Do French Bulldogs Jaws Lock?

French Bulldogs are touted to be amongst the most easy-going dog breeds across the world. They are highly adored for their charisma, friendliness, and sociability. These loving pooches are gentle and least aggressive ones. Although, Frenchies come under the category of small-sized pets; they have got good strength in their jaws.

Frenchies were originally bred to be one of the strongest dog breeds and their jaws can cause huge damage to anyone. Their biting strength is quite impressive and can get a good hold on things. But the actual question that pops up in the mind of most people is that can these furry pals lock their jaws.

French Bulldogs possess great strength in their jaws. Their jaw hold can be very great and good enough to play tug of war. It is a myth that Bulldogs can lock their jaws. Not just Bulldogs, no dogs can lock their jaws, despite the reason how strong their grip is. Their jaw strength can be measured by their biting force which is amazing. To keep their jaws strong, you must provide them jaw exercises and proper hygiene. Along with this get a regular checkup done of your dog to keep him away from any disease.

In this blog, we will discuss the strength of the jaws of French Bulldogs and try to find out the truth behind the jaws lock.   

Strength of French Bulldog’s Jaws      

French Bulldogs have strong jaws in comparison to other dog breeds. If you calculate their jaw strength, it would come somewhere around 180 to 230 pounds per sq. inches. The majority of French Bulldogs are not aggressive but still, they have a very powerful hold onto their bite.

Many incidents have come across from these past years where a French Bulldog’s jaw strength is proved. As Frenchie’s have great jaw strength, they require complete gum care also. From a young age only, you should inculcate the habit of brushing for maintaining his oral health.   

Are jaws lock and lockjaws the same?  

People generally get confused with these two terms: jaws lock and lockjaws. Although these two terms look similar but have different meanings. Jaws lock means a complete locking of jaws that a Frenchie cannot do, he can hold objects tightly but not that much to cannot let it go. Whereas lockjaw is a disorder in dogs that causes severe pain in their jaws and locks the movement of jaws.  Hence, do not get yourself confused with these two equally sounding words.     

Jaw-related ailment

The most common gum related illness in Frenchie’s is masticatory muscle myositis (MMM), which causes swelling, pain while eating or drinking. It affects the jaw and makes it tough for your dog to get engaged in activities related to the mouth. When a Frenchie is affected by this disorder, they are not able to pick up a ball or even eat due to excessive pain.

When this disease is getting developed in a Frenchie’s mouth, you will notice swelling in his jaws while eating or chewing anything. If you are observing such symptoms, then without any further delay, you should see a doctor at an early stage, before it gets worst and extremely painful for your dog.  

4 Tips to keep your dog’s jaw strong

If you own a French Bulldog then be double sure to keep their jaws safe and hygienic. The following are the tips to keep your dog’s jaw strong.


Healthy exercises to increase the jaw strength of Bulldogs are always recommended. There are a few games or exercises which you can practice with your Frenchie. Firstly, the tug of war is the best and most common exercise one should be performing regularly. This will not only indulge his jaw into playful activities but also develop a trustworthy bond between you two. 

You can also play with a ball, every time you will throw the ball, he will get it back to you. During this process, he will open his mouth wide which is again a very good jaw exercise. You can also give them some nylon or rubber toys for chewing.

Maintaining hygiene  

Along with the coat hygiene, it is very important to take care of your Frenchie’s oral hygiene. The most common disease that Bulldogs can get in their jaws is a plague attack. When they are young, develop a habit of brushing their teeth as this will help their gums to be healthy. It will control bad breath as well as most importantly, prevent their jaws from any cavity and plague.   

Proper vaccination  

There’s a disease known as Periodontal disease which is the most common problem in canine breeds. When you are getting a Frenchie, consult with your veterinarian and know when is the right time to get this vaccination done. If you are getting your Frenchie vaccinated, the chances of getting this disease are reduced. 

The early signs that your Frenchie is developing this virus are, bad breath, red or swollen gums, a yellowish or brownish crust near the gum line, loose or missing teeth, discomfort, or pain while touching their gums or teeth. If such symptoms are visible then it’s high time to visit a veterinarian for his oral health.

Regular checkups  

It is very important to understand that oral health is as important as their physical health. Your Frenchie’s teeth should be examined once in 6 months. This will help prevent any disease or if developed, can be cured at an early stage only.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned changes in your Frenchie’s gums and teeth, then without any further delay visit the veterinarian. Most often, with the help of radiographs, a French Bulldog’s jaw is examined thoroughly.   

Wrap Up   

As it is quite evident from the above that French Bulldog’s jaw cannot get locked. They do have great strength in their jaws but locking a jaw is not possible for them. Even no dog can lock their jaws. But when it comes to their oral health as a Bulldog parent you should be proactive. When they are young you should start developing the habit of brushing their teeth.

If you experience any unusual symptoms in their jaws or teeth, you should visit a veterinarian immediately. You should also be performing a couple of healthy exercises with your Frenchie to increase their jaw strength as this will give both of you some bonding time.

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