Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids? [Babies, And Toddlers!]

French bulldogs are awesome. They are funny, cuddly, and smart. But what about If you have kids or babies? Are French Bulldogs good with kids? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Are French Bulldogs good with kids?

Frenchies are generally good with kids. They have a gentle, easy-going nature and they usually love being around children. However, as every dog parent knows, it’s important to be careful when you’re bringing a new dog into a household with children.

Any breed of dog has the potential to injure a small child if they aren’t properly supervised or trained. Frenchies are no exception to this rule!

French Bulldogs like children, but kids should be taught how to properly interact with them.

Are French Bulldogs good with babies?

Frenchies love kids and they’re great with babies.

If you’re thinking about getting a Frenchie as your first dog, then it’s really important to consider how your child will interact with the new dog. If you’ve got a baby or small child, then picking a Frenchie is one of the best things you can do.

Frenchies are very family-oriented dogs, so they will put up with just about anything that your baby or small child can throw at them. They will be gentle and caring with the baby and they’ll play wonderfully with your children as they grow.

However, you should always supervise your dog and your child when they’re together. A French Bulldog can accidentally hurt a baby if they’re not careful.

Obedience training is also very important! You should always teach your dog that the baby is off-limits. This way, they won’t try to play with them when you don’t want them to.

Frenchies are awesome family dogs because they love everyone in their family unconditionally.

Why Frenchies are good for kids?

Why Frenchies are good for kids?

The French Bulldogs are good with young kids as they do not feel threatened among them. Their natural characters strengthen their bond.


Frenchies are inborn gentle-natured. They remain quite relaxed and are tolerant of the overactive nature of kids.


Due to their cheerful and playful nature similar to kids, French bulldogs do not mind encompassing them throughout the day. Frenchies are attention seekers and do not like staying alone. Loneliness often causes a change of behavior, which may lead to separation anxiety and nervousness. Being each other’s playmate keep them entertained for long hours.

Least aggression:

French bulldogs are known to exhibit very minimum aggression in their regular activities. Children, too, are not much impulsive. Both, when together, tend to involve in simple games that distract them from anger or aggression.

Less Physical Exercise:

Children love to play games and do simple activities. It keeps them engaged stress-free. Similarly, Frenchies are the ones who can indulge in hardcore physical exercises. A simple stroll in the park and fetching a ball are some of the activities they prefer that do not require much physical labor. Thus, both complementing each other in this case. They both entertain each other, which also indirectly maintain their physical fitness.

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French Bulldogs are good with kids as they receive their company. It gives them a sense of accompaniment. Children, too, from a very young age, learn to be responsible towards other living organisms. It helps them learn the value of sharing and caring. Involving them with simple tasks like bathing, feeding, and playing with their canine companion will encourage them to be responsible as they grow up.


Pet dogs have always been protective of their human companions. It is an instinct imbibed in them to warn them against any sort of strange incident or strangers. Frenchies, too are not very fond of strangers and protect children against unfamiliar people visiting home.

Less barking:

Until there has been a situation that requires the attention of grown-ups or the Frenchie is scared enough, they do not bark unnecessarily. Most Frenchies are timid and shy. They do not scare away children familiar to them. Kids, too, thus do not find it scary approaching them to spend quality time.

Are there any negatives of having dogs and children?

The characteristics mentioned above highlights the reasoning behind the relationship between a French Bulldog with kids and toddlers.

However, as a new pet parent to a Frenchie or if you are expecting a new baby in your family, you also might understand few essential factors that may disrupt the natural tendency of being a cheerful companion to your child.


With the addition of a new member of the family, your Frenchie may feel a bit of neglect. Although you may not intentionally do it, for obvious reasons, a new child will get more attention, which was previously reserved only for your French Bulldog. It might make him transform from a happy pet to an aggressive one, to gain attention.


Leaving your Frenchie back home while a short outing may make him feel lonely. French Bulldogs are companion dogs who cannot entertain themselves to fight away boredom. Boredom generally leads to destructive behavior like extensive barking and chewing. Staying away from family members makes them a victim of separation anxiety.

Sudden cry:

A newborn baby or a toddler may start crying suddenly, which will scare your French Bulldog. They tend to get terrified by the sudden noise or sharp sound. So be aware of a sudden snap or bark during such instances.


Toddlers and kids usually try to tease their pet dogs by pulling their tails or ears. Teasing will naturally make them irritated, and as a reflex action, they might bark or bite them. This nature otherwise does not exist among the French Bulldogs. However, if they are instigated, they too will reply. That is a natural tendency among all living organisms. 

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During the stage of teething in puppies of French Bulldogs, they experience a lot of behavioral changes. Some are hormonal, and others may be due to the pain and irritation in the gums.

During this phase, noticing unnatural behavior is quite common. Although very few instances are available where a Frenchie might have hurt a child or a baby, you never know what consequences may occur. 

Past experiences:

While expanding your family with a mature French Bulldog, he may not adapt well with other family members and kids. It may be due to kids’ negative behavior in their previous family or poor maintenance in shelter homes.

In these situations, Frenchies who are known to be enthusiastic and seek the company of family may not want to be around people. These cause adverse effects on their mental health. Some remain scared of anyone approaching them or maybe over-aggressive.

Health issues:

French Bulldogs tend to have serious health issues, which are mostly hereditary. With internal issues of health, they become cranky and anxious, which is another reason for unnatural behavior. Try to keep your children away from sick and older French Bulldogs as they won’t be able to either entertain or accompany them.

Tips and precautions for encouragement

As it is evident that Frenchies seek human attention, but few precautionary measures will help maintain a safe and secure bond between your pet and the toddlers in the vicinity.

Introduction with family:

Make sure to introduce yourself to your family slowly and gradually. In the case of a puppy, since they are too young to understand the change of environment, they will catch up with the members and kids while growing up.

Puppies of French Bulldogs are similar to human babies, who require a lot of attention and care. Thus, they will grow up together in the same environment and will naturally form a bond.

In the case of older Frenchies, they may require some time to adapt to another environment. Although they would want to have the constant attention of their pet parents towards them, with kids and children at home, things might take some more time to accommodate emotionally.


Ensure never to leave a toddler and your Frenchie unattended. You never know what kind of unexpected accidents may occur. Either of them may be responsible for the same.

At least one adult must accompany them until both of them are matured enough to take care of themselves, especially a human child.

A Frenchie will, more or less, always require supervision; it is a natural tendency in them. An adult can supervise them first, and later the child itself will be a grown-up to do the same for his furry friend. 

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If you are expecting a new human baby at home, make sure to expose your French Bulldog to other kids and children. It will help you understand their behavior towards other kids, and you will have ample time at hand to make the necessary changes. You may:

  • Start early socializing with kids in the neighborhood.
  • Make them hear baby noises and sounds so that they get familiar with it and help them adapt faster when the actual baby arrives.
  • Ensure that you have dog-proof and baby proof the house so that none of them has hazards to their health with the household items.
  • Take time to introduce your Frenchie with a new baby.
  • Give him his own time and space to adapt.


Although a new baby will require your utmost attention, make sure you do not neglect your canine. Consider both of them as your priority.

Try to balance the activities and attention towards both of them. It will ensure your Frenchie does not feel lonely and insecure and will minimize the chances of destructive behavior. 


Introduce simple yet effective training to your French Bulldog before introducing them to your children. It will help you correct the tendency of aggression in them if any.

It will also prepare them for handling kids and babies and not be insecure around them. Training your Frenchie will help you create certain boundaries as well as maintain them. For instance, not allowing them to enter the nursery or not getting close to a newborn baby.

Educating kids:

Apart from training your French Bulldogs, as a parent, it is also your responsibility to train your kids about the behavior and manners they must exhibit when around pets.

Pulling their ear or tail, unnecessarily teasing them, not entertaining them, etc. will make the Frenchies anxious and aggressive in due course of time.

Although for babies, it is not possible, so they will learn to behave with their furry companions as they keep growing and also by imitating from their parents. But older children must be aware of handling pets indoors as well as outdoors.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is noticeable that French Bulldogs are quite content and cheerful with kids and toddlers. However, the relationship between a pet dog and a human is a two-way process.

Both have to do their parts of adjustment and adaptation to strengthen it. This bond is special and unique, which shall last for a lifetime.

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