Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs

Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs? [Here’s The Answer !]

Frenchies are the best ones in breed when you are looking for a companion and not a hard-working pet.

They shall shower love and affection unconditionally and look for the same in return, in fact, maybe a little more. They are attention seekers from their human accomplices. However, it can be a bit demanding if there is already another pet at home.

French Bulldogs are companion dogs and do not prefer to stay alone. They love to be in the company of family and other dogs if trained at an early age about being social. Rather than experiencing loneliness, they always want to be surrounded by known beings. With initial training and socializing, they overcome the fear of strangers and enjoy their company.

Are Frenchies good alone?

No, They do not do well alone and need at least one human in their life to bond with and share their love.

A French bulldog can make a wonderful pet for individuals or families who will appreciate the breed’s affectionate and dog-friendly temperament, but he needs to be part of their family.

They are very people-oriented and need the company of humans or another dog. If you are out all day, they would do best with another dog that they can play with and lounge around the home with during your absence.

Common behavior problems of an alone French Bulldog

Get very scared

Compared to other dogs, They are scared of almost anything. Any unfamiliar surroundings can make them fearful. It also happens when they encounter thunder, lightning, or fireworks.

A sudden noise like a child crying or the use of a vacuum cleaner and a high-pitched sound like that or a car honking can make them petrified. This behavioral issue in them is hereditary.


French Bulldogs are known for their companionship with their human counterparts. They love to be around them all the time. Once they get accustomed to a family environment, they are the most cheerful dogs to have.

They can grow their friendship with other dogs as well but in due course of time. They get scared when left alone. The sense of loneliness is one such area in their lifestyle that persists.

On leaving a French Bulldog on their own for a long time, they panic and get emotional. If sadness in them continues for a more extended period can also cause depression. Thus, the pet parents or other family members must be around and accompany their canines. They feel protected and not scary.

Stubborn – Frenchies are stubborn and do not like to be alone. If you have other dogs, they will probably do better being alone because they have a friend to have fun with.

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Inappropriate barking or whining – Frenchies are barkers and need company, if you’ve gone all day, another dog would be best for them.

What causes aggression in French Bulldogs?

Aggression can be caused by a number of different things. This is because it can stem from multiple factors, such as genetics and the environment.

There are several common reasons for aggression, including fear, dominance, territoriality, and a typical level of interest in social interactions.

While these factors can potentially cause aggressiveness toward people or other dogs, they mostly have to do with how well your dog is socialized as a puppy.

This means that it’s easier to prevent aggression in the Frenchies than it is to fix it after it’s already developing.

The most important factor that causes aggression is fear. A puppy who was abused or neglected as a baby may be too scared to interact with people.

This might lead them to lash out unexpectedly, which could result in someone getting seriously injured or even killed.

Another reason might bite is that they’re feeling territorial. This mostly happens when a dog feels like you or another person are invading their space, but it can also happen when a dog is particularly interested in protecting any pets or other animals that live with them.

Because fear and dominance are such prevalent factors in aggression, it’s important to socialize your French Bulldog puppy as early as possible.

This means giving them positive interactions with people and other dogs so they don’t feel threatened by anything or anyone.

It may also help to enroll them in obedience training, which can teach them how to behave appropriately around people and other pets at the same time.

What dogs do French Bulldogs get along with?

How do Frenchies build relations with other dogs?

French Bulldogs take time to get adaptive to the surrounding environment. They need their individual space and time to understand that there are no adverse or hazardous things around. They do not like the company of strangers or other kids at the very first instant, likewise, in the case with other dogs. The very first encounter of French Bulldog may not be smooth enough, as in others.

They might get scared of other dogs due to their appearance or size. However, on meeting the same dogs regularly, they will soon know that they are not harmful to him and are among them.

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Similarly, if a French Bulldog is adopted in a family that already has other dogs with them, things can be a bit challenging. But not unusual or impossible. French Bulldogs like to be in company with other dogs. They love being together and in a pack, instead of staying lonely and getting bored.

When introducing a family with an existing dog, it is natural for dogs to feel possessive and unattended. Thus, there may be some conflict between the two species. But that is not an issue to worry about. Both breeds will soon calm down and start to know each other and enjoy the company.

Socializing at the puppy stage

Early socialization is necessary to help the French Bulldog to seek other’s company in your absence. It will help them to minimize their fear of being lonely. On meeting a stranger, human, or dog, they will be well-mannered and not shy and timid. Puppies start observing and walking from around seven or eight weeks after birth. Early socializing can start from home itself. Puppies at this stage are not fully mature, mentally and physically.

So, involving them in sophisticated training is not a good idea. It is the time when allowing them to get familiar with other members of the family must start. Gradually they will begin to recognize everyone in and around. They will also initiate to mingle with other pets, if any, in the house. As they grow old, after about six or 12 months, they can slowly start going for a stroll or a walk in the evening. It will help them to recognize the environment. They will also meet other dogs with an instinct. Soon, they will experience sharing a bond with others of the same or different breed.

In the case of socializing a mature dog, the pet parent must start socializing soon after bringing them home. The sooner, the better. Dogs with a negative experience will have some difficulty in bonding with other dogs. But with repeated and friendly encounters with other dogs, they will help them move forward in life and enjoy.

Give professional training

An essential part of the overall development of a puppy is the provision of training. If you are familiar with dog training, you may provide it yourself. If not, you can always seek help from a professional or an experienced dog owner. Coaching helps them to cultivate the underlying behaviors and manners required for living along with a human family.

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French Bulldogs are quite happy when in a pack of other dogs and are cheerful throughout. However, it is necessary to imbibe in them the fundamental nature of friendliness. Training will help to calm down stress and their aggressive nature, which is intuitive on meeting strangers.

Tips while introducing A French Bulldog to other dogs

Tips while introducing A French Bulldog to other dogs

Although French Bulldogs like to be in company with others, they also need some training beforehand. It helps them to understand other dogs and be stress-free in their company. Below mentioned are a few tips that can be useful while raising a French Bulldog.

  • To support them while meeting a dog, as a pet parent, you can let him smell any other dog’s belongings so that they are familiar with the smell.
  • Both the dogs must be tied up on leashes while introducing, to avoid any adverse incidents.
  • On successful introduction, praising helps them to calm down further if they show any sign of aggressiveness. 
  • During early socialization, meeting new dogs at regular intervals is necessary. Puppies have short memory power, so as they proceed towards adulthood, they can remember better. But during the puppy stage, training lessons must be concise but repetitive. 
  • In the case of meeting other breeds, the bonding may need some time. So, give them space as well as some time to understand each other.
  • Also, it is essential to make the process very appealing for the French Bulldog, so that he does not feel any threat from the other dog.
  • On bringing home a new dog, make sure he is well socialized and does not feel threatened with the presence of another dog in the same space.

Every breed of dog is different from the other. Similarly, one French Bulldog may have a distinct personality from another one. Some may respond to training and socializing sessions very quickly, and others may not.

As pet parents and pet lovers, it is their responsibility to understand their needs and requirements and support them during their developmental stage.

Slowly and gradually, French Bulldog will learn to curb his fear of strangers and enjoy the company of other pets and dogs. Other pet dogs in the same space will be a substitute in the absence of his human companionship. A disciplined and cheerful French Bulldog is the most adorable and sought-after pet for every dog lover.

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