits

Bulldogs tend to fart a lot and giving them regular pet treats would only contribute to the worst in it. Instead, you can try out anti-fart biscuits as they are not only pet-friendly but also assist in reducing the farts in pets.

Such biscuits are loaded with fiber along with essential nutrients that assist in controlling the stinks of dog farts.

Yogurt and Probiotics

Although most dairy products are not considered to be good for the health of pets, yogurt is an exception. It is a healthy dairy product that you should feed to your Bulldog. Yogurt is rich in good bacteria that help to bring stability and balance to the pet’s digestive system.

Also, make sure to refrain from the flavored yogurts available in the market as they contain high sugar content.

Go for natural or homemade yogurts that are free from sugar, sodium, and artificial flavorings. Besides this, you can also give probiotics to your Bulldog for treating the dog gas that causes farts.

Supplements, and Nutrients

You can include health supplements in the daily diet regime of your Bulldog to enhance his digestive system to a great extent. Also, vitamin B complex along with digestive enzymes is pretty much effective in reducing dog gas.

However, before starting with dog supplements, do not forget to consult your veterinary doctor for the same.

The Tennis Ball Hoax

Bulldogs tend to eat very fast that can lead to dog gas in them. You can resolve this problem by following this simple tried and tested trick.

Firstly, place a tennis ball in the middle of your Bulldog’s meal. By doing so, your Bulldog would approach the meal slowly than usual. Your furry pal would begin to eat the meal slowly around the tennis ball.

Alternatively, you can even utilize a dog dish that has been designed to slow down the pace of eating in pets. By eating slowly, there would be less air accumulated in the intestine of the Bulldog leading to a reduction in dog gas and farts eventually. 

Bulldog Fart

Regular Exercise

To keep your Bulldog fit and healthy, you should take him out for a walk regularly for at least 30 minutes.

Apart from this, also indulge your beloved pet in outdoor playtime of at least 30-45 minutes daily to improve his overall well-being.

It would also help to improve and enhance the digestive health of your Bulldogs, resulting in lesser farts.

Things to Avoid

You should strictly avoid food items that contain too many carbohydrates, starch, sodium, and sugar. Such types of foodstuffs can easily get fermented in your pet’s intestine that leads to frequent farts.

Also, refrain from feeding your Bulldog with the leftover table scraps as it causes dog gas in them.

Besides this, dairy items except yogurt are not good for Bulldogs. You should also exclude highly-fermented food items such as cabbage, broccoli, soy, and cauliflower. Also, do not feed grains such as corn and wheat to Bulldogs as it would only worsen their digestive system.

Can I give my dog Tums for gas?

Yes, you can give your dog Tums (or any other kind of antacid that contains calcium carbonate).

Because it neutralizes stomach acid and works quickly, it can be very helpful for dogs who are suffering from excess gas. It will relieve the discomfort and make your dog feel much better.

However, do not give your dog antacids on a daily basis without talking to your vet first.

If your dog has consistently gassy issues that don’t seem to be resolved immediately by giving him Tums, you should schedule an appointment with your vet to figure out what’s causing the gassiness and how to treat it.

Wrap Up

Bulldogs are charismatic furry buddies that fill up your life with endless love and joy. When you have got such a lovable companion by your side, it becomes more important to ensure his good wellness.

Frequent farts are quite common in Bulldogs but it does not mean that you cannot treat this health ailment. By following the above-mentioned measures, you can easily improve the gastrointestinal health of your Bulldog to keep him healthy and happy.

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