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Why Wheaten Terriers Are The Best Family Dog In The World

Wheaten Terriers are known for their gentle temperament and love for having fun with their owners and children. They are also smart and easily trainable, Which makes them a great family pet.

There are infinitely many family dog breeds in existence at the moment.

Of these, it is the Wheaten breed that stands out. This naturally begs the question, why exactly is the Wheaten breed the most outstanding family breed in existence at the moment?

We have prepared this article to answer that.

In our discussions below, we are first and foremost going to define what a Wheaten breed is and give a little bit of its background. Then, we shall examine those factors that converge to make it stand out as the premier family dog breed. Take your time to dig through for the necessary insight.

About the Wheaten Terrier Breed

About the Wheaten Terrier Breed

For a start, Wheaten breed is an all-purpose family or farm dog. It traces its origins from Ireland though has had a wider dispersion and active presents in dozens of other countries around the world.

Though this dog is truly adaptable, it is not really a rich man’s breed.

So affordable it is, that even the poorer households will find it just as easier to access as the richer counterparts.

That has earned it a soft spot among the numerous households both within the United States and beyond. What’s more? It is also recognized by the American Kennel Club!

9 reasons why this breed is the best family dog in the world:

#1: Easier to Groom

On the whole, this breed is easier to groom. It does have a single coat that is less likely to inflict excessively high strains on your part as is the norm with many other competing breeds. Thanks to this singularity of the coat, it is unlikely to shed off its coat as others do.

What’s more? The coat of the breed also grows continuously and faster for that matter. These two go a long way in preventing the need to spend too much to see to it that the coats are vibrant. That slows down the amount of money you might need to spend to care for the same.

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#2: Children-safe

A typical household no doubt has plenty of children. It is only fair that the breed you pick for the job be friendly to the children as well. The Wheaten breed yet again stands out. That is because it possesses a gentle and even temperament than many other dogs of its kind.

Because of this, it is less likely to harm your children. Instead, it will blend well with them and even get along well whenever they are playing or simply having fun. Your kids are hence in a position to enjoy exceptional fun when mingling and entertaining themselves with this breed.

#3: Minimal Exercise Needs

Many dogs are often weak and sleepy. They require you to spend too much of your time and effort to exercise them. That no doubt demands that you expend plenty of your financial resource base to be able to achieve that end. Things are somewhat different, with this breed.

It is by nature playful and full of fun. Hardly will it demand that you spend any extra coin to achieve. They are hence less costly to operationalize. Owing to their generally active nature, they are also less likely to fall sick and hence demand too much from you.

#4: Excellent Temperament

We have already explained that this breed of dog is child-safe. That is mainly because it does have an even temperament. Hardly does this dog lose its cool as many others ordinarily do. Instead, it is on the whole truly friendly and less likely to bite your child unnecessarily.

Even when agitated, it tends to remain calm, quiet, and composed. Then again, it has the distinct ability to study and take the temperament of its owner and handler. That allows it to blend well and quite uniformly with those people around it. Chances of there being disagreements are also heavily suppressed.

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#5: Feeding Requirements

All dogs have to be fed to be able to remain alive and healthy. While this rule applies to the Wheaten breed as well, this one generally requires less of your financial resource base to feed. Its feeding requirements are on the whole quite less and undemanding.

They also have a higher conversion ratio compared to the many alternative breeds that be. That also contributes to their health and stature. Simply find great whole meals and administer the same to them. You will not have to constantly monitor and attend to them as you would to other dogs.

#6: Exceptional Disease-tolerance

This breed rarely falls sick as the many competing dogs do. That is because they have a better and enhanced immune system. This trait brings along a host of benefits. For one, the dogs are less likely to develop organ failures or sustain damages to these critical parts.

Then again, the costs of healthcare are also lower due to the need to spend only a little amount of money to care for them. This is not to mention the added peace of mind you generally stand to gain by placing your bet on this breed in the long run.

Wheaten Terrier

#7: Largely Unaffected by the Weather

Compared to the other breeds of dogs, the Wheaton breed is largely unaffected by the weather. They are hence more likely to remain afloat and healthy regardless of the prevailing external weather conditions. This is cool because some dogs do get sick when the weather is too adverse.

Also, your entire household is guaranteed the peace of mind and reliability it needs to be able to leverage the awesome advantages that the breed has to offer. Why would you even think of trading these benefits for any other others? They are all you might be on the lookout for in a family dog.

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#8: Adaptable to various Settings

Apart from being largely unaffected by the weather, this breed of dog is also adaptable to the various settings and environments where you might want to deploy the same for use. This is also another plus because it ensures that you will derive the utility you need regardless of where you might be.

It also contributes to the comparatively reduced costs of maintenance and healthcare. Hardly will this dog sustain serious health issues if and when it changes locations as is the norm with many other family breeds. You also have it for the taking if you are a regular traveler.

#9: Affordable to come by

In our introductory paragraph, we stated that this breed of dog is affordable to come by. Indeed, when compared to the many other alternative forms, this one costs a paltry amount of money to buy. This is great news for you as your family is able to access it without straining their pockets.


With all the reasons and the in-depth explanations we have given forth above, you need no further conviction that the Wheaten Terrier Breed is by far the most desirable family breed of choice. Why not now plan to make a purchase or adoption of the same in your household?

You will find these dogs in plenty in the leading animal shelters and other homes of the rescue. As explained above, these breeds of dogs are also cheaper to come by. You won’t really struggle hence to have your way as you would with other competing breeds. We wish you all the best in your search!

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