Are French Bulldogs Good Lap Dogs

Any pet loves to be in the lap of their owner, cuddle and play. The same is the case with dogs, they feel safe and secure when they get a place in the lap of their owner. French Bulldogs are also not different; they also love to be in their owner’s lap and spend hours cuddling with them. Your lap gives them a sense of security and comfort.

Are French Bulldogs Good Lap Dogs? When the French Bulldogs are in their early stage, they are good to be fit into your lap but as soon as they grow and are matured fully, it becomes difficult for both you and Frenchie to get comfortable.

If you are one of those pet owners who love to keep their pet in their lap and prefer to take them out wherever you go, Frenchie of course is not going to be a perfect choice. Many pet owners can differ to the opinion which is mentioned here but let us try to explore more about French Bulldogs in this blog. At the end of this blog, you will be able to decide whether French Bulldogs are good lap dogs or not.

Reasons of your dog being loved to be in your lap all the time

The lap dogs as the name refers are small and compact breeds that love to lie on the owner’s lap comfortably throughout the day. Lap dogs were bred by the higher class of society in the beginning as they used to consider carrying a dog in the lap as a status symbol and a prestigious accessory. Gradually with the time, these pets were adored by many pet owners due to their cuteness and compact size. It was also easy for them to transport such breed in comparison to others. Let us see some of the possibilities or factors which make dogs comfortable in your lap.

  • Your love, warmth, and affection
  • Sense of security
  • The instinct of the breed

Due to Frenchie’s cuteness, trait, and temperament, many are of the view that the same is bred as a lap dog. No doubt, they are a good companion for humans and good with children too. Let us try to assess the traits of French Bulldog and see if it resembles that of lap dogs.

Does size matter?

Yes, to some extent size does matter. A compact and small size dog can prove to be a good lap dog in comparison to medium or large breeds such as Labrador Retriever or St. Bernard. French Bulldogs are one of them and you can keep them in your lap and cuddle only as far as they are not grown fully. This does not mean that they cannot be a good lap dog when that is mature, it is just that they might struggle fitting into your lap.

Peaceful nature

Lap dogs are generally silent and prefer cuddling with their owners in the lap. French Bulldogs are also of the same nature and do not bark or howl when they are in their owner’s lap.

Good sleepers

Lap dogs love to sleep a lot and they do not refrain from taking a nap when they are in your lap. They feel comfortable and cozy when they are in your lap, French Bulldogs also like to sleep almost 13-14 hours in a day and stay away from any kind of chaos.

Getting involved in your activity

Lap dogs cannot keep them away from you and your activities. They observe you throughout the day and follow wherever you go. They do not like to be left alone in their crate or tied for long.

Possessive and protective towards owners

Like any other lap dogs, French Bulldogs are also very protective and possessive about their owners. They love to be on their chest and all over the body trying to protect them from any external interference. French Bulldogs loves to be all-around their owner and prefer pretending as if they are a security blanket to them. This trait can be allowed as French Bulldogs are less aggressive and composed like any other lap dogs but only at its early stages.

Good with kids

French Bulldogs as a lap dog is good with children and can be left unsupervised. The less aggressive temperament and instinct of being playful and cuddliness, they are a wonderful companion for kids. The size and body built-up of French Bulldogs are also safe and comfortable for kids to play and cuddle.

Adaptable to the changes

If you are one of those who frequently keep changing the house and travel a lot, French Bulldogs are going to be a good lap dog for you. Lap dogs are very adaptive to the changes as far as they are not deprived of your lap comfort. You need to allow them to cuddle and play with you wherever you go.

Good for apartments

Frenchie lap dogs are the best fit for apartment living. All they want is a small cozy side of your sofa and your lap to cuddle and stay comfortable. They are less noisy and do not require much exercise or walk too. Hence, French Bulldogs are perfect for the ones who live in the apartments.

Wrap up

Though French Bulldogs possess most traits of a lap dog, they have certain limitations which makes them not fit to be an ideal lap dog. French Bulldogs are good as lap dogs when they are in their puppy stage but as they grow mature, their weight and size also increases. These physical changes make them unfit as a lap dog.

An ideal lap dog such as Pomeranian weighs around 2-4 kgs whereas French Bulldogs weight can vary anywhere between 10-20 kgs. Prolonged sitting of French Bulldogs in your lap having this much weight will create discomfort. Hence, you should be well prepared if you are planning to have a lap dog and choose French Bulldog as one.

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