Are Lhasa Apsos Hypoallergenic

Allergies are common among humans. A huge chunk of society is allergic to a particular thing. For instance, some people are allergic to animals, while others are allergic to a product like cosmetics. Due to this, you have to be extremely careful, while choosing things. This is even applicable if you are looking for a dog. Thus, you need to know the breeds, which do not lead to allergies or the chances are less as compared to other breeds.

The question is whether Lhasa Apsos are hypoallergenic or not. The response is ‘Yes’. The truth is that no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic but Lhasa Apsos have proved to be friendly to those people who are allergic to dog fur. This breed does not shed its fur and allergic people owning this breed have only minor symptoms of allergies.  

This blog will discuss various things that lead to allergies when it comes to dogs and share some tips to reduce the chances of allergies.

What is Hypoallergenic?

This term refers to things that cause none or fewer allergies, as compared to other things. Similarly, there are some hypoallergenic dog breeds in the world. These breeds have fewer chances of leading you to an allergy. However, that does not mean, that you will not face mild allergies.

Lhasa Apsos

These dogs are reputed for two things. First of all, they have a strong personality. Secondly, they have thick fur on their body. These dogs are one of the finest watchdogs in the world. They are fearless, and have a sturdy body, despite the small size. Thus, they will perfectly protect their loved ones from strangers.

Moreover, the dog does not make friends easily. However, it does not mean that the dog is aggressive unnecessarily. You will find that the dog makes friends after judging the intention of the stranger. Therefore, if the stranger poses no threat, then they will get along them. This is even applicable for kids. Initially, you will find that they do not get along with kids. However, over time, they will be the best companion for kids.

They are also the best family dogs, as they usually prevent aggressive behavior. Irrespective of that, you need to clean them frequently due to the thick fur. However, the thick fur does not shed, if given proper care. Thus, the dog is one of the hypoallergenic breeds in the world.

Lhasa is also one of the few dogs, who do not get depressed if left alone. When it comes to training, Lhasa is a bit stubborn. Therefore, if they have developed a habit, then they may not leave it. Due to this, we recommend training as soon as possible. Moreover, you need to be patient with the training, as due to the stubborn nature, you may get irritated.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

You will find various sources claiming Lhasa Apsos, as allergic dogs. Many sources recommend you to avoid this breed. However, this is absurd. Lhasa Apsos are completely hypoallergenic. Thus, if you are allergic to fur, drool, or a dog, then this breed is the perfect choice for you.

Why? Well, it is because, they do not drool, or shed fur, as compared to the majority of dog breeds. For instance, breeds like Rottweiler, German Shepherd, drool a lot. This usually created an unhygienic environment, which leads to allergies.

How dogs can lead to allergies?

Are you wondering what things lead to allergies when it comes to dogs? Well, let us discuss the factors one by one. First all, you may get allergies from the fur. The fur of the dog is the core, where a lot of dust gets accumulated. This becomes a major problem if you do not clean the dog frequently. Moreover, the shedding of fur can even lead to allergies.

Secondly, there are chances of getting allergies from the bad habits of the dog. How? Well, assume that the dog can a habit of pooping or peeing in the house. What do you think will happen? Yes, you will end up cleaning places frequently. This can lead to allergies or even make you ill. Therefore, you need to make sure that the dog has a habit of poop or pee outside the house.

The third most common thing is the drool. As per various research, the drool of a dog contains hundreds of bacteria. Some of these bacteria are even harmful to humans. Therefore, if you have a dog, then you need to clean its mouth frequently. However, if you are highly allergic to dogs, then we would recommend Lhasa Apsos.

Tips to avoid allergies

Maybe you are allergic and want a dog at the same time. In that case, you can follow some tips to reduce the chances of allergies from dogs.

  • Choose a Hypoallergenic dog breed like Lhasa Apsos. The majority of dog breeds can lead to allergies in humans. Thus, you need to be specific with your expectations and must know the things that trigger the allergies.
  • Start training the dog from the beginning. This step will force the dog to remain hygienic around you. Thus, the chances of allergies will reduce. You need to also make sure that you remain patient with the training. Do not scold or hit the dog, during training. Moreover, you need to be consistent with training like pooping outside the house and others related to hygiene.
  • The last tip is to clean everything around you frequently. Yes, this is a necessary step, if the dog remains inside the house. However, if you keep the dog outside, then make sure that you clean the kennel frequently. Also, you need to bath the dog at least once a week. All these steps will significantly reduce the chances of allergies.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Lhasa Apsos are Hypoallergenic. They will most likely do not lead to any kind of allergies. However, we would recommend following the tips already shared. We have also discussed the personality of a Lhasa Apsos. Knowing this will help you to understand the dog better. Moreover, we have shared some basic tips to train a Lhasa Apsos, as they are stubborn.

Let us recap them. You need to be patient with the dog, and make sure that you do not scold him. Start training as soon as possible. Also, we have shared a few tips that will reduce the chances of allergies from a dog.

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