Curly Haired Dog Breeds

20 Leading Curly Haired Dog Breeds

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes. One common of these is the curly-haired version. Many people love these dogs for their aesthetics and gentle manner. A serious potential dog owner like you has to know about these dog species. We highlight and explain most popular 20 curly-haired dog breeds.

20 Leading Curly-Haired Dog Breeds

#1: Curly-coated Retriever

The curly-coated retriever stands out as a leading species of this kind of dog. It also doubles up as one of the largest species. Thanks to its sheer massive size, the species is easily noticeable by all and sundry. Hardly will it get lost even when taken to a new environment.

#2: Bedlington Terrier

It bears close similarities to a lamb. Also, it feels softer like the wooly fleece of the lamb. That is mainly due to its possession of the curly coat. Its fur combines the coarse with the soft hairs in equal measure. That mix gives it some distinct and superior advantages over and above its peers.

#3: Bolognese

If you are looking for a dog to use as a toy, it is this Bolognese breed to look up to. It is overall smaller and more compact in stature. Aside from that, it also differs from other curly dogs in the sense that its curls are medium in length.

#4: Kerry Blue Terrier

Ever seen a dog breed that is blue in color? The Kerry Blue Terrier, it is! This breed of dog does have a blue-gray coat that gives it a distinctive look and appearance. Then again, the coats are curly and truly awesome to behold with the naked eyes.

#5: Barbet

Also known as the French Water Dog, this is a curly-haired breed of dog that is largely less known. Its coat bears medium length furs that typically measure 3-5 inches long. Also, its hairs are wooly and thick enough to absorb excess warmth when in the winter months. That keeps the dogs warmer and more comfortable.

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#6: Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is yet another water dog species. It possesses a double layer of coats that are curled. This double layer serves to keep the breed warmer and less inclined to the risks of water damages. Then again, it also adds some beauty and overall aesthetics to your dog when you behold the same.

#7: Puli

This breed of dog is largely related to the Komondor and is in many cases referred to as a ‘mop dog’. Its hairs are curly and fluffier than those of your ordinary breeds of dogs. In all, this is a species of a dog you want to make good use of if you tend to want to add some beauty to your environment.

#8: Komondor


Of all the curly dog species under our consideration, it is the Komondor that has the longest hairs and subsequently the longest curls. For this reason, you have to maintain a strict regime of cleanliness and maintenance to be able to keep the foul odor completely at bay. If this does not happen, be sure to attract germs and flies as well.

#9: Bichon Frise

By being able to reach 10-12 inches and attaining a maximum weight of roughly 12 pounds, this Bichon Frise is a great one to look up to in the long run. For a large part, its exterior bears the apricot color that also goes a long way in enhancing the interior décor of the places you take the dog to.

#10: Pumi

Just in case you are on the lookout for the best family pet, the Puli is the one to set your eyes on. It has a history of blending well with the members of the typical household. Also, it contains curly hairs that are twinning and truly great to set your eyes on.

#11: Toy Poodle

As its name implies, the Toy Poodle is a great general playing dog. It is on the whole truly intelligent and well able to master the new tricks pretty fine. Further to the above, the breed is also smaller, compact, and able to transfer from one place to another one with absolute ease and convenience.

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#12: Murray River Curly Coated Retriever

In summary, the Murray River Curly Coated Retriever is a large size dog that contains curly hairs. At its peak, it stands at an average of about 24 inches from the ground. Also, it can weigh up to 60 pounds when fully grown. These excellent dimensions give it some elevated sense of energy and passion.

#13: Black Russian Terrier

Dogs are optimized for different purposes. This Black Russian Terrier is one that is extensively used for the matters of working and labor. When fully stretched out and grown, it comes to about the 28 inches. Also adorning the exterior of the dog is a thick yet curly coating that traps excess heat as well.

#14: Curly Coated Retriever

This one bears a close similarity to the Murray River Curly Coated Retriever above. It is, on the whole, a large sporting dog that weighs between 65-100 pounds. The species also grows to about 27 inches. Its exterior on the other hand comprises vigorous curls and hairs. These are non-fluffy unlike those of your ordinary dogs.

#15: Portuguese Water Dog

From its designation, you can clearly tell that this breed of dog loves water. It is medium-sized and is also strong enough to facilitate your work and other common chores you may have to confront. These two stem from its energetic stature as well as a comparatively friendly tone. Its adaptability to the matters of water is propped by its no-shed furs or coating.

#16: Lagotto Romagnolo

Commonly called the “Italian truffle dog,” this breed has some innate capability of rooting out the truffles. Its exterior cover is adorably fluffy and soft. This complements the somewhat pretty face. All these combine to make it great for the whole family use. Have we added that their coats are thick and wooly?

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#17: Spanish Water Dog

Like its Portuguese Water Dog counterpart above, this one too is an ingenious water dog species. However, its curls feature some distinctive appearances that can degenerate into cords if not kept for a very long time. With regard to their manners, this species is often too wary of strangers.

#18: Havanese

The Havenese is a compact dog that is a true companion and friend of those who dwell in the city. They have never disappointed when it comes to the matter of sauntering in the narrow and cramped up city streets. Their appearances are characterized by the wavy and silky coating.

#19: Pumi

Tracing its origins from Hungary, the Pumi is a quick and compact breed that is well known for the matters of sporting activities. Their coats and outer appearances are adorned with corkscrew curls that give them charming and sweet looks. Given their energetic stature, they are good enough for the matters of hunting as well.

#20: Aussiedoodle

An Aussiedoodle is an adorable mixture of the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. Thanks to this wonderful cross-breed, the species possesses a mix of brains and beauty in one comprehensive packaging. Then again, its coating comes in diverse patterns and colors. These coats are also curly and truly breathtaking to set your eyes on.


Having done the much we can, we now defer the matter of making the most suitable pick to you. Look up to no other breed than the ones we have exhaustively discussed above. All the best in your subsequent pick!

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