French Bulldog First Night At New Home: What to Expect?

Who wouldn’t love to bring super cuddly Frenchie to home? I bet you feel the same!

They are very lovable and playful dogs. Their small size and requirement of comparatively less exercise make them perfect for urban homes. But, the first night home can be a bit challenging for them.

Are you all set to take a French Bulldog puppy to your home?

Are you wondering how French Bulldog’s first night a new home would be?

The first night of French Bulldog at your home would be too tiring for you. However, it would be a great memory in the coming years of your relationship with Frenchie. The first night at a new home would be very frustrating for a French Bulldog for many reasons.

However, you can make the first night of your French Bulldog a lot easier by following some tips. Grab those tips from the subsequent sessions of this article.

We will check in detail how French Bulldog’s first night at a new home would be. As said earlier, we will also discuss some tips to make their first night at home easy and cool.

How French Bulldog Behaves On Their First Night At New Home?

The French Bulldog would be cuddled and cared effortlessly in the first at your home. Isn’t it what happens every time you bring something for the first time to your home? Yes, so, as usual, the French Bulldog gets a lot of attention on the first day at your home.

By night, everyone starts leaving for their private space. Your house becomes a lot quieter than it was on the day. And, obviously, you would move your Frenchie into a crate or dog bed. Then, you leave to have a good night’s sleep.

But, do you think you can sleep well on the first night you bring a new dog to your home?

Yes. Your Frenchie will start crying and howling once you all leave the place and settle for a good night’s sleep.

The French Bulldog most probably would have started to feel lonely once you stopped giving it attention. It might cry and whine louder to gain attraction and spend some time with you.

French Bulldogs will start crying softly initially and then hardens the bass gradually. Some dogs stop crying after a short period while a few others continue until the next morning.

If you have brought a French Bulldog puppy to your home, things get really worse. They would literally cry for long hours craving for some warmth their mother and siblings would have given until the day.

The French Bulldogs may also behave terribly on their initial few nights at your home due to separation anxiety.

Don’t think that things will get better if you pave a single visit to their crate. No matter how many ties you wake up from your bed and checked upon them. They will literally stay crying until the morning.

Also, this is not something that occurs just on the first day. The problems continue for a few days, and you would have to harden your heart, to not mind your doggie crying during their initial few nights at your home.

How To Prepare For Your Frenchie’s First Night At New Home?

Here are some tips that would help you make your Frenchie’s first night at home super comfortable and easy-going.

However, before bringing the doggie home, you should understand a few things. Firstly, it is quite normal for your dog to feel uncomfortable in your home during the initial few days.

Secondly, your dog will have separation anxiety during the initial few days, and therefore, don’t force it to do any tasks.

Thirdly, the tips mentioned below will only help you up to some extent to deal with the problems your dog might face on the initial nights at your home.

Now, let us move on to the tips.

  • Find a crate of suitable size. Don’t go for a very large crate. You can try out crate with dividers that let you adjust the size of the crate easily.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the first night at your home in a large room. Your dog would feel more lonely if the room is very large.
  • Sometimes keeping the crate along your bedside would help cure the first night problem of French Bulldog. They may not feel alone at the sight of yours. But, make sure they don’t make it a habit. You should only allow this in the initial two or three days. You can first try to keep their crate aside your bed. Move the dog into the next room if it keeps on crying and spoils your sleep.
  • You can try leaving a radio playing near the crate. Some sound in the background for sure would help the doggie to escape from the loneliness.
  • Choose a warm and cozy area to settle your dog at night.
  • Provide bedding in their crate to provide warmth to your Frenchie.
  • Make sure you have bought some few toys for your Frenchie to snuggle when they are all alone at night.
  • Make sure your dog is fed enough so that they don’t cry at night due to hunger. It would be better to ask about their food habits and sleep habits to their previous owner and act accordingly. This would help you reduce problems up to an extent.
  • Take your dog outside your home for a brisk walk after supper.  A brisk walk after supper will help the dog to spend their excess energy. So, they would not have a lot of energy to keep crying all night.
  • Leave your new dog in the crate with kind words and cuddles.
  • Lastly, but not the least, don’t take your dog from the crate and allow to lay aside you on your bed once it starts crying. It is better not to take your dog on to your bed in any circumstance because they would get accustomed to this habit, and repeat the drama in the future to sleep by your side.


Yes, the first few nights would be terrible if you have a new French Bulldog at home. You should know that it is quite normal for your dog to feel lonely and behave differently in the initial days.

Just like humans, dogs would also take some time to get accustomed to their new environment. So, give them time to get adapted to your house. Don’t hurry the process and force them to behave normally in the initial days and nights.

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