Are French Bulldogs Good Family Dogs

Are French Bulldogs Good Family Dogs? 15 Reasons Why

Many people prefer to keep the French Bulldogs within their households principally for the purpose of giving off security benefits. Whenever they are at home, these dogs will no doubt mingle with the other members of the household.

This begs the question: Are French Bulldogs good family dogs?

French Bulldogs are great family pets. They are affectionate, playful, loyal, and excellent with children. However, they are also known for being stubborn, which means their training must begin when they are young.

We have identified and are subsequently going to explain 15 reasons that make us believe that these dogs are great for your family. Kindly take your time to skim our arguments below to find the answers you need.

15 Reasons Why French Bulldogs are Perfect Family Dogs

15 Reasons Why French Bulldogs are Perfect Family Dogs

Below are the core reasons why the French Bulldog is a good family dog:

#1: Cool Temperament

These dogs generally have cooler temperaments. They are calm, quiet, and composed all the while. That trait makes them good enough for the sake of mingling with the children and other members of your household. Also, they are unlikely to pose any aggression and other associated risks whenever they come into contact with your household.

#2: Entertaining and Playful

They are entertaining and playful indeed. That stems from their rather cheerful nature as they go about their businesses. Indeed, when placed alongside the small children, they have the ability to captivate their attention and deeply engross them all the while playing. You might use one in the place of a nanny as it is cost-effective.

#3: Hardy and Tolerant of Injuries

Due to their thick build and exceptionally natural durability, these dogs are hardy and tolerant to the injuries that generally come by while playing. That is great news to you in that you won’t have to worry at all about the possibility of your child injuring the dogs or having to spend too much to care for and maintain the same dog.

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#4: Extreme devotion to the owners

Compared to the other major household breeds, the French Bulldog has an extreme and unwavering devotion to their owners. They are very loyal and will hardly stray from the straight paths. That also goes a long way to guarantee the long-term reliability you might want to be able to enjoy the benefits they have to offer to your household.

#5: Likely to evoke laughter in the children

These dogs are naturally susceptible to the menace of flatulence. While this may be a nuisance to the adult members of the household, it does evoke strong laughter in the children. In case things tend to get out of hand, you may have to alter its diet. That should see you incorporate plenty of roughage and water in the diet.

#6: Issues prior warnings

Most always, these dogs will display some warning signs before biting or turning aggressive. This means it is possible for you to anticipate any aggression and forestall it beforehand. All you have to do is learn these warning signs and inculcate the same on your children and other members of the household. That will promote their safety considerably.

#7: Low-energy

Even though the French Bulldog is playful and aggressive, they generally have low energy. This simply means that they run out of steam a bit too soon! Put differently, they are unlikely to maintain that level of aggression for a too long duration of time. That is definitely some good news as it guarantees the safety and overall well-being of your children all the while.

#8: Smart and Versatile

Smart and Versatile

A French Bulldog is a companion pet that has been noted to be smart and versatile. It easily picks instructions, internalizes concepts, and takes up new tricks and challenges well. Due to this mix of traits, it is possible for you to train it to tackle many of the purposes and chores that the typical household may need from time to time.

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#9: Less Demand

We have already explained that this dog is largely docile and less physically strenuous. On account of this, it similarly demands limited effort and attention on your part to handle and contain. All you have to do is to maintain it indoors and provide every supply there. If you must walk it out, you do not have to strain too much by going too far. Only short walks may be necessary.

#10: Limited Storage and Handling Capacity

All factors considered, these dogs are smaller and lighter in nature. They subsequently require less storage and handling capacity to maintain and care for. You do no as a matter of fact have to set aside a dedicated room to be able to contain and handle them there. Their smaller sizes and natures will let you use your standard rooms and installations to be able to handle all of their needs.

#11: Eats less Food

The food requirements of the French Bulldog is comparatively smaller and minute when weighed against those of its competing dogs. Count on them hence to demand less from you in terms of the food requirements. That of course is awesome news as it translates to the limited financial resource endowment and expenditure from your side. Why would you even want to pay more for these food requirements by choosing other dogs?

#12: Disease-resistant

Yes, the French Bulldog does get sick once in a while. However, it is comparatively resistant to the diseases and the dangers that come by ordinarily. This means one thing: you will not have to pay too much or spend an excessively high amount of money to keep them in the robust state of health. Yet again, this boils down to reduced operational expenses on your part.

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#13: Ready Availability

With the French Bulldog, you do not have to trek too long distances to be able to lay your hands on them or purchase one for yourself. This breed is readily available and is hence less of a hassle to access and make part and parcel of your household. It hence goes that you have some convenience to leverage by opting to set your eyes on them.

#14: Longer Lifespan

The lifespan of an average French Bulldog is pretty long. That means it confers to you the benefits that come along for an extended duration of time. At the same time, you also get to enjoy so much more in terms of emotional preparedness and mental well-being. Also, you do not have to dig too deep in your pocket to buy one every now and then.

#15: Greater Value for Money

By virtue of potentially bringing in many benefits while at the same time demanding less of your financial resource endowment to care for, the French Bulldog in all brings about greater value for money. Simply put, you get to spend less but accrue greater returns if you opt to place your bet on the French Bulldog as opposed to the other breeds.


We have truly strived to belabor the benefits of the French Bulldog over and above the other breeds. The challenge is now for you to choose to work with them. That can only happen if you choose to read through the explanations we have given forth above with a keen eye of attention. Is it now time for you to take the step to acquire one for yourself?

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