Do French Bulldogs Catch Colds

Do French Bulldogs Catch Colds? [Here’s The Answer!]

French Bulldogs are quite adorable and popular as pets. Being brachycephalic creatures, they have a flat nose and short skull because of which they are also victims of quite a few health issues. Most illnesses are due to genetic conditions, but some are related to the nasal passage and the airway path.

Now come to the question, Is it natural to catch a cold by a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are prone to colds and flu symptoms. They get infections that cause winter-like conditions, such as:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Blocked nasal passages
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Loss of appetite or thirst
  • Trouble breathing
  • Fever

Reasons for catching a cold

The cold in French Bulldogs can at times be very severe due to the weak respiratory system. As a result, it also affects the process of breathing. Because of small nostrils, long but soft palate, and narrow tracheas, the simple flu can take an ugly turn.

The cold is a result of viruses attacking the internal system of the body passing through the respiratory tract. Most of them suffer from Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome. This disorder can have many side effects such as breathing problems as well as snoring and snorting, which at times disrupts their sleep as well.

Without proper treatment, it may also lead to death. Abnormal weather conditions can elevate the situation. Thus, it is essential for every pet parent to not ignore the simple flu in their French Bulldogs. The flu or cold in them may not be as simple and similar to human beings.  

Do French Bulldogs get cold at night?

Do French Bulldogs get cold at night

Frenchies are sensitive to cold weather, and they tend to shiver a lot if their body temperature drops significantly.

Thus, it is very important to keep your lovely Frenchie warm at night with appropriate bedding, clothing, or whatever makes him comfortable.

However, what about the actual temperature in your bedroom? Is it too high or too low for your adorable pet? Stimulate yourself!

They are not considered outdoor dogs. They cannot be exposed to low temperatures for too long or they definitely will get cold at night.

How do you know if your French bulldog has a cold?

It is important to know the difference between a simple cough and a more concerning respiratory issue.

Usually, a mild cold may not necessarily be a severe issue, and it may treat itself with the in-built immunity system of the canine’s body in a day or two. The pathogens causing cold in one dog may also transfer to some other dogs in the vicinity.

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The symptoms are quite similar to the cold when it infects a human. Identifying is not a complicated matter. Thus, it is crucial to recognize the signs as early as possible.

  • Cold also accompanies body temperature. If the temperature keeps lowering gradually it requires professional intervention.
  • Inability to eat their daily meal can be an indication of a sore throat.
  • Coughing and sneezing are common symptoms of a cold. Frequent sneezes must be kept in check. 
  • Frequent water rolling down the eyes is another mark. It can also be due to eye infections, but along with other symptoms a watery eye can signify a cold
  • Cold in French Bulldogs can also result in a runny nose.
  • The severe cold will also signify a breathing issue due to blockage of nose and difficulty in intake and release of breathable air.
  • A sick dog will not be in his usual mood. A sudden change in the regular physical activities will indicate that the body is not in coordination. 
  • A happy and cheerful French Bulldog when sick shows lethargy and will just cling on to his parents and not leave their side. 

The symptoms mentioned above are general symptoms of a cold. However, if these signs continue for a more extended period, it is necessary to seek a veterinarian’s advice. A proper diagnosis will yield the exact causes of the symptoms. Visit a doctor when:

  • Cough with heavy sound indicates Kennel cough.
  • Vomiting, high fever and diarrhea can have serious underlying issues. 
  • Look out for any fungal infection on the body; cold can be just a side effect. 
  • Bronchitis may cause severe coughing and inability to breathe. 

How do you treat a bulldog with a cold?

How do you treat a bulldog with a cold

If any of the symptoms persist for a longer time, a visit to a veterinarian’s clinic is a must. However, in the case of mild symptoms, some home remedies and quick first aid can be of great help. Such as:

Complete rest:

Just as humans require rest to soothe them with the cold and flu, similarly, a French Bulldog also needs rest to recover soon. Try all the measures to keep him indoors. In case the pet has naturally minimized the activities, it is okay, or else confiding him in his bed or encouraging him to sleep can help.

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It is necessary to intake a lot of fluids. During a cold with a runny nose, the canines get dehydrated. A lot of water or chicken broth can be helpful for hydration.

Warm environment:

In case of a fever and cold weather, make sure he has comfortable covers on him. Frenchies like to snuggle with their pet parents for warmth. Extra cuddling and snuggling will ease his discomfort.


Keeping a steam vaporizer at home will come in handy during such instances. Cold may cause the deposit of mucus in the airway. You can place your ear on the chest and listen for any sort of blockage. A steam vaporizer adds moisture to the atmosphere and helps in opening up the blockages if any.


Wipe out the nose discharge whenever possible. The Frenchies tend to lick it off with their tongue.


Doctor prescribed nose drops can help in minimizing congestion and runny nose. 


Simple but healthy snacks will give strength as well as they shall be easily digestible.


Home-made remedies like honey, coconut oil are a few quantities that will reduce throat infection and will improve the lost appetite.

All medications must be as per the prescription of the doctor. Every pet has their requirements as per health issues. The medicines that will work for one dog may not work for the other.

So keep them segregated if you have more than one pet at home. Although cold and cough are similar to humans, in some severe cases, the treatment might be different. It is very much necessary that you keep the doctor informed.

Precautionary measures to keep the French Bulldog healthy

Generally, a simple cold-causing virus attacks last for a week and then gradually recovers. Likewise, in canines, too, the primary symptoms and treatments are quite similar.

However, it is also crucial to safeguard the French Bulldogs from any extreme climatic conditions. To prevent suffering from cold, the below mentioned precautionary steps would help.

During colder weather, keeping the pet warm is necessary. Provide the canine with warm blankets or heavy covers. But, in the case of puppies of French Bulldogs, a medium weight cover is fine, or else the puppy might feel suffocated.

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Keep your pet indoors and do not allow it outdoors. Intermingling with other dogs in the neighborhood can transmit the cold if it’s a viral infection.

Regular doctor check-ups are a must along with the vaccinations. It is vital for their immunity system and fights these illnesses.

Maintaining physical hygiene keeps the germs away. Thus, a full-fledged bathing schedule will remain the canine fresh and healthy as well as prevent attacks from disease-causing pathogens.

Along with physical hygiene, keeping the surroundings clean is a must. The French Bulldogs mostly like being indoors. So regular cleaning will ensure that all the furniture and carpets are dust-free. 

Daily cleaning of the pet’s belonging is also crucial. The feeding bowls, water bowls, toys, beddings blankets etc. requires washing daily. Keep a set or two extra for rotational use.

Most infections and allergies are caused due to the contamination of water and consuming it. Make sure that the water served to the pet is pathogen-free. If necessary, change the water in the bowl twice or thrice a day.

French Bulldogs are neither hardworking dogs nor do they like substantial physical activities. But indulging them in some light and straightforward recreational activities will keep them physically fit and boost their internal power.

A well-balanced and healthy food is a requirement for every individual, be it a human or a pet. Make sure your Frenchie gets his meal on time and ensure that his intake is as per the nutritional value.

Other than keeping them warm in cold weather, make sure that they are in comfort during humid conditions as well. Cold is not only caught during the winter season but also in hot and humid climatic conditions, if not appropriately dressed.

Final Verdict

The French Bulldogs are common as pets mostly because of their companionship. Along with other requirements, as a pet parent, you must ensure that he is taken care of, especially when he is sick. When sick, these over-affectionate canines require extra warmth and love. Keep them close to you and cuddle them. Human snuggling comforts them and helps them to recover better and quicker.

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