Can French Bulldogs Go To The Beach? [15 Safety Tips!]

Are you craving a furball like Leonardo DeCaprio’s Django? Django is a French Bulldog. Of course, you can never find companions like French Bulldogs. But French Bulldogs are a relatively rare and expensive breed.

Who wouldn’t love to take their doggie to the beaches?

Is it safe to take your French Bulldog to the beaches? Yes, you can go to beaches with the company of your French Bulldog. But, French Bulldogs are not good swimmers. Also, they probably have a higher risk of drowning when near water rather than any other dog breeds. Adding to this, French Bulldogs are very vulnerable to sunburns.

Therefore, you should not take your Frenchie to the beaches without any precautions.

Yes, you heard it right. You should be very careful while taking a French Bulldog to the beaches. Some precautions have to be taken before you hit the beaches with your French Bulldog.

We are here thus, listing out some safety tips for keeping your Frenchie safe and healthy on beaches.

Are French Bulldogs Comfortable in Beaches?

Bulldogs are definitely not good swimmers. Don’t let photos on the Internet of Bulldogs swimming fool you.

Do you know why French Bulldogs are rare and expensive? French Bulldogs are not like any other dog breeds. They have unusual body features that make conceiving and delivery of pups troublesome. That is why French Bulldogs are rare and expensive in the market.

The body features of French Bulldogs themselves are what make them bad at swimming.

French Bulldogs have a flat snout, which is hard for them to keep above the water level. The flat snouts of French Bulldogs thus cause breathing difficulties when they are in the water. Therefore, French Bulldogs sink easily in water and definitely, are not good swimmers.

Another problem that makes French Bulldogs bad swimmers are their heavy top body.

French Bulldogs thus may feel left out on beaches as they are not good swimmers.

There are many more reasons why French Bulldogs do not fit well into the beaches.

Bulldogs are generally least adjustable with heat. They are actually perfect indoor dogs. It is advised to keep your Bulldogs in the interiors due to their body’s tendency to overheat.

The temperature of the sand on the beaches may burn their paws. They are very prone to heat strokes and skin burns.

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French Bulldogs may pant excessively and fight for breathing when they are left out on the beaches for a long time without any precautions. These are signs of overheating.

Yes, French Bulldogs easily overheat when they are taken ou to sunny beaches. Therefore, it is necessary to take some safety precautions before stepping down to sunny beaches with your Frenchie.

You might be quite confused about the safety tips to follow if you are a new Frenchie parent.

We are here to help you with some safety tips. Check out the next session to grab some safety tips for taking your Frenchie to the sunny beaches.

15 Safety Tips To Take French Bulldogs To Beaches

Your French Bulldogs are never too safe on beaches. They don’t get well with the beaches. The chances for sunburns and dehydration are high when your French Bulldogs are taken to beaches.

French Bulldogs are bad at tolerating high temperatures. Therefore, it would be better to avoid going to beaches with your Fench Bulldog on extremely hot sunny days.

It is essential to follow some precautions before going to beaches with your French Bulldogs.

Here we are suggesting 15 such safety tips to keep your French Bulldog healthy and happy on the beaches.

#1. Get a life jacket for your French Bulldog

Life jackets ensure that your doggie is safe on beaches. No matter how much you avoid them from waves. Sometimes they may escape from your hands and go to the sea to have a check on the waves. Therefore, life jackets are essential to keep your Frenchie safe on the beaches.

#2. Be cautious near the water

Don’t let your dog go near the waves. Remember that Frenchies are quite bad at swimming. They may easily sink in the water in the blink of an eye. Don’t take your eyes off your dog if you are quite near the waves.

#3. Keep your dog hydrated and cool

The body of French Bulldogs easily gets dehydrated. Make them drink quite a lot of water before you take them to beaches. You can also try putting ice cubes in the water you feed French Bulldogs. The ice cubes in the water will keep them cool and hydrated for a long time.

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#4. Give frozen treats to your French Bulldog on beaches

Take frozen treats along with you if you are taking your French Bulldog on to the beaches. Providing frozen treats to your Bulldog will keep them hydrated and cool on the beaches.

#5. Get your French Bulldog some summer dog gear

Many types of summer gear are available for dogs in the markets. You will get cooling collars and vests for your Frenchies. Summer gears will keep your dog cool on the beaches. Try out them on your Frenchie’s next visit to the beach.

#6. Carry plenty of fresh water for your Frenchie

As we had said earlier, French Bulldogs easily get dehydrated. Therefore, carry plenty of fresh water along with you if you are hitting beaches accompanying your Frenchie on a sunny day.

#7. Go to beaches that have enough shades

If you really want to take your French Bulldogs onto the beaches, make sure that the beach you visit has shades. Your French Bulldog obviously would need some shade to escape from the sun rays to prevent dehydration and sunburn.

#8. Take a cooling gel mat

Take a cooling gel mat along with you if you are all set to go to beaches with your Frenchie. Sand on the beaches would be very hot in the summer days. Therefore, it would be better to get a cooling gel mat to provide a cool surface for them to lay on the beaches.

#9. Monitor what your French Bulldog chews on

You should be very careful what your French Bulldogs chew on when they are on beaches. Beaches may contain many items in their sand. Make sure your doggie doesn’t pick up something that would cause harm to him.

#10. Don’t let your French Bulldog drink seawater

You should not let your French Bulldog drink lots of seawater. Although a little amount of salty seawater does not harm your French Bulldog, it is dangerous when they consume in excess. Seawater mostly contains salt. The salt hastens the process of dehydration when drunk.

#11. Sun protection

There are several types of sun protection creams available in the market for doggies. Overexposure to the sun would burn the nose of your Frenchie and would lead to discharge and cracks. Therefore, use sun protection creams to protect your French Bulldog from harmful sun rays.

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#12. A pair of sunglasses for your Frenchie

You can consider buying sunglasses or goggles for your French Bulldog. How beautiful and cool would your doggie would look with a pair of sunglasses on the beach? Apart from the style, sunglasses also protect your doggie’s eyes from sand, sunlight, and other irritants.

#13. Check for hazards in the sand

The sand in the beaches may contain many hazards that would harm your dog. Therefore, don’t leave your dog anywhere far away from your sight. Always guide your dogs when they are on beaches. There might be glass pieces and several other toxic materials that your dog might not give it a thought to before picking up to chew or play.

#14. Bath your Frenchie after the visit to the beach

Wash your French Bulldog after every beach visit. There would be a lot of sand and salt in the coat of your dog after a beach’s visit. Humidity also affects the coat of your dog. Giving your dog a good bath after every beach visit will help you keep their coat clean and healthy.

Many types of dogs may come to beaches. Therefore, there exists a chance for contagious diseases. Washing down your dog will also prevent the chances of contagious diseases, parasites, and other allergens.

#15. Limit the beach time when you are with your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are not adaptable to exteriors and high temperatures. Their body easily gets dehydrated. Therefore, it is essential to limit the time you spend with your French Bulldog on the beach. Don’t keep your Frenchies on the beaches for too long.


As we have said earlier, French Bulldogs are fine interior dogs. They don’t go well in the exteriors for a long time, especially on sunny days and high temperatures.

The French Bulldogs can go to beaches even though they are terrible swimmers. But, make sure you are following the necessary safety precautions to keep your Frenchies healthy. We hope the safety tips in the above session of the article would help you in this.

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